Giving to Graduate Studies

UBC has approx. 10,000 students in pursuit of graduate level degrees. Through research, scholarship, teaching and working in communities our graduate students contribute to the advancement of human knowledge in ways that are, quite literally, innumerable.

Your financial support of their education can advance their abilities to make real and lasting contributions to a better world. The following list features our Faculty's priority projects.

Priority Projects

Public Scholars Initiative (PSI)

The Public Scholars Initiative places UBC as a leader in best practices around doctoral preparation for diverse careers. PSI integrates research and public engagement by enabling PhD students to collaborate with industries, government agencies, communities and non-governmental organizations to advance groundbreaking and socially impactful work that has the potential to profoundly change how we live.

General Graduate Fellowships

Increasing general graduate student funding helps ensure that when the best and brightest want to study at UBC, that whatever the chosen discipline, the financial resources exist to support them in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Graduate Student Foreign Supplement Scholarship

This fund increases the capacity of UBC graduate students to engage internationally by providing enhanced travel opportunities; whether for foreign study or research purposes, for participation at conferences or to professionally network with other researchers in their discipline.

Aboriginal Graduate Fellowships

Aboriginal Graduate Fellowships are awarded to outstanding Aboriginal graduate students and provide a minimum annual stipend of $16,000 plus tuition. Fellowships are awarded through an annual competition, with priority given to Aboriginal students whose traditional territory falls, at least in part, within Canada.

Your support is very much appreciated

If you wish to support the Faculty in general or one of our priority projects in particular please visit the website of the Development Office to make an on-line contribution.