Research Projects

Below is a sample of research projects that you can consider as part of your graduate degree program. Please ensure to review the departmental websites of all potential faculty members by using the supervisor search.

Last namesort descending First name Research Interest Desired start dates: Project areas Financial support options:
Brotto Lori Sexual Dysfunctions, sexual dysfunction, mindfulness, sexual desire 2018, 2019

Eye tracking studies of women with sexual dysfunction; online RCT of mindfulness-based treatment for sexual dysfunction

Some financial support is available
Brown Kelly Diseases of the Immune System, Immune Mediators: Cytokines and Chemokines, Cell Signaling and Infectious and Immune Diseases, childhood rheumatic diseases, phagocytes Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Brown Carolyn Janet Gene Regulation and Expression, Chromosomes: Structure / Organization, Epigenetic control of gene expression, X-chromosome inactivation, Long non-coding RNAs, XIST RNA, Genes escaping X-chromosome inactivation, DNA methylation 2018
Brumer Harry Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms, Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis, enzymes, polysaccharides, carbohydrates, biomass, cellulose, plant cell walls, microbiota Any time / year round
Brunham Liam Genetic Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Lipid Disorders, Stem Cells and Organogenesis Any time / year round

1. SAVE BC ( us a provincial study of families with extremely premature cardiovascular disease, aimed at identifying molecular causes of this condition and reducing the burden of premature cardiovascular disease.

2. Pharmacogenomics of adverse drug reactions. We are using human stem cells to study the pharmacogenetic mechanisms of... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Bryman Douglas Science and Knowledge, Experimental Particle Physics, Applied physics, Physics 2017, 2018, 2019

Particle physics experiments at CERN, Geneva.

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Bullard Julia Information Systems, Cultural Institutions (Museums, Libraries, etc.), classification systems, metadata, values-in-design 2018, 2019, 2020
Burgess Miranda Arts, Literature and Subjectivity, British and Irish Romanticism, riparian and oceanic studies, poetics, history of media and mediation, history of feeling (affect, emotion, sensation), history of literary form Any time / year round
Burton Cole Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Ecological Trends, Animal, Biodiversity and Biocomplexity, Landscape and Restoration, Environment Management and Protection, Wildlife Management, Mammal Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, Ecological Monitoring, Population and Community Ecology, Landscape Ecology 2018, 2019

Wildlife population and community modelling; animal movement simulation; cumulative environmental impact assessment; adaptive management; human-wildlife coexistence

Some financial support is available
Byers Michael International Law, International Cooperation, international relations, international law, oceans, arctic, space, war Any time / year round

Governance of Outer Space

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Cairns Brian Neuropharmacology, Oro-Facial Pain, Pain, Electrophysiology, pain mechanisms, headache, temporomandibular disorders, sex-related differences, peripheral analgesics 2018 Some financial support is available
Cameron Maxwell Political Regimes (Democracy, Monarchy, Federalism, Parliamentarism, etc.), Social Organization and Political Systems, Comparative Politics, Latin America, Democratization Any time / year round

Democracy and democratization in Latin America; Global challenges of democracy

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Campbell Suzanne Community Health / Public Health, Health Promotion, Interpersonal Communication, Educational Technologies, Health Care Technologies, Modelization and Simulation, Social Determinants of Health, Global Health and Emerging Diseases, Adult Education and Continuing Education, simulation nursing education, interprofessional health professional education, health communication, lactation support, leadership in nursing, global maternal-infant-child health Any time / year round

Use of simulation for health care professionals education and evaluation in health communication.
Lactation education

Some financial support is available
Carleton Bruce Pharmacogenomics, Adverse drug reactions (ADRs), Drug safety and effectiveness, Clinical pharmacology, Pharmacovigilance Any time / year round

There are numerous opportunities for pursuing doctoral and post-doctoral research using state of the art genotyping and sequencing platforms to identify the genetic determinants of severe adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in paediatric and adult populations. In close collaboration with the CPNDS active surveillance network, genetic association and validation studies are being performed to define... Read More

Some financial support is available
Carlsten Christopher Environment and Respiratory Diseases Any time / year round

We have several projects running at any given time (see the lab website and publications for a sense of what we do).
Candidates are matched with an appropriate project based on interest and expertise.
Our general approach is to welcome outstanding candidates (the very best) at every level of training to contribute to our award-winning team.

Some financial support is available
Carvalho Rick Biomaterials, Dental Materials Any time / year round
Castonguay-Belanger Joel The Enlightenment and the French Revolution, History of the book and print culture, Science and literature, Québec literature and culture Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Cautis Sabin Geometry Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Cavell Richard Anthony Media and Society, Media Influence on Behavior, Media Types (Radio, Television, Written Press, etc.), media studies, media theory Any time / year round

Media and literature
Multimodal fiction
Composed theatre
Soundscape poetics

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Cerri Ronaldo Animal Reproduction, Animal Production, Agricultural Machinery and Technology, Endocrine Regulation, Biotechnology and Activity monitors, Dairy cattle reproduction, Endometrium-conceptus cross communication, Production medicine in dairy cattle, Estrous cycle physiology in cattle, Inflammation and stress 2019, 2020 Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Chan Kai Human Ecology, Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection, Applied Ethics, Values and Lifestyles, Sustainable Development, ecosystem services, sustainability science, conservation science, cultural ecosystem services, environmental values, conservation finance, environmental assessment, social-ecological systems, resilience, payments for ecosystem services, incentive programs 2018, 2019, 2020


Some financial support is available
Chang Thomas Drug Metabolism, Pharmacology, Nuclear Receptor, Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes, Cytochrome P450, Gene Expression, Gene Regulation Any time / year round
Chapman Mary Ann Arts and Cultural Traditions, Arts and Literary Policies, Arts and Technologies, Arts, Literature and Subjectivity, Social Determinants of Arts and Letters, Artistic and Literary Marginality, Artistic and Cultural Heritage, Artist or Author Social Identity, Artistic and Literary Movements, Schools and Styles, Artistic and Literary Theories, Literary or Artistic Work Analysis, Literary or Artistic Work Dissemination or Reception Contexts, Literary or Artistic Works Analysis, Writing and Literary Experimentation, Poetry, Novel and Short Story, Essays, Gender Relationship, Audiences and Mass Media, Media and Democratization, Media and Society, Media Influence on Behavior, Civil and Social Responsibilities of Media, Stereotypes, Electoral System, Printing Art, Persuasion Strategies, Social Movements, Social Networks 2018, 2020

Sui Sin Far (Edith Eaton); Onoto Watanna (Winnifred Eaton); US literature; American Literature; print culture; periodicals; suffrage literature, literature of social movements; 20th century American poetry; 19th-century American literature; race, class and gender

Some financial support is available
Chiu-Duke Josephine Arts and Cultural Traditions, Chinese and Taiwanese history, political thought, human rights, democracy, intellectuals Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Choptuik Matthew Theoretical physics, Relativity/Computational Physics Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Christensen Villy Ecosystem (Aquatic and Terrestrial), Ecological Trends, Fishery Resources, Marine Environment Any time / year round
Christenson James Resuscitation, sudden cardiac death, chain of survival, out of hospital cardiac arrest, emergency medical services Any time / year round

dispatch assisted CPR
community engagement
Bystander willingness to act
mobile technologies to recognize loss of circulation

Applicants need to be self-funded
Chrostowski Lukas Optics and Photonics, Micro and Nanoelectronics, Nanotechnologies, Manufacturing Processes, silicon photonics, biosensors, biophotonics, quantum computing, optoelectronics, photonics, optics, semiconductor lasers Any time / year round

silicon photonic device and circuit design, nanofabrication, quantum computing, single photon devices

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Cibere Jolanda Arthritis / Osteo-Arthritis, early osteoarthritis, magnetic resonance imaging in osteoarthritis, biomarkers in osteoarthritis, progression of early osteoarthritis, clinical detection of early osteoarthritis Any time / year round

Predictors of knee osteoarthritis progression over 7 years.

Some financial support is available
Ciocca Valter Auditory System, Perception and Representation, Recognition of Speech, Speech and Language Development Disorders, Auditory grouping of speech and non-speech sounds, also known as "auditory scene analysis", perception and production of normal and disordered speech 2018

Auditory scene analysis; perception and production of disordered speech

Applicants need to be self-funded
Clough David Social Networks, Technological Innovations, Technological change, Organizational learning, Interorganizational networks, Entrepreneurship, Innovation management, Organization theory 2018

• How interorganizational networks relate to innovation, technological evolution, and organizational learning
• Antecedents and consequences of social ties in the process of founding entrepreneurial ventures

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Condon Anne Algorithms, Molecular Programming 2018 Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Conibear Elizabeth Molecular Genetics, Cell Signaling and Cancer, Genomics and Proteomics, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Membranes, Enzymes and Proteins, Parkinson's Disease, Protein Palmitoylation, Vesicle Trafficking Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Conklin Annalijn Chronic Diseases in Elderly, Gender Epidemiology, Health Policies, Professional Practices, Obesity, Social Determinants of Dietary and Metabolic Disorders, Community Health / Public Health, healthy ageing, obesity prevention, diabetes management and evaluation, healthcare quality improvement, implementation science, gender and health equity, nutrition-related policy and outcomes 2018, 2019

Possible projects on the social determinants of health and food choices, such as assessing the relations between socioeconomic status and access to food in BC/Canada; examining the trends on the social determinants of dietary choices; determining the cost of (un)healthy dietary patterns, etc.

Other potential projects on quality improvement in health services could focus on pharmacist... Read More

Some financial support is available
Coombs Daniel Cell Signaling and Infectious and Immune Diseases, Mathematics, Epidemiology, Mathematical biology, Cell biophysics, Immune cell signalling, Disease models Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Coops Nicholas Charles Telemetry (Remote Sensing, Radar), Space Techniques, Forestry Technology and Equipment, Plants and Forests Any time / year round

Application of remote sensing technologies to forest productivity and conservation issues

Cox Susan Applied Ethics, Interpersonal Communication, Community Health / Public Health, Genetics and Ethics, Learning and Development Approaches, Health Promotion, narratives of health and illness, grief, loss, death and dying, research ethics/ethics in research, arts and health education, arts and healing, arts-based approaches to research Any time / year round

arts and health
narratives of health and illness, grief, loss, death and dying
research ethics/ethics in research, experiences of research participants

Some financial support is available
Cox Daniel Emotional disclosure, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Interpersonal relationships, Military veterans, Psychotherapy/Counseling process & outcome, Career decision making, Quantitative research methods Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Cripton Peter Trauma / Injuries, Cranio-Encephalic and Spinal Cord Trauma, Mechanical Systems, spinal cord injury, neurotrauma, traumatic brain injury, biomechanics, injury prevention, hip fracture, spine biomechanics 2018 Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Cui Wei Taxation, Law, Social Organization and Political Systems, tax and development, law and development, tax policy, Chinese legislative system, Chinese administrative law, Law and economics Any time / year round

Research in Chinese law that focuses on the legislative and executive branches;
Tax policy, especially in the areas of international taxation, VAT, and tax administration
Taxation in developing countries (but not international taxation)

Curat Herve Artistic and Literary Analysis Models, Fundamental Properties of Language, Semantics, Formalism, Syntax, Stylistics, Grammar, Morphology, Grammatical semantics of modern French, linguistic analysis of texts, structural analysis, Claude Levi-Strauss, Jean de La Fontaine, native mythology of the Americas Any time / year round, 2017, 2019
Currie Leanne Nursing, Software Development, Decision Making, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Technologies, Biomedical and Health Informatics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Human Computer Interaction and Design 2019, 2020 Some financial support is available
Daley Denise Complex Trait Genetics, Genetic Diseases, Asthma, Susceptibility Genes, Genetics of Aging, genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics, epigenetics, gene-gene and gene-environment interactions Any time / year round

Genetics and epigenetics of common complex diseases including peanut allergy, food allergy, asthma, atopy, healthy aging, aortic valve stenosis. Longitudinal analyses of childhood birth cohorts. The lab is currently initiating several targeted whole genome bisulfate sequencing projects and we plan on integrating data from a variety of omics approaches. We are also developing genetic risk... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Daugaard Mads Cell Signaling and Cancer, Cancer Diagnosis and Detection, Stress and Cancer, Immunotherapy, Cell Therapy of Cancer, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cancer biology, Glycobiology, DNA damage response pathways, Cancer therapy, Cancer diagnostics, Stress signalling in cancer, Immunotherapy 2018

Drug-induced DNA damage
Circulating tumor cells

Davies Hugh William Occupational Health, Noise and Chrnoic Disease Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Dawes Martin Applied Genetics, pharmacogenetics, primary care, chronic disease, Machine learning 2018

Primary care pharmacogenetics

Some financial support is available
De Angelis Franco Ancient Greek world history, environment, urbanism, developmnet of societies, colonization, economics, ancient literature Any time / year round
De Longis Anita Social Determinants of Health, Health psychology, stress, coping, social support, couples, marriage, families, chronic illness 2018, 2019, 2020

Coping with chronic illness; family and marital stress

Some financial support is available
Devlin Angela obesity, children, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, developmental programming Any time / year round Applicants need to be self-funded
Diamond Adele executive functions , prefrontal cortex, dopamine, working memory, self-control, self-regulation, cognition, COMT gene, sex differences, stress, ACEs, resilience, social determinants of health, ADHD, depression, PTSD, physical activity, the arts, mindfulness 2018, 2019, 2020

In traumatized youth, can prefrontal cortex communication with the amygdala be restored by a stress-reduction program (e.g., Niroga’s yoga-based mindfulness program)?

Are the benefits of music for improving executive functions (EFs), mood, and quality of life greater when the experience of listening to the music is socially shared?

Can the benefits of listening to the spoken word... Read More

Applicants need to be self-funded