Research Projects

This list shows a selection of faculty members who are currently looking for new graduate students. They may have specified particular projects they wish to fill. Please ensure to review the departmental profile of each faculty member to learn more about their research interests and to ensure a good fit to your intended studies at UBC.

Last namesort descending First name Research Interest Desired start dates: Project areas
Abdul-Mageed Muhammad Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Social Media Mining, Arabic Any time / year round

Deep Learning. Deep learning of natural language. Natural Language Processing. Computational Linguistics. Natural Language Inference. Machine Translation. Misinformation. Detection of Negative and Abusive Content Online. Applications of deep learning in health and well-being.

Abolmaesumi Purang Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Imaging, Biomedical Engineering, Ultrasound Imaging, Image Guided Surgery, Cancer Imaging, Computer Assisted Interventions, Surgical Robotics Any time / year round

We are actively looking for individuals with strong matehmatical, computer science, and engineering background with interest in machine learning applications in biomedical engineering and medical imaging.

Abrutyn Seth Sociological Theory, Suicide, Mental Health, Social Psychology, Emotions, Youth Any time / year round

I am currently looking for research assistants in a large-scale, two-five year comparative ethnographic project in Colorado focused on two communities (9 high schools) that have an adolescent suicide problem. Though we are focused on suicide as an outcome, we are primarily interested in help-seeking behaviors (e.g., who do kids seek help from, when, why).

Al-Kassim Dina postcolonial , anti-colonial, feminist, queer theory, psychoanalysis, subjectivity, comparative literature: Arabic, English, French 2020
Aloni Erez law and sexuality, family law, Contracts Any time / year round
Altshuler Douglas flight control, visual guidance, visual neuroscience, neuroethology, avian biomechanics, aerodynamics, wing morphing, motor control 2020
Alvarez Moreno Raul Medieval and Early Modern Iberian Literature and Culture (Celestina, picaresque novel, short story), Economy and Medieval Literature and Culture , Visual Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Spain, Relations between Language and Ideology, Travel Writing Any time / year round
Ameli Ali Groundwater Ecohydrology, Hydro-geological Engineering, Watershed Management, Applied Hydro-geochemistry, Environmental Tracer, Groundwater-Surfacewater & land Interaction, Green Infrastructure Any time / year round

My research explores below questions:

1) Where does water go after it rains?

2) How does chemistry of rainwater alter on its way from being rainfall to being streamflow?

3) How do resource developments impact water pathways and stream water quality?

4) Where are suitable locations for agricultural and forestry activities with a minimal impact on water quality?

Anderson David Museum Education, Visitor Studies, Informal Learning, Metacognition, Science Education, Long-term Memory, Nostalgia
Angert Amy evolutionary ecology, population biology, biological responses to climate change, conservation biology 2020
Anglesio Michael microenvironment, endometriosis associated cancers, immunology, genomics, gene-expression and transcriptomics, cancer prevention, ovarian cancer etiology, early detection biomarkers, animal models of endometriosis and cancer Any time / year round, 2020, 2021

Prospective students with independent/external funding may send their applications along with their research interests only if this aligns to current projects in the lab, please do not send application for projects unrelated to listed laboratory projects.

International and/or visiting student will be considered only from research groups where I have an active... Read More

Ansermino John Mark Global Health, Physiological Monitoring, Precision Health, Mobile Health, Outcome prediction, Sepsis in children, Artificial Intellegence, Automation in healthcare Any time / year round

Global health

Arbel Efrat Refugee Law, Constitutional Law, Prison Law and Policy, Tort Law, Legal and Critical Theory , Gender and Law Any time / year round
Arcese Peter Ecology, Conservation Biology, Evolutionary Biology Any time / year round
Ashe Maureen older adults, physical activity, tele-rehabilitation, systematic reviews, fracture, built environment Any time / year round
Auld Vanessa development, nervous system, permeability barriers, glia , cell biology , genetics, in vivo imaging, epithelia

development of the nervous system with a focus on how glia and neurons interact during the development of the peripheral nervous system development of permeability barriers and the formation of the glial sheath around axons

Avramidis Stavros wood physics, momentum, heat and mass transfer in wood, wood dielectrics, wood drying optimization, dielectric heating, drying, phytosanitation, wood thermodynamics, non destructive evaluation, NIR wood species ID , application of neural networks to properties prediction, modeling of wood drying, cell-wall architecture, sorption characteristics of wood 2020
Babel Molly speech perception, acoustics of speech production, spoken word recognition, phonetic variation 2020
Bacca Mattia Adhesion and fracture , Soft materials, Biophysics Any time / year round

Adhesion, fracture, soft materials.

Bachmann Sven Mathematical physics, Quantum statistical physics, Topological states of matter Any time / year round
Badir Patricia Early Modern Drama, Shakespeare, Medieval Drama, Early Modern Literature and Religion, Shakespeare in Canada, Canadian Modernism Any time / year round

Early modern literature and religion; Shakespeare and his contemporaries; Shakespeare in Canada

Bamji Shernaz synapse biology, primary neuronal cultures, transgenic mouse models, neurodevelopmental disease Any time / year round

genetic causes of autism and intellectual disability

Barbic Skye mental health, measurement , recovery, community integration, Rasch Measurement Theory, Implementation Science, Patient Engagement, Supported Employment, Individual Placement Support, assessment, health and well-being, metrology, occupational therapy, youth Any time / year round
Baum Bruce critical social theory, feminist theory, critical hermeneutics, issues of cross-cultural interpretation, American political thought and cultural politics, political theories of Mill and Marx, philosophy of political inquiry, liberal and democratic theory Any time / year round
Bayrampour Basmenj Hamideh Maternal Mental Health, Pregnancy Outcomes, Perinatal Anxiety, Prenatal Cannabis Use, Developmental Outcomes Any time / year round

Perinatal health

Perinatal Cannabis use

Pregnancy Outcomes

Beatty John Gene transfer mediated by virus-like particles, Light-driven reactions in photosynthesis proteins, Applications of photosynthesis proteins to solar energy Any time / year round

Gene transfer mediated by virus-like particles; light-driven reactions in photosynthesis proteins; applications of photosynthesis proteins to solar energy.

Beauchamp Mark Physical Activity, Health Psychology, Exercise Psychology, Sport Psychology, Group Processes, Leadership, Intervention, Social Cognition, Older Adults, Children Any time / year round, 2020, 2021

Peer-Leadership and Physical Literacy Intervention with Children; Group-based Physical Activity for Older Adults; Teamwork; Physical Activity and Health Promotion Interventions

Beauchesne Kim Colonialism, Latin America Any time / year round
Bedi Robinder The Contextual Model of Counselling/Psychotherapy / Viewing Psychotherapy as a Cultural Practice, Counselling/psychotherapy in India, Counselling/psychotherapy/mental health with Punjabi/Sikh individuals, Counselling psychology disciplinary and professional issues Any time / year round

Please see my websites for further information:

Bedke Matthew metaethics, ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of law, epistemology Any time / year round

The nature of normativity, expressivism, moral epistemology, moralism

Belliveau George Theatre, Arts-based research

research-based theatre, applied theatre

Bena Jan Finance and innovation, Finance and product markets, Corporate innovation, Corporate ownership structure, Access to external finance, Financial constraints 2020
Benedet Janine sexual violence against women, prostitution and pornography, sexual harassment in employment and education, sexual abuse of girls 2020, 2021

Criminal justice system responses to sexual assault of women across the lifespan

Best practices toward the elimination of the demand for the prostitution of women

Berbee Mary systematics, molecular phylogenetics, fungi, mycology
Bergmann Luke 2020
Berlinguette Curtis CO2 conversion and utilization, clean energy , advanced solar cells, electrochromic windows, dynamic windows, hydrogen fuels production, catalysis, robotics and automation, machine learning / artificial intelligence Any time / year round

See this site for more information:

Bernatchez Pascal angiogenesis, endothelium, nitric oxide, muscular dystrophy, atherosclerosis, endothelial dysfunction, lipoproteins, Marfan syndrome, vascular disease, inflammation 2020
Berryman Sylvia Ancient Greek natural philosophy, Aristotle's ethics, ethics and global poverty
Bertram Allan Physical and analytical chemistry of atmospheric aerosols Any time / year round
Bettinger Julie Infectious disease epidemiology, vaccine clinical trials, vaccine safety, vaccine programs, Vaccine hesitancy 2021

Vaccine preventable disease epidemiology, vaccine safety, vaccine hesitancy, both qualitative and quanitative methodologies. I am not seeking PhD students until 2021 or later.

Beznosov Konstantin usable security and privacy, mobile security and privacy, computer security and privacy, online social networks security and privacy Any time / year round

Security and privacy for mobile devices, privacy for online teenagers, enterprise security and privacy.

Bi Xiaotao Biomass and Bioenergy, Multiphase Chemical Reactors, Fluidization, Particle technology, Electrostatics of Powders, Life Cycle Analysis, Green Engineering, Industrial Symbiosis, Fuel Cells Water Management 2020

Biomass catalytic pyrolysis and torrefaction in pilot fluidized bed reactors.

Bigazzi Alexander York active transportation, bicycles, air quality, motor vehicle emissions, travel behaviour Any time / year round

Please see:

Bizzotto Dan electrochemistry, interfacial analysis, biosensors, spectroelectrochemistry, electrocatalysis, self assembled monolayers, fluorescence microscopy Any time / year round

Characterizing modified electrochemical interfaces Electrochemical biosensors Electrocatalysis Spectroelectrochemical studies of DNA modified electrodes

Black Jennifer nutrition, public health, food environments, social determinants of health, food banks, school food environments 2020
Black Thomas Andrew Biometeorology, Soil physics, Microclimate modification Any time / year round

Measurement of greenhouse gas fluxes in agricultural systems

Blouin Jean-Sebastien Sensorimotor physiology, Standing balance, Balance robot, Sensory virtualisation, Computational approaches, Head and neck, Whiplash injuries Any time / year round
Bowers Katherine Russian literature, Russian culture, literary culture, genre, narrative, imagined geography, the novel, Dostoevsky, gothic literature Any time / year round

Russian literary studies; comparative literary studies; literary culture; genre; narrative

Boyd Lara Motor learning, Plasticity / Neuronal Regeneration , Motor System, Learning, Neurophysiology
Brauer Michael air pollution, environmental health, built environment, environmental epidemiology, remote sensing 2020, 2021