The Faculty of Arts at UBC brings together the best of quantitative research, humanistic inquiry, and artistic expression to advance a better world. Graduate students in the Faculty of Arts create and disseminate knowledge in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Creative and Performing Arts through teaching, research, professional practice, artistic production, and performance.

Arts has more than 25 academic departments, institutes, and schools as well as professional programs, more than 15 interdisciplinary programs, a gallery, a museum, theatres, concert venues, and a performing arts centre. Truly unique in its scope, the Faculty of Arts is a dynamic and thriving community of outstanding scholars – both faculty and students. 

Here, our students explore cutting-edge ideas that deepen our understanding of humanity in an age of scientific and technological discovery. Whether Arts scholars work with local communities, or tackle issues such as climate change, world music, or international development, their research has a deep impact on the local and international stage.

The disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches in our classrooms, labs, and cultural venues inspire students to apply their knowledge both to and beyond their specialization. Using innovation and collaborative learning, our graduate students create rich pathways to knowledge and real connections to global thought leaders.


Research Facilities

UBC Library has extensive collections, especially in Arts, and houses Canada’s greatest Asian language library. Arts graduate programs enjoy the use of state-of-the-art laboratories, the world-renowned Museum of Anthropology and the Belkin Contemporary Art Gallery (admission is free for our graduate students). World-class performance spaces include theatres, concert venues and a performing arts centre. 

Since 2001, the Belkin Art Gallery has trained young curators at the graduate level in the Critical and Curatorial Studies program in the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory. The Master of Arts program addresses the growing need for curators and critics who have theoretical knowledge and practical experience in analyzing institutions, preparing displays and communicating about contemporary art.

The MOA Centre for Cultural Research (CCR) undertakes research on world arts and cultures, and supports research activities and collaborative partnerships through a number of spaces, including research rooms for collections-based research, an Ethnology Lab, a Conservation Lab, an Oral History and Language Lab supporting audio recording and digitization, a library, an archive, and a Community Lounge for groups engaged in research activities. The CCR includes virtual services supporting collections-based research through the MOA CAT Collections Online site that provides access to the Museum’s collection of approximately 40,000 objects and 80,000 object images, and the Reciprocal Research Network (RRN) that brings together 430,000 object records and associated images from 19 institutions.

Research Highlights

The Faculty of Arts at UBC is internationally renowned for research in the social sciences, humanities, professional schools, and creative and performing arts.

As a research-intensive faculty, Arts is a leader in the creation and advancement of knowledge and understanding. Scholars in the Faculty of Arts form cross-disciplinary partnerships, engage in knowledge exchange, and apply their research locally and globally.

Arts faculty members have won Guggenheim Fellowships, Humboldt Fellowships, and major disciplinary awards. We have had 81 faculty members elected to the Royal Society of Canada, and several others win Killam Prizes, Killam Research Fellowships, Emmy Awards, and Order of Canada awards. In addition, Arts faculty members have won countless book prizes, national disciplinary awards, and international disciplinary awards. 

External funding also signifies the research success of our faculty. In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the Faculty of Arts received $34.6 million through over 900 research projects. Of seven UBC SSHRC Partnership Grants awarded to-date, six are located in Arts, with a combined investment of $15 million over the term of the grants.

Since the 2011 introduction of the SSHRC Insight Grants and SSHRC Insight Development Grants programs, our faculty’s success rate has remained highly stable, and is consistently higher than the national success rate.

Graduate Degree Programs

Research Supervisors in Faculty

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Name Academic Unit(s) Research Interests
Abdul-Mageed, Muhammad Department of Linguistics Artificial intelligence (AI); Deep Learning; Natural Language Processing; Machine Learning; Computational Linguistics; Social Media Mining; Arabic
Abedinifard, Mostafa Department of Asian Studies Literature and literary studies; Iran (Persian, etc.); Afghanistan (Dari; Pashto); Tajikistan (Tajik); Pakistan (Urdu); India; Iranian and Persianate studies through fiction, drama, poetry, and nonfiction; folk narratives; (global South) literary theory; literary histories; history of ideas & emotions; critical diversity studies (gender and sexuality; race; masculinities); comparative studies of literature; literature as world literature; diaspora literatures and cultures; food/cuisine, wellbeing, and environmental sustainability; ethnomusicology; scriptures as literature
Abrutyn, Seth Department of Sociology Social theory; Sociological Theory; Suicide; mental health; social psychology; Emotions; youth
Adriasola Munoz, Ignacio Alberto Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory investigates responses by artists and intellectuals to the crisis of aesthetic and political representation triggered by the failed protests against the US-Japan Security Treaty of 1960, and in particular their reliance on depictions of the sexual and geographical margins in their articulation of an aesthetics of political disaffection.
Afsahi, Afsoun Department of Political Science Democratic theory and practice, Gender in politics, Challenges, opportunities, and best methods of inclusion, Representation of marginalized communities in democratic decision-making processes
Ahmed, Rumee Department of Asian Studies Islamic studies; Islam; Muslims; Religion; Law; Theology; ethics; Philosophy
Al-Kassim, Dina Department of English Language and Literatures Critical identity, ethnic and race studies; English language; Gender, sexuality and education; Human rights, justice, and ethical issues; anti-colonial; Artistic and Literary Movements, Schools and Styles; Artistic and Literary Theories; Arts and Cultural Traditions; Arts, Literature and Subjectivity; comparative literature: Arabic, English, French; feminist; Gender Relationship; Identity and Transnationality; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; postcolonial; psychoanalysis; queer theory; sexuality; Subjectivity
Al-Solaylee, Kamal School of Journalism, Writing, and Media Literary nonfiction, Race and representation, Migration studies
Alaica, Aleksa Department of Anthropology Other agricultural sciences; Archaeology; human-animal interactions; Moche Perceptions and Use of Animals; Food Security and Interregional Interaction during Wari State Expansion; Colonization, Diet and Animal Management
Alden, Lynn Department of Psychology Cognitive processes in the anxiety disorders, Social Anxiety Disorder, adult-onset Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, cognitive-behavior therapy
Alford-Duguid, Dominic Department of Philosophy Philosophy; Philosophy of mind/cognitive science; Philosophy of Language
Alvarez Moreno, Raul Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies Literary or Artistic Works Analysis; Artistic and Literary Movements, Schools and Styles; Artistic and Literary Theories; Literary or Artistic Work Dissemination or Reception Contexts; Language, Knowledge, Significance and Thought Building; Medieval and Early Modern Iberian Literature and Culture (Celestina, picaresque novel, short story); Economy and Medieval Literature and Culture; Visual Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Spain; Relations between Language and Ideology; travel writing
Amijee, Fatema Department of Philosophy Metaphysics; Modern Philosophy; feminist philosophy; History of Analytic Philosophy
Anderson, L. Mark School of Music Piano, Piano Pedagogy
Anderson, Kristin Siwan Vancouver School of Economics Micro-level institutions, role of gender, studies of rural governments
Anderson, Scott Allen Department of Philosophy intersection of ethics and social and political philosophy, largely focused on how to use and regulate power, coercion, and social norms; action theory and moral psychology, privacy, and problems related to the intensification of technology and information.
Anger, Suzy Department of English Language and Literatures Victorian Literature, Literature and Philosophy, Victorian Literature and Psychology, Victorian Literature and Science, Hermeneutics
Antwi, Phanuel Department of English Language and Literatures critical black studies; settler colonial studies; black Atlantic and diaspora studies; Canadian literature and culture since 1830; critical race, gender, and sexuality studies; and material cultures;
Arefin, Mohammed Department of Geography Human geography; History of sciences and technology (except medicine and health care); urban geography; discard studies; urban political ecology; Environmental justice; waste; sanitation; geographical political economy
Arneil, Barbara Department of Political Science Identity politics, history of political thought
Averill, Gage Haitian music, barbershop harmony, sound, music and power, music and politics, Caribbean music, steelband, ethnomusicology, world music, Ethnomusicology, Haiti, Haitian diaspora, American Popular Culture, Trinidad and Tobago, and Traditional Irish Music
Ayan, Irem Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies French language; Sociology of translation and interpreting; Gender and work exploitation; Emotional labour and work alienation; Fictional representations of translators and interpreters
Ayars, Alisabeth Department of Philosophy Ethics, Metaethics, Metaphysics, Moral Psychology, Epistemology, Cognitive Science
Aydede, Murat Department of Philosophy Philosophy of mind
Baada, Jemima Department of Geography intersections of gender, climate change, migration, health and development equity


Recent Publications

This is an incomplete sample of recent publications in chronological order by UBC faculty members with a primary appointment in the Faculty of Arts.


Publication: Mental Health and Physical Activity
UBC Author(s): Anita DeLongis (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 17552966
Volume: 24
Publication Date: March 2023

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Publication: Personality and Individual Differences
UBC Author(s): Paul Hewitt (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 01918869
Volume: 203
Publication Date: March 2023

View Publication
Publication: Neuropsychologia
UBC Author(s): Todd Handy (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 00283932
Volume: 180
Publication Date: 10 February 2023

View Publication
Publication: Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
UBC Author(s): Camilla Speller (Anthropology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 2352409X
Volume: 47
Publication Date: February 2023

View Publication
Publication: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
UBC Author(s): Jason Snyder (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 10747427
Volume: 198
Publication Date: February 2023

View Publication
Publication: Psychoneuroendocrinology
UBC Author(s): Joelle LeMoult (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 03064530
Volume: 148
Publication Date: February 2023

View Publication
Publication: Hormones and Behavior
UBC Author(s): Liisa Ann Margaret Galea (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 0018506X
Volume: 148
Publication Date: February 2023

View Publication
Publication: Psychoneuroendocrinology
UBC Author(s): Eric Kim (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 03064530
Volume: 148
Publication Date: February 2023

View Publication
Publication: Research in Labor Economics
UBC Author(s): Nicole Fortin (Economics / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 01479121
Volume: 50
Page Range: 285-325
Publication Date: 23 January 2023

View Publication
Publication: Journal of Affective Disorders
UBC Author(s): Joelle LeMoult (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 01650327
Volume: 321
Page Range: 182-190
Publication Date: 15 January 2023

View Publication
Publication: Scientific data
UBC Author(s): Sylvia Fuller (Sociology / Faculty of Arts)
Volume: 10
Page Range: 2
Publication Date: 3 January 2023

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Publication: Journal of Documentation
UBC Author(s): Heather O'Brien (School of Information / Faculty of Arts), Lisa Nathan (School of Information / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 00220418
Volume: 79
Page Range: 203-223
Publication Date: 2 January 2023

View Publication
Publication: American Journal of Industrial Medicine
UBC Author(s): Lynn Alden (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 02713586
Volume: 66
Page Range: 3-17
Publication Date: January 2023

View Publication
Publication: Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
UBC Author(s): Priti Narayan (Geography / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 02637758
Publication Date: 2023

View Publication
Publication: International Journal of the Sociology of Language
UBC Author(s): Marie-Eve Bouchard (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 01652516
Volume: 2023
Page Range: 233-257
Publication Date: 1 January 2023

View Publication
Publication: International Journal of American Linguistics
UBC Author(s): Michael Ryan Bochnak (Linguistics / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 00207071
Volume: 89
Page Range: 1-38
Publication Date: January 2023

View Publication
Publication: Nature Neuroscience
UBC Author(s): Stanley Bogdan Floresco (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 10976256
Volume: 26
Page Range: 92-106
Publication Date: January 2023

View Publication
Publication: European Journal of Personality
UBC Author(s): Friedrich Goetz (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 08902070
Volume: 37
Page Range: 3-19
Publication Date: January/February 2023

View Publication
Publication: Geoforum
UBC Author(s): Navin Ramankutty (School of Public Policy / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 00167185
Volume: 138
Publication Date: January 2023

View Publication
Publication: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines
UBC Author(s): Connor Kerns (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 00219630
Volume: 64
Page Range: 50-58
Publication Date: January 2023

View Publication
Publication: Child Development
UBC Author(s): Paul Hewitt (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 00093920
Volume: 94
Page Range: 254-271
Publication Date: January/February 2023

View Publication
Publication: Journal of Personality Assessment
UBC Author(s): Steven Heine (Psychology / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 00223891
Volume: 105
Page Range: 121-133
Publication Date: 2023

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Publication: Journal of Current Chinese Affairs
UBC Author(s): Xiaojun Li (Political Science / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 18681026
Publication Date: 2023

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Publication: Journal of Phonetics
UBC Author(s): Marton Soskuthy (Linguistics / Faculty of Arts)
ISSN: 00954470
Volume: 96
Publication Date: January 2023

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Recent Thesis Submissions

Doctoral Citations

A doctoral citation summarizes the nature of the independent research, provides a high-level overview of the study, states the significance of the work and says who will benefit from the findings in clear, non-specialized language, so that members of a lay audience will understand it.
Year Citation Program
2022 Dr. Sullivan explored the use of vocal works as a pedagogical tool for the bass trombone, and to expand the repertoire for the instrument from other periods of music history. In creating a new edition, he demonstrated that including the original text can inform musical decisions, adding to the body of works available to the bass trombone performer. Doctor of Musical Arts in Orchestral Instrument (DMA)
2022 Dr. Lowik investigated the tactics that trans people undertake when accessing reproductive health care spaces that are not equipped to serve their needs. They found that the onus to remedy systematic erasure often falls on trans people and identified the structural forces that prevent this erasure from being addressed systematically. Doctor of Philosophy in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (PhD)
2022 Dr. Anghelescu examined the prosody of words in Nata, an endangered language of Tanzania. They proposed a novel analysis of tone and vowel harmony in the nominal domain. This research contributes to our understanding of prosodic phonology in both Nata and language more generally. Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics (PhD)
2022 Dr. Snelgrove argues that reconciliation is not possible in this society because self-determination remains subordinate to profit. But just as many of us have reasons to be anti-capitalist, we have reasons to desire a treaty relationship and to participate in a politics that aims at the flourishing of humans and more-than-humans. Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (PhD)
2022 Dr. Logan's research centered around Music Performance Anxiety, a highly prevalent condition with severe consequences affecting both professional and student musicians. She investigated whether an intervention could help university music students to manage MPA. Her dissertation demonstrated the urgency to begin implementing intervention programs. Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano (DMA)
2022 From 2015 to 2021, Dr. Bhandal led a research project to study social justice perspectives in Canadian nursing and medical education. Specifically, she focused on two areas of theory and practice from social justice studies, decolonization and intersectionality. The findings have been published in various academic and popular venues. Doctor of Philosophy in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (PhD)
2022 Dr. Barta examined the myth of American innocence in post-Cold War U.S. fiction and film. He found that films and novels of this period demonstrate the ongoing influence of this myth in American culture. His study makes significant connections between American innocence and public consensus for post-9/11 American wars. Doctor of Philosophy in English (PhD)
2022 Dr. Volfova studied Kaska Dene contemporary responses to Indigenous language marginalization, highlighting ongoing linguistic vitality and self-determination. Analysis of these responses deepens our understanding of language revitalization, illuminating areas of agency, resiliency, and how these responses inform the language's future directions. Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology (PhD)
2022 Often seen as threats to urban society, crowds are also presented as utopian entities. Dr. Daniels' research demonstrated how digital crowds and thinking about crowds were reimagined as offering solutions to the problems of urban austerity in the United Kingdom. This informs our understanding of the impact of digital economies on urban development. Doctor of Philosophy in Geography (PhD)
2022 Dr. Koike analyzed the effectiveness of Japanese nonprofits that promote men's engagement in parenting to improve fathers' lives, lessen burdens on women, and help raise Japan's birthrate. His research found pervasive ideological and structural barriers and conflicts of interest that undermine the spread of family-oriented masculinities. Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology (PhD)