Vancouver Campus

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is responsible for the majority of graduate students at the Vancouver campus, including those who study at many of the affiliated facilities in the city of Vancouver and BC. The majority of graduate programs are offered at the Point Grey campus or the affiliated facilities, one program (Digital Media) is offered at the Great Northern Way Campus (Vancouver) and few programs such as the Master of Health Administration and business programs are offered at UBC Robson Square (Downtown Vancouver). If you are interested in the Okanagan campus (Kelowna, BC), please visit the website of the College of Graduate Studies.

Vancouver Campus Description

The University of British Columbia's Vancouver campus is located at the western tip of the Point Grey Peninsula, close to the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

The University Endowment Lands community (also known as University Hill) is situated adjacent to the campus to the east, while 763 hectares of forested parkland known as Pacific Spirit Regional Park serves as a "green belt" between Vancouver and the campus.

The main campus is bounded by Chancellor Boulevard to the northwest, Marine Drive to the southwest, Wesbrook Mall to the northeast, and West 16th Avenue to the southeast. This represents the administrative and educational core of UBC.

The South Campus is bounded by Southwest Marine Drive to the south, West 16th Avenue to the northwest, and Pacific Spirit Park to the northeast. The South Campus houses many research facilities.

The East Campus is bounded by West 16th Avenue on the south, Wesbrook Mall on the west, Acadia Road on the east, and on the north its border zigzags from Toronto Road to Agronomy Road to Fairview Avenue. A large part of the East Campus is made up of student, faculty and staff housing, along with child care buildings and the local police and fire department. UBC's first market housing development, known as Hampton Place, is also located here.



Although many buildings on campus are quite new, the University's history actually dates back to 1877.