Research Projects

Below is a sample of research projects that you can consider as part of your graduate degree program. Please ensure to review the departmental websites of all potential faculty members by using the supervisor search.

Last namesort descending First name Research Interest Desired start dates: Project areas Financial support options:
Altshuler Douglas flight control, visual guidance, visual neuroscience, neuroethology, avian biomechanics, aerodynamics, wing morphing, motor control 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Some financial support is available
Anderson David Museum Education, Visitor Studies, Informal Learning, Metacognition, Science Education, Long-term Memory, Nostalgia 2017, 2018, 2019 Applicants need to be self-funded
Arcese Peter Ecology, Conservation Biology, Evolutionary Biology 2017, 2018
Auld Vanessa development, nervous system, permeability barriers, glia , cell biology , genetics 2018

development of the nervous system with a focus on how glia and neurons interact during the development of the peripheral nervous system
development of permeability barriers and the formation of the glial sheath around axons

Some financial support is available
Avramidis Stavros wood physics, momentum, heat and mass transfer in wood, wood dielectrics, wood drying optimization, dielectric heating, drying, phytosanitation, wood thermodynamics, non destructive evaluation, NIR wood species ID , application of neural networks to properties prediction, modeling of wood drying, cell-wall architecture, sorption characteristics of wood 2018, 2019, 2020 Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Backman Catherine occupational balance, activity disruption, social role participation, arthritis, chronic illness, health & well-being 2017, 2018

occupational balance, health & well-being

Some financial support is available
Bamji Shernaz synapse biology, primary neuronal cultures, transgenic models, neurodevelopmental disease 2017, 2018

genetic causes of autism and intellectual disability

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Barbic Skye mental health, measurement , recovery, community integration, Rasch Measurement Theory Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Bayrampour Basmenj Hamideh Maternal Mental Health, Pregnancy Outcomes, Perinatal Anxiety Any time / year round Applicants need to be self-funded
Bedi Robinder Substance use counselling, Counselling/psychotherapy in India, Counselling/mental health with Indo-Canadians, Counselling psychology disciplinary and professional issues Any time / year round

See my website:

See my lab website as well:

Applicants need to be self-funded
Belliveau George Theatre, Arts-based research 2019
Beznosov Konstantin usable security and privacy, mobile security and privacy, computer security and privacy, online social networks security and privacy Any time / year round

Security and privacy for mobile devices, privacy for online teenagers, enterprise security and privacy.

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Bowers Katherine Russian literature, Russian culture, literary culture, genre, narrative, gothic, Dostoevsky Any time / year round

Russian literary studies; comparative literary studies; literary culture; genre; narrative

Applicants need to be self-funded
Brauer Michael air pollution, environmental health, built environment, environmental epidemiology 2017, 2018 Some financial support is available
Brooks-Wilson Angela human genetics, cancer genetics, cancer families, longevity, Super seniors, genetic susceptibility Any time / year round

Genetics of healthy aging. Genetics of lymphoid cancers in families.

Some financial support is available
Carleton Bruce Pharmacogenomics, Adverse drug reactions (ADRs), Drug safety and effectiveness, Clinical pharmacology, Pharmacovigilance Any time / year round

There are numerous opportunities for pursuing doctoral and post-doctoral research using state of the art genotyping and sequencing platforms to identify the genetic determinants of severe adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in paediatric and adult populations. In close collaboration with the CPNDS active surveillance network, genetic association and validation studies are being performed to define... Read More

Some financial support is available
Choptuik Matthew Theoretical physics, Relativity/Computational Physics Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Christen Andreas Climatology, Atmospheric Sciences, Greenhouse gases, Micrometeorology, Climate change science, Urban climatology, Atmospheric boundary layer, Micrometeorology, Wind, Turbulence, Biogeochemical cycling, Arctic, Atmospheric physics, Atmospheric instrumentation, Atmosphere 2017, 2018 Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Clarke Laura aging, ageism, sociology of aging, social gerontology, body image, embodiment, chronic conditions, health, disability, assistive technology, appearance work, femininity and masculinity, physical activity, qualitative methods 2017

I am looking for potential graduate students who want to do further training in socio-cultural studies around topics such as physical activity in later life, the experience of health and illness, ageism, body image, beauty and appearance work (e.g anti-aging practices), disability, the use of assistive technologies, mobility, leisure, and masculinity/femininity and the body.

Some financial support is available
Coombs Daniel Mathematical biology, Cell biophysics, Immune cell signalling, Disease models Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Cui Wei tax and development, law and development, tax policy, Chinese legislative system, Chinese administrative law Any time / year round

Research in Chinese law that focuses on the legislative and executive branches;
Tax policy, especially in the areas of international taxation, VAT, and tax administration
Taxation in developing countries (but not international taxation)

Davies Hugh William Occupational Health, Noise and Chrnoic Disease Any time / year round Some financial support is available
De Angelis Franco Ancient Greek world history, environment, urbanism, developmnet of societies, colonization, economics, ancient literature Any time / year round
Ellis Jason History of education, Education policy, Politics of education, Special education, Disability, History of childhood and youth, Urban and suburban history, Canadian history, American history, Educational administration Any time / year round, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Eskelson Bianca Forest Biometrics, Forest Modelling, Disturbance Effects Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Farrer Matthew human genetics, population genetics, neurology, neuroscience, neurobiology of disease, cell biology (primary murine culture and iPSC), genomics, neurodegeneration, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Epilepsy Any time / year round, 2017, 2018

Disease gene mapping in population isolates. Linkage analysis within families afflicted by neurodevelopmental and/or neurodegenerative Mendelian disorders. Bioinformatic and statistical analyses of high-throughput sequencing (Illumina, Ion Proton and PACBio SMRT). Correlative genomic analysis of brain tissues (genetic, epigenetic and expression) in normal and disease states. Neuronal cell... Read More

Some financial support is available
Faulkner Guy physical activity and public health, mental health, physical activity interventions, exercise psychology, behavioral medicine Any time / year round

Physical activity and public health - intervention development and evaluation

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Ford Nancy micro-computed tomography, physiological gating, models of respiratory disease, image-based measurements, dental imaging, x-ray imaging 2017, 2018, 2019

I accept students in the following Programs:
Craniofacial Science,
Experimental Medicine,
Medical Physics (CAMPEP accredited)

Some financial support is available
Frackman Kyle German studies, gender studies, sexuality studies, literature, film, East Germany, Scandinavia Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Friedman Jan Marshall Application of whole genome sequencing to diagnose genetic disease, Clinical genomics, Neurofibromatosis, Birth defects epidemiology Any time / year round

* Improving the sensitivity of whole genome sequencing as a clinical test for genetic causes of intellectual disability
* Development and evaluation of genetic e-counselling for clinical whole genome sequencing
* Which maternal medications can harm the developing human embryo?
* Improving the clinical care of patients with neurofibromatosis 1, an autosomal dominant... Read More

Some financial support is available
Frostad John Emulsions, Foams, Functional Foods, Interfacial Rheology, Interfacial Phenomena, Human Health Any time / year round, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

I supervise graduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and Food Science. If you are interested in joining the group, please email me at with "Request for Consideration for Admission" in the subject line. In the body of the email, please provide the following information:

Current Institution:
Current Position:... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Gleason Mona history of education, history of children and youth, critical youth studies, gender and sexuality 2017

History of education
Critical youth studies
Family and school relations

Gordon Michael Neuroscience, Neural circuits, Sensory systems, Feeding, Taste, Gustation, Drosophila, Chemosensation Any time / year round

Most projects centre on the neural circuits underlying taste processing and feeding in the fly brain. Potential projects include looking at circuit mechanisms underlying taste integration, hunger, feeding, taste memories, chemosensory integration, and taste circuit development.

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Griess Verena Computer based decision support systems in forest management, Forest management Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Hafeli Urs Magnetic targeting, drug delivery, radiopharmaceuticals, imaging, microspheres, pharmaceutics, nanotechnology, Fighting cancer with radioactive pharmaceuticals, development of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals, Nuclear Medicine Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Heckman Nancy functional data analysis, smoothing, splines Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Hiebert Daniel Joseph immigration, diversity, national security 2017

Immigration, diversity, and changing cities; Diversity, human rights, and national security

Hodges Nicola action anticipation, coaching, sport Any time / year round

action observation and prediction
observational learning
perceptual motor skills and their development
optimizing practice conditions

Some financial support is available
Holsti Liisa premature infants, neurodevelopment, stress, pain , measurement, technology transfer, sucrose, rehabilitation, pediatrics Any time / year round

neonatology, pediatrics, occupational therapy, measurement, rehabilitation

Applicants need to be self-funded
Howe LeAnn gene regulation, epigenetics, chromatin Any time / year round

inheritance of gene expression states, maintenance of genome stability

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Hunt Michael Anthony biomechanics, rehabilitation, musculoskeletal, physical activity, exercise Any time / year round
Jan Eric Virology, Virus, Antiviral innate immunity, translation, Protein synthesis, RNA, RNA structure function, tRNA, ribosome, RNA virus, protease, molecular biology, picornavirus Any time / year round, 2017

Projects include
- elucidating virus host interactions such as antiviral innate immunity and viral proteins that modulate cellular processes
- identifying host protein substrates by viral proteinases
- non-canonical protein synthesis mechanisms used by viruses and cellular mRNAs

Approaches include biochemical, molecular and cell biology methods, proteomics and genome-... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Janssen Patricia maternal child health, prison health, violence in relationships 2017

management of early labour, prenatal education by texting and phone apps, fetal assessment in labour, diagnosis and management of dystocia, vaginal birth after cesarean, comparison of perinatal outcomes among care providers, surveillance of maternal homicide, health outcomes of incarcerated women, fetal growth.

Some financial support is available
Jenstad Lorienne hearing aids, aging, audiology, hearing health, amplification Any time / year round

New ways of assessing hearing aid outcomes; encouraging older adults to seek and use hearing health care services; acoustic and behavioural assessment of hearing aid processing.

Some financial support is available
Jiang Xiaoyan Basic and translational leukemia research, Leukemic stem cell biology , Gene regulation , Drug resistance , Proteomics Any time / year round

Dr. Jiang’s research interests are focused on elucidating the molecular pathway perturbations that cause and sustain human leukemia. The ultimate objective is to identify new, rationally designed, molecularly targeted therapies that will be more effective and less toxic than those presently available. Currently, she is pursuing this interest through two lines of investigation. One is a more... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Jones Steven J Bioinformatics, genome science, mutations, cancer progression Any time / year round

Cancer Genomics

Some financial support is available
Kobor Michael Epigenetics, Social Epigenetics, Molecular Biology , Chromatin Biology Any time / year round Applicants need to be self-funded
Leavitt Blair Huntington disease, Neurogenetics, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Frontotemporal Dementia, Mouse models of disease, Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, Gene Regulation, Experimental Therapeutics, Gene Silencing and Gene Editing, Gene Therapy, Medical Genetics Any time / year round

Mouse models of neurodegenerative diseases Clinical biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases (Imaging, CSF, Blood) Gene silencing, gene editing and gene therapy for brain diseases Transcriptional regulation of disease genes Experimental therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases Induced pluripotent stem cells models of human brain diseases

Lefebvre Louis Role of imprinted genes in mammalian development 2017
Li Shyh-dar drug delivery, pharmaceutics, nanomedicine, biopharmaceutics Any time / year round

1. Development of lipid and polymer based nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery to tumors
2. Development of child-friendly formulations
3. Ocular drug delivery
4. Drug delivery to the brain
5. Sustained drug release formulations
6. Gene delivery