Research Projects

Below is a sample of research projects that you can consider as part of your graduate degree program. Please ensure to review the departmental websites of all potential faculty members by using the supervisor search.

Last namesort descending First name Research Interest Desired start dates: Project areas Financial support options:
Ramana M. V. nuclear energy, nuclear disarmament, arms control, nuclear policy, risk of nuclear accidents 2018, 2019, 2020

political economy of nuclear energy
risk of accidental or inadvertent nuclear war
nuclear energy in developing countries
new nuclear reactor designs
international treaties promoting nuclear disarmament
fissile materials in India and Pakistan

Some financial support is available
Richardson John ecology, freshwater biology, food webs, streams Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Richman Joy Marion Developmental biology, craniofacial development, Evo-Devo, reptilian tooth development, chicken embryo limb development, orofacial clefting 2017, 2018, 2019

The role of non-canonical WNT signaling in facial and limb development in the chicken embryo
Rare diseases - validation of disease-causing human variants in animal models
The molecular basis of the ever-renewing reptilian dentition using the gecko model

Applicants need to be self-funded
Rideout Elizabeth Sex differences, Metabolism, Cell Signaling Pathways, Development, Lifespan and Aging, Stress Responses, Drosophila melanogaster 2017, 2018 Some financial support is available
Rieseberg Loren plant evolutionary biology, adaptation, speciation, crops, weeds, invasive plants Any time / year round

Adaptation, Speciation, Evolution of Crops and Weeds, Bioinformatics

Applicants need to be self-funded
Ripeanu Matei Distributed Systems, High Performance Computing, Storage Systems, Data Analytics , Graph Analytics , Social Networks 2018, 2019, 2020 Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Robinson Wendy Genetics, Development, Epigenetics, miRNA, Preterm Birth, Placenta, Mosaicism, Fetal Growth, DNA methylation, Sex differences 2018

Sex differences in placental and fetal development Role of small non-coding RNAs in placental and fetal development Epigenetic tools for improved diagnosis in the prenatal and neonatal periods.

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Rodrigues Brian Cardiovascular metabolism, Diabetes, Endothelial cell - cardiomyocyte crosstalk Any time / year round, 2018

The objective of our study is to examine the biology of LPL during diabetes. To do this, we will use models of diabetes and various cellular approaches. Given the disturbing news that diabetes is rampant across the globe, and that its incidence will double in Canada by 2016, results from these studies will help in gaining more insight into the mechanism(s) by which cardiac LPL is regulated.... Read More

Some financial support is available
Rogers Theresa Education, Literacy, Youth Studies, Children's and Adolescent Literature, Digital Literacies 2018

Youth Literacies

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Ross E. Wayne Curriculum Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Social Studies Education, Social Justice in Education 2018
Rottler Joerg Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Soft Matter Any time / year round
Rubin Julia security and privacy in mobile applications, energy-efficiency in mobile and cloud software, compositional and collaborative software development Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Russell Kelly volcanology, rheology, geochemical thermodynamics Any time / year round

1) Glaciovolcanism as a tool for paleo-environmental reconstruction.
2) The rheology of natural melts and magmas.
3) The nature of the mantle lithosphere beneath the B.C. cordillera.

Some financial support is available
Samuels Anne Lacey plant cell biology, plant cell walls 2018
Scott Alexander musculoskeletal, sports medicine, physiotherapy, physical therapy, orthopaedics 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Development and execution of clinical studies; tendinopathy

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Scott Douglas Cosmology Any time / year round

A wide range of topics within observational and theoretical cosmology

Some financial support is available
Seidel Marc-David Organizational Theory, Distributed Trust Technologies (Blockchain, etc.), Early life factors role in later life workplace outcomes, Social networks and organizational decision making, Discrimination and networks in the employment relationship Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Semenoff Gordon Walter Theoretical and mathematical physics, the physics of elementary particles, condensed matter physics, String theory, quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, Moedal experiment, Large Hadron Collider, CERN Any time / year round

String theory, quantum field theory

Some financial support is available
Silberman Lior Metric geometry, Number theory, Automorphic forms, Analysis on manifolds, Topology of symmetric spaces, Homogenous dynamics, Representation Theory 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Mathematics, almost any field

Simpson Elizabeth Gene therapy for brain and eye diseases, In vivo gene augmentation and genome editing (CRISPR/CAS9), CRISpies (CRISPR therapies), Aniridia, Rare diseases, Congenital blindness, MiniPromoters for restricted expression Any time / year round

Please visit my laboratory research page at:

Applicants need to be self-funded
Song Weihong Down Syndrome, Mental Health 2018, 2019, 2020

Alzheimer's disease; Down syndrome; neuropsychiatric disorders; Neurogenesis.

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Stacey Jocelyn Environmental Law, Public Law, Regulatory and Legal Theory 2017, 2018
Stefanska Barbara Epigenetics, Cancer epigenetics, Nutritional epigenomics Any time / year round

Epigenetics refers to the molecular events controlling gene expression that are independent of changes in the underlying DNA sequence. These events include DNA methylation, covalent histone modifications, and non-coding RNA-related mechanisms. Epigenetic modifications of DNA, namely DNA methylation, have been shown to contribute to the etiology of chronic diseases with cancer at the forefront... Read More

Stephens Christopher philosophy of biology, philosophy of science, rationality, Why be rational?, scientific philosophy Any time / year round

philosophical debates about evolutionary biology, topics in philosophy of science concerning the nature of evidence, the nature and justification of rationality. Evolutionary approaches to philosophical topics.

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Strike Vanessa Family Business, Governance, Entrepreneurship, Advising, Sensemaking Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Taghipour Fariborz Solar Fuels, Artificial Photosynthetic Systems, UV Photoreactors, UV-LED Reactors, UV Microplasma, Modeling of Chemical and Biochemical Reactors, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 2017, 2018

Artificial Photosynthetic Systems: Artificial photosynthesis involves capturing energy from the sun and storing it in the form of chemical fuels. The focus of this research is to create engineered solar fuel generators for the photocatalytic production of hydrogen, a leading candidate for the fuel of the future. Our team develops photoelectrochemical cells and multifunctional photocatalysts... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Taubert Stefan Transcription, Gene regulation, C. elegans, Metabolism, Aging, Stress responses , Molecular Genetics, Mouse 2018, 2019, 2020

My lab is interested in gene regulation by the so-called Mediator complex, an essential eukaryotic transcriptional regulator that is mutated or deregulated in various human diseases (cancers, developmental disorders, etc). In particular, we study how Mediator and their associated transcriptional partners control (lipid) metabolism and stress responses (hypoxia, oxidative stress, starvation).... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Taylor Eric biodiversity, speciation, fishes, conservation, biogeography 2018

Genetics of speciation in sympatric char

Some financial support is available
Traboulsee Anthony multiple sclerosis, magnetic resonance imaging, neuromyelitls optica (NMO) Any time / year round

Image analysis

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Trajano Heather Biorefining, Biochemicals, Biomass extractives recovery and utilization, Catalysis, Hemicellulose, Pretreatment, Kinetics 2018, 2019 Some financial support is available
Turin Mark Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan, First Nations, Bella Bella, Heiltsuk, Indigeneity Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Turvey Stuart Microbiome cohort studies, Primary Immune Deficiencies Any time / year round

Genetics of Susceptibility to Childhood Infection

Until very recently, clinical immunologists have focused most attention on patients with a ‘noisy clinical phenotype’—multiple, severe and recurrent infections. Indeed, the origin of primary immunodeficiencies is generally attributed to Bruton’s 1952 description of X-linked agammaglobulinemia in a boy whose repeated pneumococcal... Read More

Some financial support is available
Van Petegem Filip Ion channels, electrical signaling, Cardiac arrhythmia, Epilepsy, Calcium signaling, Structural Biology, electrophysiology Any time / year round

1) Muscle excitation-contraction coupling:
How does an electrical signal in a muscle cell get transmitted into contraction? We investigate the membrane proteins involved in this process (L-type calcium channels, Ryanodine Receptors), as well as the various proteins that modulate these channels. Projects include solving crystal and cryo-EM structures of these channels in complex with... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Van Raamsdonk Catherine Human Cancer Genetics, Developmental Genetics, Mouse Genetics and Transgenesis, Mutation, Cell Migration, Melanocytes 2018, 2019

Identification and validation of somatic and germline mutations in human cancer. Cell migration in development and metastasis. Investigation of the developmental biology of neural crest lineages using transgenic mice. Culturing, FACS sorting, and transcriptome analysis of melanocytes from the skin, eyes, and metastatic sites. Testing therapeutics and signaling pathways for uveal melanoma.

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Vedam Saraswathi Home Birth, Place of Birth, Provider Attitudes, Respectful Maternity Care, Midwifery, Interprofessional relationships, Person-Centered Care, Patient Autonomy, Institutional Racism in Maternity Care, Maternal and Newborn Outcomes, Maternity care for diverse populations, Transdisciplinary engagement in health care 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Active analysis and knowledge translation projects: qualitative and quantitative data generated by participatory maternity care research: Changing Childbirth in BC, Giving Voice to Mothers - US, Access and Integration Maternity Care Mapping study (links between regulatory frameworks and disparities)

Some financial support is available
Vilarino-Guell Carles Multiple sclerosis, Neuromyelitis optica, Neurological disorders Any time / year round

- Study of the genetic factors contributing to the onset of familial multiple sclerosis and its clinical presentations.

- Biological and behavioral characterization of the first animal model of multiple sclerosis based on human etiology.

Wachs Anthony Fluid mechanics, Particle-laden flows, Non Newtonian flows, Heat and mass transfer, Numerical simulation, High performance computing, Multi-scale modelling Any time / year round

* Development of massively parallel codes for granular and particle-laden flow simulation
* Multi-scale modeling of particle-laden flows
* Shape effect in granular and particle-laden flows
* Heat and mass transfer in fluidized beds

Some financial support is available
Wang Fei Educational administration and leadership, social justice and diversity, comparative policy studies, the role of the school principals 2018

My research lies in the areas of educational leadership and administration, social justice and diversity, “subversive” leadership, leadership in cross-cultural settings, and educational policy studies. I explore how principals negotiate policies and practices that they consider socially unjust to students and how they “creatively” cope with conflicts between moral and ethical obligations and... Read More

Warfield Andrew Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Storage, Virtualization, Computer Security, Computer Networks 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Scalable computation, computational support for genomics and scientific processing, in-memory and nonvolatile data management.

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Wasteneys Geoff Plant Growth and Development, Microtubule Dynamics and Organization, Trafficking of Membrane Receptors and Transporters, Cellulose Biosynthesis, Plant Cell Walls in Cell Shape and Tissue Function 2017, 2018, 2019

1) The role of Microtubule-Associated Proteins in Microtubule Dynamics

2) Mechanisms of Cell Wall Construction and Modification in Plant Organ Morphogenesis

3) Microtubule-mediated turnover of membrane receptors and transporters

Applicants need to be self-funded
Webb P. Taylor Education policy and social theory, Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Neoliberalism, Governmentality, Micropolitics , Biopolitics, Subjectivity 2018

*Education policy, especially enactments and problematizations
*Governmentality studies in education, particularly micropolitics and subjectivities
*Methodological uses of 'fieldwork in philosophy' and post-qualitative approaches

Wellington Cheryl Lea Alzheimer's Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Tissue Engineering, Biomarkers, Drug Discovery, Apolipoprotein E, Cerebrovascular function Any time / year round

Relationship of biomechanics to pathology in TBI animal models
Translational biomarkers for TBI across clinical and animal specimens
ApoE modulators
Cerebrovascular contributions to Alzheimer's Disease pathogenesis
Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Whitehead Lorne Applied physics, especially novel geometrical approaches, Applied optics, Illuminating engineering and display technology Any time / year round
Whitton Jeannette Plant evolution, Plant systematics, Evolutionary ecology, Conservation policy, Species at risk 2018 Some financial support is available
Wilkinson David Electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, electrochemical power sources, advanced electrolysis, , hydrogen production and storage, waste water and drinking water treatment, solar fuels, carbon dioxide conversion, clean and sustainable energy and water 2017, 2018
Winstanley Catharine Behavioural neuroscience, Gambling disorder, Addiction, Decision making, Impulsivity, Traumatic brain injury 2018, 2019, 2020

Exploring the neural, neurochemical and molecular basis of impulsivity and risky decision making, particularly as these cognitive traits relate to addiction disorders. Most of the work we do uses rat models of cognitive behaviour, but we are starting to translate our findings into human subjects.

Some financial support is available
Wittman Hannah food sovereignty, sustainable agriculture, socio-ecological systems, agro-ecology 2019, 2020

policy reform for food sovereignty and agroecology; socio-ecology systems monitoring for diversified agriculture

Some financial support is available
Woody Sheila Hoarding 2018

The Centre for Collaborative Research on Hoarding, which I direct, has two lines of research that present opportunities for a postdoctoral fellow. One area of inquiry is in the cognitive underpinnings of hoarding disorder, and the other is on community-based interventions for hoarding.

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Wright Handel (post)multiculturalism and multicultural education, cultural studies, youth studies, Critical Race Theory, identity, citizenship and belonging, Africana studies, postcolonialism and decolonization Any time / year round

(post)multiculturalism; youth identity and belonging; cultural studies and education; Africana identity

Wylie Alison philosophy of social science, philosophy of the historial sciences, feminist philosophy, philosophy of archaeology, research ethics (non-medical) Any time / year round

Feminist standpoint theory; epistemic implications of community based collaborative practice (especially in archaeology); content effects of systemic inequities in the sciences.