Readmission & Reinstatement

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This applies when it is appropriate to admit a student who was previously registered, as if for the first time. An application for admission, whether to the same or a different program, will be evaluated as a new application. A new application form and application fee must be submitted.

A maximum of 12 credits or up to 40% of the total number of degree credits of previously completed coursework may be applied toward the new degree program requirements, provided the courses were completed no longer than five years from the date of readmission. Courses eligible for transfer must have been awarded a grade of at least B (74%). Normal program and tuition fee requirements apply, as does the standard time allowed for degree completion: five years for a master's student; six years for a doctoral student.


This applies when a student's registration has lapsed but the student is permitted to resume the program. Normally, if the student is reinstated, courses that have been completed will be credited to the degree, and only outstanding degree requirements must be completed. The student's start date remains the date of initial entry to the program and the time limit for completion of the degree is not affected.

A student may be reinstated on the recommendation of the graduate program if:

  • the student is in good academic standing,
  • any delinquent fees or charges are paid including tuition and continuing fees owing for the period during which the student did not register, and
  • the time limit for degree completion, including the sessions in which the student was not registered, has not expired.

Sometimes, even if the student is reinstated, he or she does not have enough time left to complete the outstanding degree requirements. A decision, based on the academic merits of the case, will determine whether the student should be readmitted as a new student or reinstated. In the latter case, an extension of the time limit may be requested. In addition, if more than two years have elapsed since the student last registered, the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies may impose additional requirements to ensure that the student is current in the field and is academically prepared to complete the degree requirements.

A student who is required to withdraw for academic reasons is not eligible for reinstatement.