BC Cancer provides a comprehensive cancer control program for the people of BC in partnership with regional health authorities.


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Ansari Dezfouli, Ehsan Postdoctoral Fellow Clinical medicine; Lipid nanoparticles and nucleic acid delivery; Cancer vaccine and drug development; Targeting delivery and organ-specific; CAR T-cell therapy; Cancer therapy and infectious diseases
Delaidelli, Alberto Postdoctoral Fellow Medical, health and life sciences; pediatric cancer; Brain tumors; Neurodegenerative diseases
Gerrie, Alina Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Clinical medicine; Lymphoid Cancer; Leukemia; genomics; Population-based outcomes; Cellular therapy; Quality of life; Survivorship
Hassan, Eman Faculty (non-G+PS member) Population health interventions; Access and quality of palliative and end of life care; Quality of end of life; Population health outcomes
Hoodless, Pamela Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Computational cell biology; Cancer; Genomics; Medical and biomedical engineering; Nucleic acids studies; Developmental Genetics; Embryology; Embryonic Development; Epigenetics; Heart Valve / Valvular Diseases; Heart valve formation; Liver; Liver development; Stem Cells and Organogenesis; transcriptional regulation
Karsan, Aly Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Hematological tumours; Cancer molecular targets; Leukemia; Hematopoiesis; Genomics and epigenomics; Noncoding RNAs; Aging
Laronde, Denise Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Cancer; oral cancer screening; malignant transformation; early detection; oral premalignant lesions
Lau, Joseph Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Cancer drug development and therapeutics; Nuclear medicine; Cancer; Radiopharmaceuticals; Imaging; Radiotherapy
Lockwood, William Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Cancer progression and metastasis; Cancer drug development and therapeutics; Mechanisms of carcinogenesis; Cancer; drug discovery; Genetics; genomics; Immune response; Lung cancer; Oncogene signaling; Proteomics; Mouse models
Morin, Gregg Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Basic medicine and life sciences; Proteomics; mass spectrometry; RNA processing; Ribonucleoproteins; Splicing; Cancer; RNA sequencing
Park, Yongjin Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Other basic medicine and life sciences; High dimensional data analysis; Biostatistical methods; Bioinformatics; single-cell genomics; Computational Biology; Causal inference; Bayesian machine learning
Segat, Gabriela Postdoctoral Fellow Mechanisms of carcinogenesis; Cancer drug development and therapeutics; Basic pharmacology; Applied immunology (including antibody engineering, xenotransplantation and t-cell therapies); Hematology; oncology; Inflammation; Epigenetics
Venturutti, Leandro Faculty (non-G+PS member)
Wyatt, Alexander Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Medical, health and life sciences; Prostate Cancer; Circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA); Bladder cancer; Precision oncology; Clinical trials; Bioinformatics; Cancer Genomics; Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA); Correlative science; Liquid biopsy