Women's Health Research Institute

The Women's Health Research Institute is devoted to improving the health and health care of girls and women through knowledge generation, serving as a catalyst for research in women’s health and supporting an expanding provincial and national network of women’s health researchers, policy makers and healthcare providers. 


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Brotto, Lori Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Sexual Dysfunctions; sexual dysfunction; mindfulness; sexual desire
Conklin, Annalijn Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chronic Diseases in Elderly; Gender Epidemiology; Health Policies; Professional Practices; Obesity; Social Determinants of Dietary and Metabolic Disorders; Community Health / Public Health; healthy ageing; social nutritional epidemiology; obesity & CVD risk factors; food and nutrition policy; Indigenous health; gender and health equity; healthcare quality improvement; disease management evaluation
Dosso, Jill Postdoctoral Fellow Quality of Life and Aging; Intergenerational Relations; Loss of Independence; Social Aspects of Aging; Cognitive Development; Cognitive Development in Children; Infant / Child Development; Social Determinants of Child and Youth Development; Social Determinants of Health; Health Care Technologies; Health Policies; Telemedicine; Alzheimer's Disease; Anxiety; Cognition; Dementia; Mental Health and Society; Community Health / Public Health; Ethics and Health; Lifestyle Determinants and Health; Technological Innovations; Social, Economical and Political Impacts of Innovations; Robotics and Automation; social robotics; patient experience
Elliott, Alison Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Other health sciences; rare disease; genomics; Congenital Malformations; Skeletal and limb anomalies; Genetic Counselling; Health services implementation science
Lambert, Leah Postdoctoral Fellow Breast Cancer; Nursing; Health Information Systems; Health Care Organization; Health services and policy research; Patient-Reported Outcomes; Models of Care; Transitions in Care
Munro, Sarah Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Participatory research; Health Care Technologies; Community Health / Public Health; Health Promotion; Health Policies; Health Care Organization; Social Determinants of Health; Family Planning; Perinatal Period; Birth Control; Breast Feeding and Infant Nutrition; Knowledge translation; Implementation Science; Shared decision making; Reproductive and maternal health; Family planning; Caesarean section
Ogilvie, Gina Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Sexually transmitted infections, human papillomavirus, HIV in women and care for marginalized populations
Ranger, Manon Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Neurodevelopment; Clinical nursing, secondary (acute care); neurodevelopment; Early-adversity; Biomarkers of early stress exposure; Brain development; pain; Prematurity
Sadarangani, Manish Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Microbiology; Bacteria; Immune System; Epidemiology; Vaccine Development; Bacterial Vaccines; Vaccine immunity; Childhood infections