Research Projects

Below is a sample of research projects that you can consider as part of your graduate degree program. Please ensure to review the departmental websites of all potential faculty members by using the supervisor search.

Last namesort descending First name Research Interest Desired start dates: Project areas Financial support options:
Hall Kathleen Laboratory Phonology Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Hallensleben Markus German Language Cultures and Literatures, Transnational Literatures, Visual Arts and Literature, European Studies, Literature and Sciences Any time / year round

Images of the Body, Gender, Race, Ethnicity; diversity and super-diversity; transitional spaces; art and bioart performances; biopolitics; sociographic approaches to literatures

Some financial support is available
Hamlin Kiley Infant moral cognition, infant social cognition Any time / year round, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Our work focuses on the early development of moral cognition and action in infancy.

Some financial support is available
Han Hsiao-Cheng Art Education Research, Artistic and Aesthetic Development, Arts Education, Cross Cultural Research, Cross-Cultural Education, Cultural Studies, Curriculum Studies Research, Educational Technologies, Media, Semiotics, Multiculturalism, Non-Formal Learning, Pedagogy, Subcultures Any time / year round
Hansson Gunnar harmony systems, phonological typology, morphology-phonology interface, language change, Icelandic Any time / year round
Hardisty David consumer behaviour, sustainability, energy efficiency, decisions about the future, product attribute framing Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Harley Christopher community ecology, climate change, marine invertebrates, marine algae 2019, 2020 Some financial support is available
Harris Douglas property law , condominium law, legal history Any time / year round
Harris Leila water politics, water governance, Environmental justice, gender and social difference, equity and social justice, participatory resource management, Turkey and Middle East, Africa , Ghana, South Africa 2018, 2020

Please see and for ongoing research efforts. There are currently funded research opportunities with the project on Indigenous water governance issues (in Canada and elsewhere) and there may be upcoming support for analysis of non material dimensions... Read More

Some financial support is available
Hassan Marwan Fluvial Geomorphology, Sediment transport, Channel Stability, Landscape evolution, Surface hydrology 2018, 2019, 2020 Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Hauert Christoph evolution, game theory, social dilemmas, dynamical systems, stochastic processes Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Hayden Michael Huntington disease, Disease progression, Diabetes Any time / year round

Hayden Lab Research Projects
Huntington Disease (HD) is a devastating incurable neurodegenerative disease that affects about 5,000 Canadians. Inheriting a single mutant copy of the Huntingtin (HTT) gene from either parent is sufficient to cause HD. The mutated HTT gene codes for production of the toxic, mutant huntingtin protein (mHTT) that is responsible for killing brain cells in HD.... Read More

Some financial support is available
Heckman Nancy functional data analysis, smoothing, splines Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Henry Gregory H tundra ecosystems, experimental climate change, plant-animal interactions, Arctic environments, vegetation change, plant traits 2018, 2019

1. Synthesis of tundra plant community changes to nearly 30 years of experimental warming using plant traits. PhD or postdoctoral study to involve 2-3 years of fieldwork and working with long-term data sets from an experimental study established in the Canadian High Arctic in 1992.

2. Ecological relaxation response of tundra after 30 years of experimental warming. PhD or postdoctoral... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Herdman Anthony Neuroimaging Methods (EEG/MEG), Central auditory processing, Auditory and visual perecptions related to reading acquisition (1st and 2nd languages), Brain computer interface 2018, 2019 Some financial support is available
Heyl Jeremy Astrophysics, Stellar Physics, Quantum-Field Theory Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Hiebert Daniel Joseph immigration, diversity, national security 2017

Immigration, diversity, and changing cities; Diversity, human rights, and national security

Hirsh Elizabeth Inequality, Gender and Race Discrimination, Work Organizations, Law Any time / year round

- Analzying the impact of diversity policies on gender and race workplace diversity
- Case studies of employment discrimination and human rights complaints

Some financial support is available
Hirst Martin Epigenomics Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Hodges Nicola action anticipation, coaching, sport Any time / year round

action observation and prediction
observational learning
perceptual motor skills and their development
optimizing practice conditions

Some financial support is available
Hohl Corinne Patient Safety, Medication Safety, Adverse Drug Events, Drug Safety and Effectiveness, Health Information Technology, Clinical Decision Making, Health Services Research, Adverse Event Reporting 2019, 2020

My research group is working with Ministry to develop, implement and evaluate a new provincial medication safety information technology we have developed. This work will provide multiple opportunities for graduate students to be involved in. With the implementation of this technology more robust data will become available on adverse drug events experienced by patients. Future projects include... Read More

Some financial support is available
Holmes Reid computer science, software engineering, software testing, software quality, open source software, software development tools, software comprehension, static analysis Any time / year round
Holsti Liisa premature infants, neurodevelopment, stress, pain , measurement, technology transfer, sucrose, rehabilitation, pediatrics Any time / year round

neonatology, pediatrics, occupational therapy, measurement, rehabilitation

Applicants need to be self-funded
Hoodless Pamela Embryology, Transcriptional regulation, Epigenetics, Heart valve formation, Liver development 2018, 2019 Some financial support is available
Hoppmann Christiane Health and well-being across the adult lifespan and into old age, individual differences in goals Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Howe LeAnn gene regulation, epigenetics, chromatin Any time / year round

inheritance of gene expression states, maintenance of genome stability

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Hu Alan formal verification, formal methods, model checking, software analysis, post-silicon validation, security, nonce to detect automated mining of profiles Any time / year round Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Hudson Nicholas James social class, studies of race, studies of language, literature and history Any time / year round
Hunt Michael Anthony biomechanics, rehabilitation, musculoskeletal, physical activity, exercise Any time / year round
Illes Judy Biomedical Ethics, Aging and dementia, Neurodevelopmental disorders, Brain Injury, Stem Cells, Neurotechnology, Neuroethics Any time / year round

I am open to inspiring and supporting research in any area at the intersection of biomedicine, neuroscience, and ethics.

Some financial support is available
Innes John Forestry Any time / year round Applicants need to be self-funded
Irwin Rita education, arts education, arts based research, a/r/tography Any time / year round

arts education; artists-in-residence experiences; cosmopolitanism; identity; a/r/tography; international education; arts based research

Irwin Darren speciation, hybridization, ornithology, seasonal migration Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Ishiguro Laura British Columbia, Canada, and the British Empire, settler colonialism, migration, family, gender, histories of the everyday Any time / year round

I supervise graduate students working on a range of topics, including related to the history of British Columbia or Canada, settler colonialism and empire, gender, race, and/or migration.

Iurascu Ilinca 19th c. German and comparative literature, media theory, material culture studies, film studies, critical theory Any time / year round

media theory; Frankfurt School; film history; history of the book; German cultural studies

Jacobs Alan Michael political economy, public policy, public opinion, economic inequality, research methodology 2018, 2019, 2020 Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Jan Eric Virology, Virus, Antiviral innate immunity, translation, Protein synthesis, RNA, RNA structure function, tRNA, ribosome, RNA virus, protease, molecular biology, picornavirus Any time / year round, 2018, 2019, 2020

Projects include
- elucidating virus host interactions such as antiviral innate immunity and viral proteins that modulate cellular processes
- identifying host protein substrates by viral proteinases
- non-canonical protein synthesis mechanisms used by viruses and cellular mRNAs

Approaches include biochemical, molecular and cell biology methods, proteomics and genome-... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Janssen Patricia maternal child health, health of marginalized women , mobile health for pregnancy and parenting 2018

management of early labour, prenatal education by texting and phone apps, fetal assessment in labour, diagnosis and management of dystocia, vaginal birth after cesarean, comparison of perinatal outcomes among care providers, surveillance of maternal homicide, health outcomes of incarcerated women, evaluation of fetal growth.

Some financial support is available
Jean Francois Molecular virology, Host-virus interactions, Cellular proprotein convertases, Emerging human viruses, Mosquito-borne viruses, Dengue virus, Zika virus, West Nile virus, Influenza A virus, Antiviral agents, Natural products as antiviral agents, Broad-based antiviral therapeutics, Lipid-modulating drugs, Human microRNAs, Therapeutic microRNA, Viral and cellular biomarkers, Molecular diagnostics for detecting viral infection, Circulating exosomes, Exosomal microRNAs 2018

1. Discovering circulating microRNAs as novel biomarkers for severe human diseases
2. Developing broad-spectrum therapeutic microRNAs for human viral diseases
3. Developing a new mass spectrometry (MS)-based technology for detecting and quantifying mosquito-borne flaviviruses
4. Discovering novel broad-spectrum antiviral agents from natural product libraries

Applicants need to be self-funded
Jelovica Jasmin Sandwich structures, Finite element analysis, Structural optimization, Welding and joining of metals, Ultimate, fatigue and impact strength Any time / year round

Welding is the main form of joining metals in various industries. The joints unfortunately suffer from lower mechanical properties than the base material, which can cause premature failure with disastrous consequences. Improved welding technologies are created that reduce imperfections as well as better simulation techniques that can predict mechanical properties with good level of confidence... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Jenstad Lorienne hearing aids, aging, audiology, hearing health, amplification Any time / year round

New ways of assessing hearing aid outcomes; encouraging older adults to seek and use hearing health care services; acoustic and behavioural assessment of hearing aid processing.

Some financial support is available
Jeong Gyung-Ho US politics, Congress, Legislative Politics, Foreign Policy, Trade Policy, Immigration Policy, Public Choice Any time / year round
Jetter Reinhard Analytical Chemistry, Plant Ecophysiology, Plant Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Biological Chemistry Any time / year round Some financial support is available
Jiang Xiaoyan Basic and translational leukemia research, Leukemic stem cell biology , Gene regulation , Drug resistance , Proteomics Any time / year round

The overall goal of my research program is to understand the molecular mechanisms and cellular functions of specific oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, miRNAs and their target genes in the regulation of the properties of cancer/leukemic stem cells, signal transduction events, initiation and progression of human leukemia and drug resistance. The ultimate objective is to identify molecules and... Read More

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Jin Xiao Liang Manufacturing Processes for Advanced Materials, Vibration Assisted Machining, Machining Mechanics and Dynamics, Surface Integrity, Material Characterization 2018, 2019, 2020

Surface integrity in vibration assisted machining process.
Surface texturing process.
Chip formation stability in high-speed machining process.

Outstanding candidates can expect a full funding package offer
Joe Harry Sue Wah dependence modelling, copula construction, non-normal time series, extreme value inference, parsimonous high-dimensional dependence 2018 Some financial support is available
Johnson Pauline Immunology, Inflammation, Immune-cancer interactions, Innate immunity, Macrophages and myeloid cells Any time / year round Applicants need to be self-funded
Johnson Mark Ecohydrology, Carbon cycle, Land use, Water and Sustainability, Biogeochemistry, Data Science 2018
Jones Steven J Bioinformatics, genome science, mutations, cancer progression Any time / year round

Cancer Genomics

Some financial support is available
Kalia Sunil optics, photobiology, dermatoepidemiology, cancer Any time / year round

Dermatoepidemiology; Examining the epidemiology of skin cancer in the general population and identifying high risk population groups Skin cancer prevention; Using national surveys conducted by Statistics Canada, I have examined skin cancer prevention behaviours practiced by Canadians; Spectoscopy; Using imaging to differentiate skin cancer from benign lesions. Photobiology to study properties... Read More

Some financial support is available