Application Advice

Canadian Immigration Updates

Applicants to master’s and doctoral degrees are not affected by the recently announced cap on study permits. Review more details

How to find a program, supervisor and application information

Our website has all of the information you need to apply to graduate school at UBC. In these videos we provide guidance on searching and navigating the site to find what you need. These videos will show you how to search for programs and supervisors and find key information for your program of interest.

General Application

In these videos’ faculty members from across UBC provide some general advice on approaching the grad school application process. Although they have a research-based program focus these videos are full of useful insights and advice no matter which program you’re applying to. 

Read tips on applying, reference letters, statement of interest, reaching out to prospective supervisors, interviews and more in our Application Guide!

What to consider when thinking about grad school

Deciding to go to grad school is a big decision. In these videos’ faculty members detail some of the key considerations you should make if you are thinking about studying at the graduate level. 

Statement of interest

The statement of interest is a key part of the grad school application process. It’s your chance to write directly to the admissions committee for your chosen program. In these videos you'll hear faculty members talk about what they consider to be a strong statement of interest. They also provide some useful tips on making your statement as strong as possible. 

Reaching out to supervisors

Reaching out to a supervisor is an essential step in many grad school applications for research-based programs. In these videos, we hear from four UBC faculty members on what makes them stop and consider someone who has contacted them. They also have lots of great advice on what they look for, as well as how to go about reaching out to a prospective supervisor.

Making the most of the grad school experience

Grad school is a unique opportunity. In these videos, we hear from four UBC faculty members on making the most of the grad school experience and how to be successful in your studies.


Strong references are an essential part of the grad school application. Here UBC faculty members highlight the importance they place on references and advise on how you can identify and approach referees.

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