Department of Theatre & Film

Theatre and Film at UBC offers a comprehensive range of degrees in the study of Theatre and Film and includes the option to study in an interdisciplinary environment with Creative Writing and other university disciplines. Our objective is to develop students’ imaginative, technical, and intellectual skills equally as they prepare to embark on a career in theatre and related arts.

Our objective is to develop the student’s intellectual, creative and technical skills as they prepare to embark on professional careers. Courses can provide students with core disciplines and knowledge of the diversity of aesthetic practices as well as practical experience in theatre and film.

Our aim is to teach students in a liberal arts context that will help to prepare them for a wide range of careers, including, costume and set design, theatre production, teaching, curating, filmmaking, writing and arts administration.

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Bourges, Antoine Film Production
Coulthard, Lisa film theory and violence; film sound and violence, contemporary American and European cinemas, continental philosophy and Lacanian theory
Drljaca, Igor Film Making; Political Culture, Society and Ideology; Video and New Media; Scripting; Mythology and World Portrayal; Documentary; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Narrative Film; Society and Ideology; Film Production; Screenwriting; Eastern European Cinema; Canadian Cinema
Firkins, Jacqueline costume design
Gagnon, Olivia Michiko Performance studies; minoritarian performance and cultural production; Multimedia art-making; critical race and ethnic studies; feminist and queer theory; critical Indigenous studies; Archival Theory; performative writing
Gardiner, Robert Sceneography , stage design, lightning
Heatley, Stephen Theatre, acting, directing, new play development, comedy, commedia dell’arte, solo performance, play producing, Canadian theatre, Canadian plays, Literature, gender/sexuality
Johnston, Kirsty Dramatic literature and theatre history with particular interest in disability arts and intersections between health, disability and performance
Lachance, Lindsay Indigenous approaches to developing Indigenous theatre
Liu, Siyuan twentieth century Chinese theatre and Asian Canadian theatre
Marshall, Hallie Performance and Theatrical Productions; Religion, Culture and Space; Arts and Cultural Traditions; Poetry; Cultural Industries; Literary or Artistic Work Dissemination or Reception Contexts; Theatre; Ancient Greek Theatre; Classics; Reception Studies; History of the Book; Tony Harrison; Contemporary British Theatre
Mathijs, Ernest film, alternative cinema, independent cinema, European cinema, horror film, David Cronenberg, film audiences, film festivals, censorship, fantasy film, Lord of the Rings, Film studies
McGowan, Sharon Planning of film productions from concept to completion
McIlroy, Brian Other Arts; Documentary; Early Cinema; Irish Cinema; Canadian and US Cinema; Television Drama; British Cinema; cultural history; Film genres
Morris, Leora Directing; Acting; New play development
Murphy, Gayle Voice for the Actor, Voice and speech
Pennefather, Patrick theatre design; Theatre Production; digital media; Public VR projects; xR development; Scalable virtual and augmented reality prototypes; Rapid prototyping for mixed realities; Design of spatial audio in physical and virtual environments
Powers, Bradley Production Technology
Rizzotti, Patrick Design; Design and Planning of Space; Theatrical Productions; Virtual Reality; theatre design; production design; Augmented reality; narrative visual experience; design for new works; devised work; site specific experiences
Scholte, Tom Theatre, film, and television
Walsh, Shannon Media arts; Critical identity, ethnic and race studies; Social and cultural anthropology; South Africa; Afropessimism & Critical Race Studies; Documentary; Film Production; Indigenous studies; Environmental justice; Affect Theory
Zuo, Mila Cinema & Media studies; film studies; Contemporary Asian and transnational cinemas; Film philosophy; Acting and performance studies; Star studies; Digital and new media; Critical theories of gender, sexuality, and race and ethnicity