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Each year graduate students are encouraged to give kudos to their supervisors through social media and our website as part of #GreatSupervisorWeek. Below are students who mentioned this supervisor since the initiative was started in 2017.


I owe sincere gratitude to my amazing supervisor Dr. Denise Laronde for her continuous support, encouragement, and the long, late nights she puts into helping her students. She is the perfect combination of supervisor, mentor, and friend.  Not only does she support her own students, but has been known to offer advice, support and encouragement to other grad students who seek her out.  She leads with a collaborative approach, versus a "top down" approach.  To quote another grad student in our faculty, "She is a great leader, because she is not afraid to create new leaders."  This is truly a meritorious and extraordinary quality. 

Leigha Rock (2017)



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