Student Responsibilities

All work submitted by students (including, without limitation, essays, dissertations, theses, examinations, tests, reports, presentations, problem sets, and tutorial assignments) may be subjected to review by the University for authenticity and originality. The University may use software tools and third party services including Internet-based services such as Turnitin. By submitting work, you consent to your work undergoing such review and being retained in a database for comparison with other work submitted by students. Please see the Policies and Procedures section of our website for details.

Student Declaration

The agreement between you and the University. read more

Academic Honesty & Standards

Being part of an academic community requires you to adhere to specific standards. read more

Continuous Registration

Requirements for being registered as a student at UBC during your program. read more

Intellectual Property

Information about copyright and intellectual property of scholarly material created at UBC. read more

For a complete list of policies relating to graduate students, please see the Policies and Procedures section of this web site.