Michael Anglesio

Assistant Professor

Research Classification

Cancer of the Reproductive System
Host-Tumour Interaction
Cancer Diagnosis and Detection

Research Interests

endometriosis associated cancers
gene-expression and transcriptomics
Cancer prevention
ovarian cancer etiology
early detection biomarkers
animal models of endometriosis and cancer

Relevant Degree Programs


Research Methodology

molecular biology
Animal models
Next generation sequencing
laser capture microdissection
in vitro models of cancer


Master's students
Doctoral students
Postdoctoral Fellows
Applicants need to be self-funded
Any time / year round

1. Clinical and Genomic Determinants of Early Metastasis in Synchronous Endometrial and Ovarian Cancers (MSc or PhD)
2. Development of Pre-Cancerous Mouse Models of Endometriosis (Post doc or PhD candidate with prior MSc/model experience)

I support public scholarship, e.g. through the Public Scholars Initiative, and am available to supervise students and Postdocs interested in collaborating with external partners as part of their research.
I am open to hosting Visiting International Research Students (non-degree, up to 12 months).
I am interested in hiring Co-op students for research placements.



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