School of Creative Writing

The school offers a student-focused program, we combine the best of traditional workshop and leading-edge pedagogy. Our literary cross-training offers opportunities in a broad range of genres including fiction, poetry, screenplay, podcasting, video game writing and graphic novel.

We strive to create a dynamic and inclusive environment that encourages artistic experimentation and community building. We’re extremely proud of the national and international literary achievements of our many graduates, as well as their generous contributions to the greater creative community.

Master's Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Belcourt, Billy-Ray Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry
French, Whitney memory, loss, technology, and nature
Hopkinson, Nalo Creative writing, n.e.c.; Humanities and the arts; Creative Writing: Speculative Ficton, Fantasy, Science Fiction, especially Other Voices
Irani, Anosh
Koncan, Frances
Leavitt, Sarah Autobiographical comics; Formal experimentation in comics; Comics pedagogy
Lee, Nancy Fiction; Creative Writing
Lyon, Annabel Novels, stories and news
Maillard, Keith Fiction, poetry
Marzano-Lesnevich, Alex Nonfiction
McGowan, Sharon Planning of film productions from concept to completion
Medved, Maureen Fiction, writing for screen
Nicholson, Cecily Languages and literature; Poetry
Ohlin, Alix Fiction; Screenwriting; Environmental writing
Pohl-Weary, Emily Fiction; Writing for Youth
Svendsen, Linda Script development; Novels, stories and news; Writing for Television; Fiction
Taylor, Timothy fiction and nonfiction


Anaisa Visser

Master of Fine Arts in Film Production and Creative Writing (MFA)

Brandi Bird

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (MFA)

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