Course Registration

Continuous registration

You must register when you begin your studies, and must remain continuously registered throughout until you have completed your degree.

If you are approved for a formal leave of absence, you do not need to register while you are on leave. You must register again when your leave is over.

If you fail to register for two consecutive terms, you may be required to withdraw from your program.

Continuous registration allows you to claim an education allowance from Revenue Canada. For information specifically for students, visit the Revenue Canada website "Topics for Students".

Adding and dropping courses,45,98,0

Except in special circumstances, a one-term course may be added to your program only within the first two weeks of the course, and a two-term course within the first three weeks of the course. If you drop a course within these periods, no record of registration in the course(s) will appear on your transcript.

If you want to add or drop a course outside of these time periods, you need to complete a Change of Registration form (Add/Drop form) and have it signed by the relevant course instructor and graduate program advisor, then submit the form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

You may withdraw from any course in which you are registered at any time up to the end of the sixth week of class for courses that span two terms. Withdrawals will be recorded on the transcript by a standing of W. W standings are not included in computing grade averages.