Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science at UBC is a vibrant and diverse community of scholars, students, and alumni. We are committed to research and teaching excellence. Our faculty members are leaders and innovators in the key subfields of our discipline: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, Canadian Politics, and US Politics.

Our Graduate Program is one of the best in North America. We bring together innovative students and faculty who are thought leaders in the Political Science community. We are a hub for ground-breaking research, and we are focused on providing high quality graduate education with an emphasis on scholarship and the preparation of future professionals and academics. We are proud to see many of our PhDs in faculty positions and in successful careers throughout the world. We value collaboration and collegiality, and we strive to create an atmosphere of trust, respect, and professional courtesy to ensure a diverse intellectual community.

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Afsahi, Afsoun Democratic theory and practice, Gender in politics, Challenges, opportunities, and best methods of inclusion, Representation of marginalized communities in democratic decision-making processes
Arneil, Barbara Identity politics, history of political thought
Baier, Gerald Canadian politics, federalism, constitutional law, courts, federal-provincial relations, Constitution, federalism and public law in Canada
Bates, Genevieve Transitional justice; International and domestic politics of accountability for human rights violations; Conflict, security, and peacekeeping; Democratic theory and practice; International organizations, law, and norms; Non-state actors in international relations
Baum, Bruce Political Culture, Society and Ideology; critical social theory; feminist theory; critical hermeneutics; issues of cross-cultural interpretation; American political thought and cultural politics; political theories of Mill and Marx; philosophy of political inquiry; liberal and democratic theory
Byers, Michael Political science; international law; International Cooperation; Arctic; international relations; oceans; space; war
Cameron, Maxwell Political science; Political Regimes (Democracy, Monarchy, Federalism, Parliamentarism, etc.); Social Organization and Political Systems; Comparative Politics; Democratization; Latin America; Practical wisdom
Chowdhury, Arjun Failed states, intervention, civil war, autocrats, revolution.
Coleman, Katharina Pichler International organizations, international relations, international security/peace operations, interntional rules, noms and legitimacy, sun-Saharan Africa
Coulthard, Glen First Nations politics – national; political theory
Cruz, Cesi political economy, focusing on the interplay between electoral incentives and development outcomes in consolidating democracies. Her research uses quantitative and qualitative methods, social network analysis, surveys, and field experiments
Cutler, Frederick Canadian Politics, Political Parties, Elections, Public Opinion, Political Psychology, Research Methodology and Statistics, Contemporary Political and Democratic Theory, American Politics
Dauvergne, Peter Refugee law, Immigration law, citizenship law, Global governance and emerging powers, environmental politics, asian
Doberstein, Carey Political science and policy administration; Agencies and arms-length bodies in Canada; Public servant behavior in Canada; How citizens engage with government as part of local consultations and public engagement; Homelessness (politics, governance, policy); Local government or governance
Ellermann, Antje Political science; Migrations, Populations, Cultural Exchanges; Migratory Flows; Public Policies; Identity and Transnationality; Role of Governments and Institutions; Comparative Public Policy; Migration and Citizenship
Harrison, Kathryn Canadian politics, environmental politics, environmental policy, climate change, global warming, climate change policy, Canadian public policy
Huebner, Kurt European integration; euro and global currency regimes; international trade and fdi; sustainability and innovation policies; global macroeconomics;European politics, Money and currency regimes, politics and economics of European integration as well as on contradictions and complementarities of sustainability and international competitiveness
Jacobs, Alan Michael Political science; Social Organization and Political Systems; economic inequality; Political economy; public opinion; Public Policy; Research Methodology
Janara, Laura Language and symbolism especially in gendered and familial thinking, politcal theory
Jeong, Gyung-Ho Political science; Social Organization and Political Systems; Congress; Foreign Policy; Immigration Policy; Legislative Politics; Public Choice; Trade Policy; US politics
Job, Brian international relations of Asia Pacific countries, especially political/security matters; Canadian political/security interests and policies vis-a-vis Asia, International security, liu institute
Jurkevics, Anna critical theory, democratic theory, and the history of German political thought
Kam, Christopher Nature and evolution of parliamentary democracy, historical development of institutions
la Selva, Samuel Political theory, legal philosophy
Li, Xiaojun international and comparative political economy with a focus on China; Does Conditionality Still Work? China
Lightfoot, Sheryl First Nations, international relations
Ostwald, Kai comparative politics; ethnic politics, public policy, and the politics of development
Price, Richard Political science; International Cooperation; Ethics and World Politics; Global Norms; international relations; International Relations Theory; Moral Psychology
Quirk, Paul United States Politics, US Politics, American Politics, Congress, Presidency, US elections, US politics
Sundstrom, Lisa nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), global activism, human rights, Democratization, authoritarianism, civil society, Russian/ post-Communist politics, Western aid, and NGOs in global politics
Tiberghien, Yves Political science; global politics
Tupper, Allan Canadian Politics, Western Canadian Politics, Government Ethics, Public Administration, Canadian Politics and Government, Public Management, Public Policy and Western Canadian politics
Warren, Mark Democratic theory
Weaver, Michael Politics of violence; Ethnic politics and media; Causes and consequences of ethnic violence; Lynching; Legitimacy of state and non-state violence
Wright, Matthew Political science; American politics; Comparitive politics; immigration; Immigration Policy; migration; National identity; Political behaviour; Political psychology; public opinion
Zhou, Yang-Yang Political science; Comparative Politics; Conflict; Development; Experiments; migration; National identity; refugees


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Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (PhD)

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