Department of History

The History Department at the University of British Columbia is an intellectually vibrant centre of scholarship and teaching. We are one of five original departments in the Faculty of Arts that commenced offering undergraduate classes when the University of British Columbia accepted its first students in the fall of 1915. Our faculty have won national and international research fellowships and prizes. Our dedication to teaching has meant that History faculty have been frequent recipients of UBC Killam Teaching Awards.

Our faculty study and teach about the history of Canada, East Asia, Europe, the United States, Latin America, Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and the Near East as well as in the history of science. The History Department offers a complete range of degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Talented and motivated undergraduate students can join our two-year honours program which offers one of the best and most intensive programs of its kind. We offer graduate training in the history of all parts of the world from the medieval period to the present. The Department has special strengths in East Asian history and the history of science. Historians of indigenous history constitute a smaller contingent within the Department, but one that builds on a long and important UBC tradition. Environmental history is a fourth cluster of real significance.

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Booker, Courtney Early medieval europe, histiography, rhetoric, narrative, hermeneutics, literary and textual critcism, latin philology, codicology, transmission of texts, and intertextuality, drama and performativity, politcal theology and l'augustinisme politique, medievalism
Brain, Robert History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Modern European Cultural and Intellectual History
Bryce, Benjamin Historical studies; Argentina; Canada; Education; health; migration; Race and ethnicity; The Americas; Transnational history
Byrne, Jeffrey International history; Empires, decolonisation, & postcolonial history; Africa; Middle East; Revolution
Cheek, Timothy 20th century Chinese history, the history of the Chinese communist party, the role of intellectuals in public life in China
Christopoulos, John Historical studies; Early modern Europe; History of pre-modern medicine; Social and cultural history of early modern Italy
Crowston, Clare history of early modern France, history of labor, women and gender, material culture, economic exchange, and fashion
Dixon, Joy History of gender, sexuality, and the body, history of religion, history of the social and human sciences, history of empire
Ducharme, Michel Social Organization and Political Systems; Political Ideologies; Canadian History before Confederation; Quebec History; Liberalism and Nationalism in Canada and Quebec; Canada and the Atlantic World
Effros, Bonnie Humanities and the arts; History of archaeology; Antiquarianism and collecting in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; Late antique and early medieval history and archaeology; Gender history and archaeology
Glassheim, Eagle European history (except British, classical Greek and Roman); History of Central and Eastern Europe; Environmental History
Hanser, Jessica Early Modern Britain; Economic History; Great Divergence; Drugs in History; China and the West; Qing China; Slavery; British Empire; Microhistory; Global History
Ishiguro, Laura British Columbia, Canada, and the British Empire; settler colonialism; migration; family; gender; Publications
Kojevnikov, Alexei Modern history of science, especially physics, science, society,and culture, Russia and Soviet History, Nuclear History and the Cold War
Lee, Steven Hugh Cold war
Loo, Tina Environmental history of Canada
McCormick, Kelly Asian history; Visual theory, visual culture and visual literacy; Modern Japan; History of Visual and Material Culture/Photography; History of Technology; History of Gender and Sexuality
Menkis, Richard Canadian history; Historical memory; Jewish history; Holocaust studies
Miller, Bradley Historical studies; British Empire History; Canadian history; Criminal Justice History; International Law and International Relations; legal history; North American History; Political History
Morton, David urban Africa; architecture and planning in history; informal settlement, housing, and citizenship; Mozambique in the twentieth century; Portuguese colonialism
Murphy, Anne Asian history; Arts and Cultural Traditions; Religion; Literary or Artistic Work Analysis; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; cultural history; Early Modern Studies; Punjabi Studies; South Asian Studies
Myers, Tamara History of Children and Youth, Gender/Women’s History, History of Crime and Delinquency, History of Adolescence and the Family, Quebec/Canada
Paris, Leslie History of American childhood, History of American summer camps, Modern American social and cultural history, childhood and youth, gender and sexuality, popular culture
Raibmon, Paige first nations on the northwest coast, cultural representations, relocation of aboriginal peoples, environmental health on reserves, first nations history, Indigenous people and colonisation, life writing and life history
Roosa, John Historical studies; Social Organization and Political Systems; Human Rights and Liberties, Collective Rights; Foreign Affairs; History of Indonesia
Safieddine, Hicham Political economy and intellectual history (19th and 20th centuries), Political Economy of the Middle East, Modern Arab and Islamic Thought, Economic Thought and Theory, Global Financial Order, Currency Regimes, Private Banking, and Colonial Finance
Shin, Leo Later imperial China
Thrush, Coll Indigenous history; settler colonialism; Pacific history; Northwest Coast
Tworek, Heidi Historical studies; Europe; Germany; history of media and communications; international organizations; international relations; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies
Webster, Crystal African American history, History of early America, African American women & children, Criminalization & incarceration
Yin, Shoufu East Asian, Eurasian, and global histories from about the eleventh to the seventeenth centuries, Political, social, and intellectual cultures
Yu, Henry Asian migration to Canada, Chinese Canadian, Asian Canadian, Chinese in British Columbia, multiculturalism, racism, Asian American history, sports and race, Chinatown, Head Tax, United States, Global Vancouver, Trans-Pacific migration, American intellectual history, Asian Canadian and Asian American history, race and immigration, social science and social theory in US and Europe



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