School of Journalism, Writing, and Media

The School of Journalism, Writing, and Media (JWAM) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) is a new unit for innovative research, teaching, and practice in journalism and media, writing and communication, and knowledge production and mobilization. It brings together the graduate Master of Journalism program and the undergraduate Writing Studies program.

Our school is led by highly experienced and diverse, award-winning faculty who are known globally for their leadership and contribution to the fields of journalism, writing, and media studies. As an incubator for interdisciplinary research, teaching, and applied practice, our students gain a versatile, diverse and relevant set of skills, supporting them to succeed as journalists, writers, researchers, and media professionals at a time of significant shifts in communication, politics, and society. Our award-winning boutique graduate journalism program provides students with the professional training and academic grounding to help them succeed as a journalist in any medium.

Master's Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Graduate Degree Programs


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Al-Solaylee, Kamal Literary nonfiction, Race and representation, Migration studies
Callison, Candis changes to media practices and platforms, journalism ethics, the role of social movements in public discourse, and understanding how issues related to science and technology become meaningful for diverse publics.
Dadugblor, Stephen English language; Rhetoric; Digital media/social media; democratic deliberation; decoloniality; writing studies; African Studies
Hermida, Alfred Social sciences; Digital journalism; Media innovation; social media; Transformation of news; Misinformation
Klein, Peter Media Types (Radio, Television, Written Press, etc.); Video and New Media; Global Health and Emerging Diseases; Large International Projects; Media and Democratization; Global Journalism; Innovation in Journalism; Documentary Production; Investigative Reporting
Maraj, Louis Languages and literature; Philosophy; Rhetoric; Black Studies; digital media; Cultural Studies; media studies; Critical Pedagogies; Race and Racism
McGee, Alexis Languages and literature; Black Feminist Theory; African American language, literacies, and rhetorics; Rhetorical theory and composition pedagogy; Rhetorical History; Composition History; Sociolinguistics; Sound (voice)
Tenenboim, Ori
Young, Mary-Lynn Sociology of the media, gender, media economics, representations, online news, media and crime, Internet




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