Research Projects

This list shows a selection of faculty members who are currently looking for new graduate students. They may have specified particular projects they wish to fill. Please ensure to review the departmental profile of each faculty member to learn more about their research interests and to ensure a good fit to your intended studies at UBC.

Last namesort descending First name Research Interest Desired start dates: Project areas
Mayor Thibault Proteostasis, Protein Degradation, Protein Folding, Proteomics, Ubiquitin, Proteasome, Neurodegenerative diseases, Aging, Cell Biology, Yeast Genetics, Biochemistry Any time / year round

The main lab focus is protein quality control and how misfolded proteins are triaged within the cell. In the next years, we want to establish several new projects and here are some examples:
- Identification of protein quality control pathways mediating rare genetic diseases in human.
- Reconstitution of the quality control machinery in vitro to better understand the molecular... Read More

McIntosh Lawrence Protein structure-dynamics-function, Regulation of gene expression, Signal transduction, Cancer, Enzyme mechanisms Any time / year round
McKenna Janis Experimental Particle Physics Any time / year round
Metcalfe Amy Higher Education, Faculty, Internationalization, Campus Environments Any time / year round
Miller Bradley Canadian History, Legal History, International Law and International Relations, Criminal Justice History, North American History, British Empire History, Political History Any time / year round

Canadian History; North American History; British Empire History; Legal History; Political History; Criminal Justice History; International Law and International Relations

Milligan Kevin Public Finance, Taxation, Pensions, Children, Inequality Any time / year round
Milstein Sara Hebrew Bible and Near Eastern Studies, literary history of the Bible, Near Eastern scribal culture, Mesopotamian literature, biblical and cuneiform law Any time / year round
Miskovic Sanja Multiphase Flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Experimental Fluid Dynamics, High Performance Computing, Minerals Processing, Embedded Sensors, IIoT, Industrial Big Data, Critical Elements Extraction Any time / year round
Mitchell Tamara Contemporary Mexican Literature and Culture, Neoliberalism, Globalization, (Post-)National Politics, Political Philosophy, Critical Theory, Border and Diaspora Studies, Contemporary Central American Literature and Culture, Digital Humanities (developing interest) Any time / year round

"Noisy Narrative" Latin American Literary Soundscapes" (Digital Humanities, Sound Studies, Literary Analysis)

Unbounded: Latin American Literature in the Age of Technological Globalization (book project)

Mitchell-Foster Sheona cervical cancer screening, HPV, rural and remote reproductive care, Indigenous women's health, perinatal substance-use, reproductive health of women living with HIV, culturally safe care, reproductive screening in LMIC Any time / year round
Mohseni Madjid Drinking water quality and treatment, Advanced oxidation, UV based water purification and treatment, Water re-use, Electrochemical water treatment processes Any time / year round
Moran Patrick Medieval French Literature, Reader-Response Theory, Genre Theory, Narrative Theory, Material Philology, Comparative Medieval Literature, Arthurian Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Interactive Fiction, Cognitive Poetics, Medieval Narrative Literature, Old French, Medievalism Any time / year round

Medieval French literature, primarily (but not limited to) narrative literature of the 12th and 13th centuries.

Medievalism in contemporary literature.

Morin Gregg Any time / year round
Mortenson Ben Accessibility, Assistive technology, Occupational therapy, Caregiving, Social participation, Spinal cord injury, Outcome measures, Robotics Any time / year round

My research focuses on four overlapping areas: assistive technology, social participation, caregiving and outcome measurement. My work is centered on four main populations: assistive technology users, informal and formal caregivers, individuals with spinal cord injury and residents in long-term care.

Mulpuri Kishore Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis, Pediatric Hip Conditions, Methodological Research, Orthopaedic Engineering , Patient Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Any time / year round
Munzner Tamara visualization, information visualization, visual analytics, data science Any time / year round
Murphy Michael Microbial metal metabolism, Bacterial pathogenesis, Alternatives to antibiotics Any time / year round
Nan Ning digital business, evolvable information systems, blockchain governance, online community, complex adaptive systems Any time / year round
Nelson Brad Cancer immunology and immunotherapy, Oncolytic viruses, T cell engineering, Clinical trials, Cell therapies Any time / year round
Nguan Christopher kidney transplantation, patient reported outcomes, medical apps for mobile health, machine learning analytics of medical imaging, machine learning analytics of complex medical data outcomes Any time / year round
Nimmon Laura Health professions education, Qualitative research, Interdisciplinary team communication, Patient centered care, Chronic disease care, End of life care, Collaborative pratice, Teamwork, Families and Caregivers, Adult education Any time / year round, 2020

Negotiation and power dynamics on chronic disease healthcare teams; Team coordination of health literacy for chronic disease patients; Patient centered collaborative practice in chronic disease care.

Nojeh Alireza Any time / year round
Nolde Natalia Multivariate extreme value theory, Risk assessment, Applications in finance, insurance, geosciences Any time / year round

Financial risk analytics
Multivariate extreme value theory

Nunez Desmond Age Related Hearing Loss , Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Recurrent Acute Otitis Media Any time / year round
Page Brent Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Cancer, Target Engagement, Cell Signaling Any time / year round, 2020, 2021

Several drug discovery and development projects are available for new and exciting targets involved in cancer cell signaling and metabolism. 

Pawlowicz Richard ocean physics, properties of seawater, geophysical fluid dynamics, nonlinear waves Any time / year round
Peck Jamie Economic geography Any time / year round
Pelech Steven Daniel Protein microarrays, Protein kinases, Protein phosphatases, Protein phosphorylation, Mitosis, Meiosis, Cell signalling, Signal transduction Any time / year round

Investigation of protein kinase signalling networks in diverse experimental model systems, including growth factor-treated human cancer cell lines and meiotic maturation of sea star and frog oocytes. Investigations of protein kinase signalling networks in biopsied human tissues from patients with cancer, neurological disorders and diabetes. Development of microarray technology for monitoring... Read More

Pliska Benjamin Facial growth and development, sleep medicine Any time / year round
Poole David Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Knowledge Representation, Decision Analysis, Preference Elicitation, Reasoning under Uncertainty, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Relational Learning Any time / year round
Priatel John Autoimmunity, Immunodeficiency, Tumour immunotherapy, Viral infection, Host-pathogen interactions Any time / year round

T cells form an integral part of our immune system and are essential to fight off most infections. To perform these roles, T cells must be able to discriminate between various antigens and elicit the appropriate type and the appropriate strength of response. Excessive T cell responses towards harmless antigens may result in dangerous allergies while attack against healthy cells or tissue can... Read More

Price Morgan family medicine, eHealth Adoption, eHealth Requirements Engineering, eHealth Ux/UI Design, software engineering, Decision Support Systems, Treatment Adherence, Consumer eHealth, Health System Improvement, Primary Care, Team-based care Any time / year round, 2020

Our lab is based in Victoria and connected to both the Island Medical Program and UVic Computer Science. We have a range of projects including: eHealth related projects connected to community based Electronic Medical record design and assessment of adoption; action research projects with partners related to health system improvement using EMRs in practice; consumer mHealth projects related to... Read More

Price Richard International Relations, Ethics and World Politics, International Relations Theory, Global Norms, Moral Psychology Any time / year round
Puterman Eli Health psychology, Stress physiology, Acute exercise, Exercise interventions, Physical activity, Physical literacy, cellular aging, telomeres, chronic stress Any time / year round, 2019

Our Fitness, Aging and Stress Lab at UBC is currently actively engaged in several different laboratory and community studies. In the laboratory, we are examining the impact of different lengths and intensities of exercise on biological and psychological responses to acute stressors. We are also examining the flip side of this - how chronic and acute stress impact biological and psychological... Read More

Putnins Edward Chronic mucosal inflammation, Monoamine oxidase Inhibitor development as anti-inflammatories Any time / year round
Qian Yue Demography, Sociology, Family Studies, Gender Studies Any time / year round
Quandt Jacqueline Any time / year round
Quon Bradley biomarker discovery and development, clinical epidemiology, health care economics, medication adherence Any time / year round

Cystic Fibrosis blood biomarker research and development - proteomics and transcriptomics Health outcomes research using the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Registry - clinical epidemiology

Ranger Manon Neurodevelopment, Early-adversity, Biomarkers of early stress exposure, Brain development Any time / year round

I am conducting novel translational research to advance the health and care of children and their families. Specifically, my long-term goal is to improve the care of infants born preterm (< 37 weeks gestation). To accomplish this, I am leading a research program to address the impact of early stress, such as pain, inflammation, clinical treatments and maternal separation, on the developing... Read More

Ravanbakhsh Siamak machine learning Any time / year round
Rhodin Helge Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Machine Learning Any time / year round
Richardson John ecology, freshwater biology, food webs, streams, forest Any time / year round
Rideout Elizabeth Sex differences, Metabolism, Cell Signaling Pathways, Development, Lifespan and Aging, Stress Responses, Drosophila melanogaster Any time / year round
Rieseberg Loren plant evolutionary biology, adaptation, speciation, crops, weeds, invasive plants Any time / year round

Adaptation, Speciation, Evolution of Crops and Weeds, Bioinformatics

Rizzotti Patrick theatre design, production design, augmented reality, narrative visual experience , design for new works, devised work, site specific experiences Any time / year round
Rodrigues Brian Cardiovascular metabolism, Diabetes, Endothelial cell - cardiomyocyte crosstalk, Vascular Endothelial Growth factors Any time / year round

The objective of our study is to examine the biology of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) during diabetes. To do this, we will use models of diabetes and various cellular approaches. Given the disturbing news that diabetes is rampant across the globe, and that its incidence will double in Canada by 2016, results from these studies will help in gaining more insight into the mechanism(s) by which cardiac... Read More

Roosa John History of Indonesia Any time / year round
Rottler Joerg Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Soft Matter Any time / year round
Rubin Julia software engineering, security and privacy, energy-efficiency , developer productivity , mobile and cloud-native software Any time / year round
Rusk Bruce Early Modern China, Confucianism, Authentication Studies Any time / year round