Strategic Plan & Priorities

Graduate and postdoctoral education and research are core to the university’s mission as an exceptional research-intensive educational institution, and to its vision to “inspire people, ideas and actions for a better world.”

G+PS is proud to launch a new strategic plan for graduate and postdoctoral studies at UBC. The plan is born out of a broad consultative process held over the course of a year and a half, as well as consultations for and development of the university’s plan, Shaping UBC’s Next Century.

This strategic plan follows six guiding principles, upheld in the University’s work with and for graduate students and postdocs, and contains 16 strategies.

Guiding Principles
  • Excellence;
  • A culture of integrity and high standards;
  • Relevance to the 21st century;
  • Local and global engagement;
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion; and
  • Wellbeing
  1. Increase graduate student and postdoc funding and living affordability
  2. Restructure central funding policies and processes to optimize for recruitment purposes
  3. Enhance and coordinate recruitment efforts across the university
  4. Increase Indigenous student enrolment
  5. Promote research and learning opportunities across disciplines and units
  6. Improve coordination, opportunities, and support for graduate student and postdoctoral professional development
  7. Facilitate the generation of more vibrant student communities
  8. Implement graduate student and postdoctoral wellbeing strategies
  9. Improve support of Indigenous students
  1. Enhance the quality of graduate student supervision
  2. Invigorate community among graduate program leaders and explore expanded models of support
  3. Increase efforts to ensure graduate programs are effectively reviewed and the findings followed up
  4. Work to ensure administrative processes are streamlined and effective
  5. Sustain and enhance the Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) and related work aimed at reimagining graduate education for the 21st century
  6. Increase understanding of and opportunities for knowledge mobilization and context-based scholarship for the public good
  7. Increase coordination and collaboration between the two campuses



Key Initiatives

Below you will find an overview of several key initiatives.