Research Projects

Currently Open Research Projects

This list of possible research projects is non-exhaustive. It only shows positions that are specifically advertised in the G+PS website.

Position Title Supervisor(s) Faculty Research Classification
Postdoctoral Fellow: 5G and drones Walter Merida-Donis Faculty of Applied Science Wireless communication systems, Communications and network control systems, Distributed computation and signal processing, Cloud computing systems
Graduate position in evolutionary ecology Dolph Schluter Faculty of Science Natural sciences
Postdoctoral Fellow - Chemical Engineering - Heterogeneous Catalysts for CO2-free hydrogen production David Chester Upham Faculty of Applied Science Reaction fundamentals and reactor design
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Bioinformatics Samuel Aparicio Faculty of Medicine Medical, health and life sciences
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Adult Language Processing and Disorders Lab Jeff Small Faculty of Medicine Psychology, social and behavorial aspects, Other medical sciences
Systems Neuroscience Postdoctoral Position Douglas Altshuler Faculty of Science Animal neurobiology, Neurocognitive patterns and neural networks, Bird biology, Neurogenetics, Sensory systems, visual, Animal behaviour
Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow: Living Data Project for ecology, evolution and environmental science Diane Srivastava Faculty of Science Ecology (except applications)
Modeling Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in the Metro Vancouver Region Kai Chan Faculty of Science Earth and related environmental sciences, Ecological applications
Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Retinal Neurodegeneration Joanne Aiko Matsubara Faculty of Medicine Sensory systems, visual, Cellular neuroscience, Biomedical instrumentation (including diagnostics)
Postdoctoral Fellowship – TRUSTSPHERE – Ethics/Digital Health Faculty of Medicine Medical, health and life sciences


Faculty Members Recruiting Students

This list shows a selection of faculty members who are currently looking for new graduate students. They may have specified particular projects they wish to fill. Please ensure to review the departmental profile of each faculty member to learn more about their research interests and to ensure a good fit to your intended studies at UBC.

Last namesort descending First name Research Interests Desired start dates: Project areas
Abdul-Mageed Muhammad Artificial intelligence (AI); Deep Learning; Natural Language Processing; Machine Learning; Computational Linguistics; Social Media Mining; Arabic Any time / year round

Deep Learning. Deep learning of natural language. Natural Language Processing. Computational Linguistics. Natural Language Inference. Machine Translation. Misinformation. Detection of Negative and Abusive Content Online. Applications of deep learning in health and well-being.

Abolmaesumi Purang Biomedical Technologies; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Medical Imaging; Biomedical Engineering; Ultrasound Imaging; Image Guided Surgery; Cancer Imaging; Computer Assisted Interventions; Surgical Robotics Any time / year round

We are actively looking for individuals with strong mathematical, computer science, and engineering background with interest in machine learning applications in biomedical engineering and medical imaging.

Abrutyn Seth Social theory; Sociological Theory; Suicide; mental health; social psychology; Emotions; youth Any time / year round

I am currently looking for research assistants in a large-scale, two-five year comparative ethnographic project in Colorado focused on two communities (9 high schools) that have an adolescent suicide problem. Though we are focused on suicide as an outcome, we are primarily interested in help-seeking behaviors (e.g., who do kids seek help from, when, why).

Ameli Ali Numerical Analysis; Climate Changes and Impacts; Hydrological Cycle and Reservoirs; Ground Water and Water Tables; Groundwater Ecohydrology; Hydro-geological Engineering; Watershed Management; Applied Hydro-geochemistry; Environmental Tracer; Groundwater-Surfacewater & land Interaction; Green Infrastructure Any time / year round

My research explores below questions:

1) Where does water go after it rains?

2) How does chemistry of rainwater alter on its way from being rainfall to being streamflow?

3) How do resource developments impact water pathways and stream water quality?

4) Where are suitable locations for agricultural and forestry activities with a minimal impact on water quality?

Anglesio Michael Cancer of the Reproductive System; Host-Tumour Interaction; Endometriosis; Cancer Diagnosis and Detection; Immunotherapy; microenvironment; endometriosis associated cancers; Immunology; genomics; gene-expression and transcriptomics; Cancer prevention; ovarian cancer etiology; early detection biomarkers; animal models of endometriosis and cancer Any time / year round, 2021

Prospective students with independent/external funding may send their applications along with their research interests only if this aligns to current projects in the lab, please do not send application for projects unrelated to listed laboratory projects.

International and/or visiting student will be considered only from research groups where I have an active... Read More

Ansermino John Mark Global Health and Emerging Diseases; Health Information Systems; Biomedical Technologies; Technological Innovations; Global Health; Physiological Monitoring; Precision Health; Mobile Health; Outcome prediction; Sepsis in children; Artificial Intellegence; Automation in healthcare Any time / year round

Global health

Arcese Peter Global change biology; Ecology; Conservation Biology; Evolutionary Biology; conservation finance Any time / year round

Applied ecology, conservation, and genetics of free-living species

Auld Vanessa Cell; Neurogenesis and Gliogenesis; Developmental Genetics; Molecular Genetics; Development; nervous system; permeability barriers; glia; Cell Biology; Genetics; in vivo imaging; epithelia

development of the nervous system with a focus on how glia and neurons interact during the development of the peripheral nervous system development of permeability barriers and the formation of the glial sheath around axons

Bacca Mattia Solid Mechanics; Adhesion and fracture; Soft materials; Biophysics Any time / year round

Adhesion, fracture, soft materials.

Badir Patricia Early Modern Drama; Shakespeare; Medieval Drama; Early Modern Literature and Religion; Shakespeare in Canada; Canadian Modernism Any time / year round

Early modern literature and religion; Shakespeare and his contemporaries; Shakespeare in Canada

Bamji Shernaz synapse biology; primary neuronal cultures; transgenic mouse models; neurodevelopmental disease Any time / year round

genetic causes of autism and intellectual disability

Bartha Paul Philosophy of sciences and technologies; Environmental philosophy; Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Probability, Confirmation, Decision Theory 2021

I am in a research cluster applying for a grant to study climate change and the potential implications for civilization collapse. Our group includes philosophers and climate scientists. The project is partly conceptual (clarifying different notions of collapse: time-frame, regional vs global, moral dimension) and partly hands-on (may involve case studies and some modelling). We should know... Read More

Bayrampour Basmenj Hamideh Perinatal Period; Drugs and Pregnancy / Breast Feeding; Maternal Mental Health; Pregnancy Outcomes; Perinatal Anxiety; Prenatal Cannabis Use; Developmental Outcomes Any time / year round

Perinatal health

Perinatal Cannabis use

Pregnancy Outcomes

Beatty John Bacteria; Molecular Genetics; Regulation; Molecular Structure and Sizing; Gene transfer mediated by virus-like particles; Light-driven reactions in photosynthesis proteins; Applications of photosynthesis proteins to solar energy Any time / year round

Gene transfer mediated by virus-like particles; light-driven reactions in photosynthesis proteins; applications of photosynthesis proteins to solar energy.

Beauchamp Mark Social Determinants of Health; Health Promotion; Quality of Life and Aging; Mental Health and Society; Physical Activity; Health Psychology; Exercise Psychology; Sport Psychology; Group Processes; Leadership; Intervention; Social Cognition; Older Adults; Children Any time / year round, 2021, 2022

Peer-Leadership and Physical Literacy Intervention with Children; Group-based Physical Activity for Older Adults; Teamwork; Physical Activity and Health Promotion Interventions

Beauchesne Kim Colonialism; Latin America; Trans-Pacific Studies; Globalization Any time / year round

Transpacific Studies

Early Globalization and its Legacy


Bedaiwy Mohamed Other clinical medicine; Endometriosis; Recurrent Pregnancy Loss; Infertility; Minimally Invasive Surgery 2021


Recurrent Pregnancy Loss


Minimally Invasive Surgery

Bedi Robinder Educational Counselling; The Contextual Model of Counselling/Psychotherapy / Viewing Psychotherapy as a Cultural Practice; Counselling/psychotherapy in India; Counselling/psychotherapy/mental health with Punjabi/Sikh individuals; Counselling psychology disciplinary and professional issues Any time / year round

Please see my websites for further information:

Bedke Matthew Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; Foundations of Ethics; Social Organization and Political Systems; Ethics and Fundamental Issues of Law and Justice; metaethics; ethics; political philosophy; philosophy of law; epistemology Any time / year round

The nature of normativity, expressivism, moral epistemology, moralism

Belliveau George Theatre; Arts-based research; Drama Education; Research-based Theatre; Interdisciplinary Arts

research-based theatre, applied theatre

Benedet Janine Penal Law; Labor Standards and Laws; Human Rights and Liberties, Collective Rights; sexual violence against women; prostitution and pornography; sexual harassment in employment and education; sexual abuse of girls 2021

Criminal justice system responses to sexual assault of women across the lifespan

Best practices toward the elimination of the demand for the prostitution of women

Berlinguette Curtis Combinatorial Chemistry; CO2 conversion and utilization; clean energy; advanced solar cells; electrochromic windows; dynamic windows; hydrogen fuels production; catalysis; robotics and automation; machine learning / artificial intelligence Any time / year round

See this site for more information:

Bettinger Julie Epidemiology; Vaccination; Infectious Diseases; Health Promotion; Community Health / Public Health; Infectious disease epidemiology; vaccine clinical trials; vaccine safety; vaccine programs; Vaccine hesitancy 2021

Vaccine preventable disease epidemiology, vaccine safety, vaccine hesitancy, both qualitative and quanitative methodologies. I am not seeking PhD students until 2021 or later.

Beznosov Konstantin usable security and privacy; mobile security and privacy; computer security and privacy; online social networks security and privacy Any time / year round

Security and privacy for mobile devices, privacy for online teenagers, enterprise security and privacy.

Bi Xiaotao Biomass and Bioenergy; Multiphase Chemical Reactors; Fluidization; Particle technology; Electrostatics of Powders; Life Cycle Analysis; Green Engineering; Industrial Symbiosis; Fuel Cells Water Management

Biomass catalytic pyrolysis and torrefaction in pilot fluidized bed reactors.

Bizzotto Dan Electrochemical Systems; Surface Characterization; Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Layers; Sensors and Devices; Electrochemical and Fuel Cells; Electrochemistry; interfacial analysis; biosensors; spectroelectrochemistry; electrocatalysis; self assembled monolayers; fluorescence microscopy Any time / year round

Characterizing modified electrochemical interfaces Electrochemical biosensors Electrocatalysis Spectroelectrochemical studies of DNA modified electrodes

Black Thomas Andrew Biometeorology; Soil physics; Microclimate modification Any time / year round

Measurement of greenhouse gas fluxes in agricultural systems

Bouchard Marie-Eve Humanities and the arts; Sociolinguistics; Linguistic Anthropology; ethnography; language ideologies; Language and identity; migration; Language variation and change; Language contact; Creole languages Any time / year round

French minorities in Canada

French-speaking immigrants of Africa

Language attitudes among learners and teachers of French

Bowers Katherine Arts, Literature and Subjectivity; Arts and Cultural Traditions; Arts and Technologies; Arts and Literary Policies; Russian literature; Russian culture; literary culture; genre; narrative; imagined geography; the novel; Dostoevsky; gothic fiction Any time / year round

Russian literary studies; comparative literary studies; literary culture; genre; narrative

Brondani Mario Community Health / Public Health; Dental Health; Social Determinants of Health; Health Policies; Quality of Life and Aging; Adult Education and Continuing Education; Epidemiology; Dental Public Health; Health Policy; Dental Education; Dental Geriatrics; Access to care; Qualitative research; Epidemiological data Any time / year round

COVID-19 (priority at the moment), Dental Public Health (Underserved-access to care, Marginalization, Community-based participatory research, Stigma and Discrimination); Health Policy; Dental Education (Community Service Learning, Reflective Journaling, Teaching Pedagogies, Social Responsibility); Dental Geriatrics (Undergraduate and Graduate Education, Frailty, Access to care).

Brooks-Wilson Angela human genetics; cancer genetics; cancer families; longevity; Super seniors; genetic susceptibility Any time / year round

Genetics of healthy aging. Genetics of lymphoid cancers in families.

Brotto Lori Sexual Dysfunctions; sexual dysfunction; mindfulness; sexual desire

Eye tracking studies of women with sexual dysfunction; online RCT of mindfulness-based treatment for sexual dysfunction

Brown Carolyn Janet Gene Regulation and Expression; Chromosomes: Structure / Organization; Applied Genetics; Epigenetic control of gene expression; X-chromosome inactivation; Long non-coding RNAs; XIST RNA; Genes escaping X-chromosome inactivation; DNA methylation

X-chromosome inactivation occurs early during mammalian development to transcriptionally silence one of the pair of X chromosomes in females, thereby achieving dosage equivalence with males who have a single X chromosome and the sex-determining Y chromosome. Research in the Brown lab is directed towards understanding both the mechanisms involved in the inactivation process and the clinical... Read More

Brunham Liam Medical, health and life sciences; Lipids; Genetics; Pharmacogenomics; Cardiovascular diseases Any time / year round

1. SAVE BC ( is a provincial study of families with extremely premature cardiovascular disease, aimed at identifying molecular causes of this condition and reducing the burden of premature cardiovascular disease. 2. Pharmacogenomics of adverse drug reactions. We are using human stem cells to study the pharmacogenetic mechanisms of specific... Read More

Bryce Benjamin migration; Race and ethnicity; health; Education; Transnational history; Argentina; Canada; The Americas Any time / year round

Latin American history

History of migration

History of Argentina

Bryman Douglas Particle physics, experimental; Experimental Particle Physics; Applied physics; physics Any time / year round

Particle physics experiments at CERN, Geneva and TRIUMF; advanced technology development; data analysis and machine learning projects.

Burton Cole Ecology and Quality of the Environment; Ecological Trends; Animal; Biodiversity and Biocomplexity; Landscape and Restoration; Environment Management and Protection; Wildlife Management; Mammal Ecology; Biodiversity conservation; Ecological Monitoring; Population and Community Ecology; Landscape ecology

Terrestrial mammal conservation; wildlife population and community modelling; animal movement simulation; cumulative environmental impact assessment; adaptive management; human-wildlife coexistence; biodiversity trends

Byers Michael International Law; International Cooperation; international relations; international law; oceans; Arctic; space; war Any time / year round

Governance of Outer Space

Cameron Maxwell Political Regimes (Democracy, Monarchy, Federalism, Parliamentarism, etc.); Social Organization and Political Systems; Comparative Politics; Latin America; Democratization; Practical wisdom Any time / year round

Democracy and democratization in Latin America; Global challenges of democracy

Camp Patricia Rehabilitation; Environment and Respiratory Diseases; Native Health; Rehabilitation Care and Services; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; Mobility; Health Care Technologies; Telemedicine; pulmonary rehabilitation; health services delivery; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; Indigneous health; Mixed methods; Knowledge translation; Physical Activity; E-health Any time / year round

1.  Indigenous lung health.  Study 1 is to estimate the prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in First Nations communities in north-central BC. We are also specific risk related to respiratory symptoms including indoor air quality and occupation. Study 2 is to develop a First Nations pulmonary rehabilitation program, that could include using telehealth to deliver... Read More

Campbell Kristin Breast Cancer; Rehabilitation; Physiology; Quality of Life and Aging; Exercise Physiology; physical function; oncology; Biomarkers

The role of exercise and physical therapy in oncology treatment and oncology care. 

Carleton Bruce Pharmacogenomics; Adverse drug reactions (ADRs); Drug safety and effectiveness; Clinical pharmacology; Pharmacovigilance Any time / year round

There are numerous opportunities for pursuing doctoral and post-doctoral research using state of the art genotyping and sequencing platforms to identify the genetic determinants of severe adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in paediatric and adult populations. In close collaboration with the CPNDS active surveillance network, genetic association and validation studies are being performed to define... Read More

Carlsten Christopher Environment and Respiratory Diseases Any time / year round

We have several projects running at any given time (see the lab website and publications for a sense of what we do).
Candidates are matched with an appropriate project based on interest and expertise.
Our general approach is to welcome outstanding candidates (the very best) at every level of training to contribute to our award-winning team.

Cavell Richard Anthony Media and Society; Media Influence on Behavior; Media Types (Radio, Television, Written Press, etc.); media studies; media theory Any time / year round

Media and literature
Multimodal fiction
Composed theatre
Soundscape poetics

Chan Kai Human Ecology; Ecology and Quality of the Environment; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; Applied Ethics; Values and Lifestyles; Sustainable Development; Ecosystem services; sustainability science; Conservation science; cultural ecosystem services; environmental values; conservation finance; environmental assessment; social-ecological systems; resilience; payments for ecosystem services; incentive programs


Chapman Mary Ann Arts and Cultural Traditions; Arts and Literary Policies; Arts and Technologies; Arts, Literature and Subjectivity; Social Determinants of Arts and Letters; Artistic and Literary Marginality; Artistic and Cultural Heritage; Artist or Author Social Identity; Artistic and Literary Movements, Schools and Styles; Artistic and Literary Theories; Literary or Artistic Work Analysis; Literary or Artistic Work Dissemination or Reception Contexts; Literary or Artistic Works Analysis; Writing and Literary Experimentation; Poetry; Novel and Short Story; Essays; Gender Relationship; Audiences and Mass Media; Media and Democratization; Media and Society; Media Influence on Behavior; Civil and Social Responsibilities of Media; Stereotypes; Electoral System; Printing Art; Persuasion Strategies; Social Movements; Publics; Performance and Theatrical Productions; Social Networks; American Literature; Asian American Literature; Asian Canadian Literature; Suffrage; Public Pedagogy of the Arts; Public Humanities 2021

Sui Sin Far (Edith Eaton); Onoto Watanna (Winnifred Eaton); US literature; American Literature; print culture; periodicals; suffrage literature, literature of social movements; 20th century American poetry; 19th-century American literature; race, class and gender; Asian American literature; public humanities; public pedagogy; alt-ac careers


Chen Jingyi Algebraic and differential geometry; Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations 2022

Geometric Analysis 

Chiu-Duke Josephine History of Major Eras, Great Civilisations or Geographical Corpuses; Chinese and Taiwanese history; political thought and institutions; liberal democracy Any time / year round

<p>Traditional Chinese intellectual history or history of traditional Chinese&nbsp;thought and institutions.&nbsp;</p>

Christenson James Resuscitation; sudden cardiac death; chain of survival; out of hospital cardiac arrest; emergency medical services Any time / year round

dispatch assisted CPR community engagement Bystander willingness to act mobile technologies to recognize loss of circulation

Chrostowski Lukas Optics and Photonics; Micro and Nanoelectronics; Nanotechnologies; Manufacturing Processes; silicon photonics; biosensors; biophotonics; quantum computing; optoelectronics; photonics; optics; semiconductor lasers Any time / year round

silicon photonic device and circuit design, nanofabrication, quantum computing, single photon devices