Managing your Program

Establishing your Program of Study

Information about choosing courses and gaining approval for your program of study. Read more

Course Registration

Information about registering for courses, adding and dropping courses, auditing, etc. Read more

Transferring to another Degree Program

Information about transferring to a different  program, including "fast-tracking" from master's to doctoral programs. Read more

Going to another University as a Visiting Student

Information about the Western Dean's Agreement, other exchange agreements and studying elsewhere as a UBC student. Read more

Student Vacation Policy

Student rights and responsibilities regarding vacation time and student assistantships. Read more

Withdrawing from a Program

Information on formally withdrawing from your graduate program. Read more

Program Extensions

What to do if you need more time to finish your degree. Read more

Advancing to Doctoral Candidacy

Advancing to candidacy is a major milestone in a doctoral student's academic career. Read more

Graduate Game Plan

A step-by-step guide for your graduate degree. Read more