Graduate Student Insurance

There are several kinds of personal insurance available to UBC students. UBC Risk Management Services has detailed information about student insurance. Students are strongly recommended to consider what optional coverage they may need and to become familiar with the terms of each policy.

Automatic Coverage

  • Student Travel – Off-Campus Research Accident Insurance
  • Catastrophic Accident Insurance for UBC Students
  • Practicum/Clinical Placement Insurance for UBC Students
  • Error & Omissions Insurance – Visiting Health Sciences Students, Faculty of Medicine

To find out what is not covered under any of the above policies or for assistance, please contact Blossom Sobrinho at Risk Management Services.

Optional Coverage

  • UBC Student Accident Insurance
  • UBC Students Traveling Abroad Insurance

Student Safety Abroad

Students undertaking international travel should also be aware of Policy 69, Student Safety Abroad, which sets out a process for approving student international travel for University Activities. Its purpose is to enable student travelers to be informed of and manage the risks associated with travelling abroad, and to help the University respond to emergency situations in areas to which UBC students have travelled.

Please go to Student Safety Abroad for more information and for the Safety Abroad Registry, or contact