Department of Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies

The Graduate Program in Germanic Studies at UBC  integrates a large scope of thematic and theoretical research areas. Students in the M.A. and Ph.D. sections are guided by faculty whose teaching and research cover the full range of German literature and culture from medieval to the present. Course offerings comprise approaches from historical, cultural, media, performance and gender studies. The program’s structure encourages students to develop their individual focus of study and research. Several applicants, domestic and international, are admitted annually. Funding is available from UBC as well as external sources.

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Bowers, Katherine Arts, Literature and Subjectivity, Arts and Cultural Traditions, Arts and Technologies, Arts and Literary Policies, Russian literature, Russian culture, literary culture, genre, narrative, imagined geography, the novel, Dostoevsky, gothic literature
Frackman, Kyle Arts, Literature and Subjectivity, Arts and Literary Policies, Arts and Cultural Traditions, Arts and Technologies, Artistic and Literary Theories, Literary or Artistic Work Analysis, Social Determinants of Arts and Letters, Cultural Industries, Sexuality, Media Types (Radio, Television, Written Press, etc.), German studies, Gender Studies, sexuality studies, literature, film, East Germany, Scandinavia, affect, Media
Hallensleben, Markus Transcultural Studies, Artistic and Literary Theories, Literary or Artistic Works Analysis, Migrations, Populations, Cultural Exchanges, German Language Cultures and Literatures, Transnational Literatures, Visual Arts and Literature, European Studies, Literature and Sciences, Literature and Migration, Narratives of Belonging
Iurascu, Ilinca Arts and Technologies, Artistic and Literary Theories, Media and Society, Arts and Cultural Traditions, Theories and Philosophies, German literature, media theory, Cultural Studies, film studies, critical theory, visual studies, media archeology
Karwowska, Bozena [field_researcher_interest]
Malakaj, Ervin Artistic and Literary Analysis Models, Artistic and Literary Movements, Schools and Styles, Artistic and Literary Theories, Arts, Literature and Subjectivity, German studies, German Film Studies, German Media Studies, German Media History, Queer Theory and Queer Studies, Feminist and Queer Film Historiography, Critical Pedagogy
Pailer, Gaby [field_researcher_interest]
Rieger, Caroline [field_researcher_interest]
Winthrop-Young, Geoffrey [field_researcher_interest]