School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

The newly established School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (the “Policy School”) at the University of British Columbia seeks to be an essential centre for innovation in global affairs and public policy. In the world today, we are witnessing the dramatic rise of emerging nations and a global rebalancing of power. This heightened level of complexity and interdependence has multiplied the global economic, environmental, and social challenges that we face. These challenges are so profound that they call for a new approach to policy, one that fosters interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration, creativity, and intercultural understanding.

The UBC Policy School will catalyze a network of accomplished scholars from across both campuses who will collaborate with students, community, government, business leaders, and civil society through research, teaching, and practice. The goal of the Policy School is to contribute to solving problems of local importance and global consequence at the nexus of governance and scholarship.

As a unit within the Faculty of Arts, the Policy School will evolve with a campus-wide mandate and build upon UBC’s strengths in the study of economic and development policy, Asia, global affairs, and sustainability, with many opportunities for growth.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Baines, Erin [field_researcher_interest]
Boyd, David Sustainable Development, Environmental Law and Policy, Human Rights and Environment, Rights of Nature, Environmental justice, Plastic Pollution
Cheek, Timothy [field_researcher_interest]
Dierkes, Julian Role of Governments and Institutions, Political Contexts, Social Contexts, Education Systems, Teaching and Learning Systems, Social Organization and Political Systems, Resources Management, Public Policy, digital diplomacy, policy communication, contemporary Japan, Mongolia, Japanese education, supplementary education, mining policy, Democratization
Evans, Paul [field_researcher_interest]
Hoberg, George [field_researcher_interest]
Hopewell, Kristen [field_researcher_interest]
Kandlikar, Milind Environment Management and Protection, Climate Changes and Impacts, Clean Technologies, Air Quality and Climate Change, Technological Risk, Technology and Development
Kunz, Nadja Decision Analysis, Mining engineering, Hydrology, water resources management, Environmental engineering, Systems engineering, Risk management
Le Billon, Philippe [field_researcher_interest]
Margulis, Matias International Organization, Globalization, Human Rights and Liberties, Collective Rights, Global Governance, International Political Economy, United Nations, World Trade Organization, Food and Agriculture, Human Rights
Ostwald, Kai [field_researcher_interest]
Park, Kyung Ae [field_researcher_interest]
Quayle, Moura Social Policies, Policies and Public Services, Knowledge Exchange and Strategic Design
Ramana, M. V. Energy Production, Nuclear and Fusion, nuclear energy, nuclear disarmament, arms control, nuclear policy, risk of nuclear accidents, political economy of energy
Ramankutty, Navin Environment and Society, Agriculture, Climate Changes and Impacts, Global food security, Sustainable agriculture, Climate impacts, Land use change
Shakya, Tsering [field_researcher_interest]
Shneiderman, Sara Intercultural and Ethnic Relationships, Political Culture, Society and Ideology, Local Cultures and Dynamics, Religion, Culture and Space, Ideological, Political, Economical and Social Environments of Social Transformations, Social Organization and Political Systems, International Development, Indigenous issues, Disaster response and preparedness
Sumaila, Ussif Rashid [field_researcher_interest]