Craniofacial Science

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Aleksejuniene, Jolanta Theory-based behavioural management, Evidence-based Practice, Caries risk assessment, ePortfolio learning, Oral Epidemiology
Almeida, Fernanda Obstructive sleep apnea, dental sleep medicine
Bromme, Dieter Lysosomal proteases, centre for blood research
Brondani, Mario Dental Public Health , Health Policy, Dental Education, Dental Geriatrics , Access to care
Bryant, S Prosthodontics, Geriatrics, Patient-based assessments, Oral implants, Jawbone densitometry
Coil, Jeffrey Martin Pulp Biology, Endodontic Materials
Diewert, Virginia Prenatal craniofacial growth and development, cleft lip and cleft palate
Haapasalo, Markus Novel strategies to eradicate oral biofilms
Hakkinen, Lari Wound healing, Tissue regeneration, Fibroblasts, MSC, Extracellular matrix, Cell to cell communication, Oral mucosa and skin
Larjava, Hannu Wound healing
Laronde, Denise Oral cancer screening; risk prediction; access to care for oral health services; head and neck survivorship
MacDonald, David Systematic review, Diagnostic radiology, particularly of the Hong Kong Chinese
Macdougall, Mary molecular mechanisms associated with epithelial mesenchymal interactions, identification of critical signaling pathways, matrix formation and biomineralization
Marins de Carvalho, Ricardo Longevity of resin composite restorations
Matthew, Ian Dental Education, biomaterials; implantology
Nguyen, Caroline Cancer patient treatment and rehabilitation outcomes; oral side effects of treatments and medications in cancer patients and the elderly
Overall, Christopher Mark Blood research, antiviral immunity
Pliska, Benjamin Facial growth and development, sleep medicine
Poh, Catherine Optical Techniques and oral precancer management
Putnins, Edward Chronic mucosal inflammation, Monoamine oxidase Inhibitor development as anti-inflammatories
Richman, Joy Marion Developmental biology, craniofacial development, Evo-Devo, reptilian tooth development, chicken embryo limb development, orofacial clefting
Roberts, Clive Extracellular matrix remodelling and cell biology in inflammation, fibrosis, and wound healing
Ruse, N Dorin dental materials, adhesion, biocompatibility, amalgam, mercury, dental composites, Engineering, biomaterials, fracture mechanics, fatigue
Shah, Ravindra Oral history and embryology, cell and developmental biology, signal transduction, gene expression
Shuler, Charles Oral cancer and gene therapy
Sweet, David response capacity to man-made or natural disasters, forensic analysis methods, use of dental characteristics
von Bergmann, HsingChi Assessment, PBL, Teacher Beliefs & Identity, Opportunity to Learn, HPS
Wyatt, Christopher Dental disease prevention, oral health promotion
Yen, Edwin H Cellular and tissue response to orthodontic force systems
Zhang, Lewei Genetics