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Auditing means registering in a credit course without seeking a grade or credit for the course. Students usually audit courses for self-interest and academic exploration.

Student participation in courses is set by the course instructor. Auditors are expected to complete all course requirements except the final exam. If you successfully complete the course requirements for an audited course, your academic record will list "AUD" as the final grade.

If your performance is not satisfactory, you may be given Fail (F) standing. This mark will count toward your overall average.
If you wish to audit a course you must:

  1. Obtain the approval of your graduate program advisor.
  2. Register for the course using the Change of Registration form available below. Be sure to indicate AUDIT.
  3. Inform the instructor at the commencement of the course of your intention to audit it.

All changes between Audit and Credit standings must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies on the Change of Registration form by the appropriate course-specific deadline. 

Change of Registration form

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Requests for changes between Audit and Credit standings submitted after the appropriate deadline may be granted if accompanied by a compelling rationale endorsed by the course instructor and graduate advisor of your program.