Department of Geography

The Department of Geography at UBC is widely acknowledged as one of the leading departments in the world in terms of its research accomplishments. The scholarly interests of faculty members and graduate students encompass a wide range of subject areas, philosophical approaches, methods of analysis, and geographical locations.

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Bakker, Karen Jessica Political economy, political ecology, environmental studies, development studies, and resource and environmental management
Barnes, Trevor Vancouver
Daigle, Michelle
Dempsey, Jessica wrestle with the theoretical and historical-geographical complexities of environmental politics as it shapes and is shaped by the entanglement of state, economy, science, and culture
Donner, Simon Climate change science, Climate policy, Science communication, Coastal Ecosystems
Eaton, Brett Rivers and climate change, fish habitat, disturbances
Evenden, Matthew Dominic Environmental history and water history, with a regional specialization in Canada, particularly Alberta and British Columbia
Glassman, James Francis Development Geography, Third World Urbanization, Economic Geography, Political Economy, Political Geography, Southeast Asia, Pacific Rim
Gregory, Derek John Political Geography War in the miiddle east, bombing
Hassan, Marwan Fluvial Geomorphology, Sediment transport, Channel Stability, Landscape evolution, Surface hydrology
Henry, Gregory H tundra ecosystems, experimental climate change, plant-animal interactions, Arctic environments, vegetation change, plant traits
Hiebert, Daniel Joseph immigration, diversity, national security
Hunt, Sarah Indigenous and legal geographies; women, girls, and Two-Spirit people
Kim, Hun Kee urban planning, transnational finance and expertise, and globalized forms of governance in an ascendant and resurgent Asia
Klinkenberg, Brian Geographic Information Science, Environmental Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and Citizen Science Initiatives
Koppes, Michele climate change, glaciers, natural hazards, landscape change, polar regions, ice-ocean interactions
Kuus, Merje transnational regulatory practices in contemporary Europe, but the empirical focus undergirds a broader interest in knowledge and power, structure and agency, in bureaucratic and policy-making settings; political identity, subject-formation, and center-periphery relations, especially in contemporary Europe
Le Billon, Philippe Geography, politics, africa, environmental, human geography, development, security
McKendry, Ian Air pollution Climatology
Moore, Robert Daniel hydrology, hydroclimatology, stream temperature, fish habitat, forest hydrology, glacier hydrology, snow hydrology
Peck, Jamie Human geography, Economic geography, Political economy, Urban and regional studies, Labour studies
Pratt, Geraldine Feminist Geographies
Sundberg, Juanita Militarization and Everyday Life in the US-Mexico Borderlands, environmental dimensions of US's border security policies in the Mexican border
Williams, Jennifer ecological and evolutionary processes that shape population dynamics and species interactions, particularly in a spatial context; process-based understanding of the conservation and management of threatened and invasive species; spread of populations through fragmented landscapes and life history evolution of reproductive strategies under changing climates.
Wyly, Elvin gentrification, housing, the politics of data and quantitative methods


Dan Cohen

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography (PhD)
Nina Ebner

Nina Ebner

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography (PhD)