The Faculty of Education at UBC is advancing educational research and understanding in ways that celebrate diversity, equity, and innovation, and welcomes international collaboration in an increasingly borderless world.

For over 50 years, the Faculty of Education has served the international education community through leadership in research, service, and advocacy. Our faculty, students, and alumni advance research on learning and teaching; collaborate with Indigenous communities; and solve human problems across the lifespan and in diverse contexts. Our internationally renowned scholars and talented graduate students link educational research to local and global community needs, inform theory, practice and policy, and introduce innovative research methods.

We prepare professionals for practice in a wide range of education-related fields, from preschool through adulthood. In British Columbia, more than 45% of the province’s elementary teachers, the majority of secondary teachers, and a significant proportion of BC’s special needs and First Nations teachers, counsellors, school administrators, school psychologists, and vocational rehabilitation counsellors, are prepared by the UBC Faculty of Education for their important roles.

To advance education's role in the well-being of people and communities.

Research Facilities

We provide outstanding research facilities for faculty and graduate students that promote leading-edge research. Our Education Library is a specialized resource with access to all of UBC’s research and special collections, including the X̱wi7x̱wa Library with materials produced by Indigenous organizations, tribal councils, schools, researchers and publishers.

We have also broken ground on BC’s most exciting new centre for education. Education Centre at Ponderosa Commons will be over 32,000 sq ft of distinct Faculty of Education space within the Ponderosa Commons Phase 2 complex, one of five live-work-learn communities proposed for the UBC campus.

Opening in January 2016, Education Centre will showcase the merging of our academic mandate with innovation, and will feature technology-enhanced teaching and learning spaces, an Education Research and Learning Commons, informal learning spaces, and will be the new home of two of our academic departments, Educational Studies (EDST) and Language & Literacy Education (LLED).

Research Highlights

Notable strengths are in literacy, struggling and marginalized youth, Indigenous education and research, transformational curriculum design, social-emotional well-being, autism, kinesiology and exercise physiology, and multidisciplinary research in diversity, health, and digital media.

We are the national leader in the number of education graduate student fellowships received from the Social Sciences and Humanities research council (SSHRC), and are home to 4 Canada Research Chairs and 10 donor-funded research chairs and professorships. 

Graduate Degree Programs

Research Supervisors in Faculty

Name Academic Unit(s) Research Interests
Nicol, Cynthia Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy mathematics teacher education, culturally responsive pedagogy, Aboriginal education, care-based and problem-based learning, Math education
Norman, Moss School of Kinesiology
Norton, Bonny Department of Language & Literacy Education education, ESL, international perspectives, literacy, teacher research
O'Donoghue, Donal Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy Art Education, Curriculum Studies, Gender, History of Education, Sociological Issues
Pare, Anthony Department of Language & Literacy Education Language Education, Literacy, Literary Education, Multiple and New Literacies, Multiple Literacies, Writing and Reading
Perry, Nancy Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology, and Special Education motivation and self-regulated learning in young children; social perspectives on teaching and learning, reading and writing; accommodating individual difference in general education classrooms; learning disabilities; special education, Metacognition, motivation, and self-regulated learning in elementary school children Social perspectives on teaching and learning, including social cognitive and sociocultural theories, Teacher development, Individual differences, Learning disabilities
Petherick, LeAnne Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy
Petrina, Stephen Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy Adolescent Issues, Artistic and Aesthetic Development, Arts Education, Children & Youth, Cultural Studies, Curriculum Studies, Educational Technologies, Environmental Education, Higher Education, History of Education, Literacy, Media, Semiotics, Text Studies, Metacognition and Learning, Music, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Research Design and Method, Science Education, Social Cognition, Social Studies Education, Sociological Issues, Subcultures, Technology
Phelan, Anne Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy Curriculum Studies, Feminist Studies, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Teacher Education
Pinar, William Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy Education Systems, History
Poole, Wendy Department of Educational Studies Educational leadership and administration; Organizational change in education (reform of schooling); Teachers’ work; Teacher unions and teacher unionism; role of teacher unions in education, Leadership and organizations, Social justice, Teaching and Practice
Puterman, Eli School of Kinesiology Health psychology, Stress physiology, Acute exercise, Exercise interventions, Physical activity, Physical literacy, cellular aging, telomeres, chronic stress
Ratner, Pamela
Renwick, Kerry Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy Teacher Education, Familial Contexts, Human and Social Ecology, Critical Pedagogy, Educational Policy, Home Economics, Health Education, Public Health
Rocha Perkerwicz, Samuel Department of Educational Studies Philosophical Traditions in Education, Philosophy of education
Rogers, Theresa Department of Language & Literacy Education Educational Approaches, Education, Literacy, Youth Studies, Children's and Adolescent Literature, Digital Literacies
Roman, Leslie Department of Educational Studies Ethnography, Cultural studies, Disability studies, Sociology of Education
Ross, E. Wayne Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy Political Contexts, Social Contexts, Educational Approaches, Teacher Education, Curriculum Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Social Studies Education, Social Justice in Education
Ruitenberg, Claudia Department of Educational Studies Political education; discourse and translation
Schnellert, Leyton Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy
Schonert-Reichl, Kimberly Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology, and Special Education Children’s social and emotional development, empathy, moral development, bullying, risk and resiliency, adolescent stress and coping, transition to school, transition to adulthood (emerging adulthood), social and emotional learning in school, Social, emotional, and moral development of children and adolescents with an emphasis on identifying the processes and mechanisms that promote positive development
Schultz, Izabela Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology, and Special Education psychological and neuropsychological aspects of disability, Brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder, Chronic pain, Conceptual models of disability and return to work, Early identification of risk for disability and intervention with at risk workers, Psychological and neuropsychological assessment in personal injury and workers
Shan, Hongxia Department of Educational Studies Adult education, Equity, Gender Studies, International and Comparative Education, Lifelong Learning, Policy, Research methodologies, Social justice, Teaching and Practice, Workplace learning
Shapka, Jennifer Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology, and Special Education Affective and Emotional Development, Cognitive Development, New Technology and Social Impacts, Technology, Media, Social Media, Adolescents, Cyberbullying, Self-regulation, Online Privacy
Sheel, William School of Kinesiology exercise science, Exercise science, exercise physiology, respiratory and cardiovascular physiology, athletic performance, cardiovascular


Graduate Student Profiles

Natalia Balyasnikova

Doctor of Philosophy in Teaching English as a Second Language (PhD)
Exchanging Stories: A narrative inquiry into the learning experiences of seniors studying English as an additional language

Evan Taylor

Doctor of Philosophy in Language and Literacy Education (PhD)
Doing Cancer While Trans*: Biopolitical Intersections of Gendered Embodiment and Cancer Regimes

Magdalena Vergara

Doctor of Philosophy in Language and Literacy Education (PhD)
Reading the South in the North: A mixed method approach for the study of Latin American literature through educational practices in Vancouver

Alexandra Ruddy

Doctor of Philosophy in School Psychology (PhD)
School Mental Health Climate

Brian Hayes

Master of Science in Kinesiology (MSc)
Impact of spinal cord injury on the structure and function of the left ventricle

Zarina Giannone

Doctor of Philosophy in Counselling Psychology (PhD)
Athletes in Transition: A novel intervention targeting elite athletes' identity development

Huanwen Wang

Master of Education in Adult Learning and Education (MEd)

Angelina Lee

Doctor of Philosophy in School Psychology (PhD)
Forgotten need: Re-constructing a sense of belonging through culturally grounded participatory action research with a local refugee community

Alumni on Success

Andrea Bundon

Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology (PhD) [2014]
Job Title
Assistant Professor
The University of British Columbia - School of Kinesiology

Suzanne Windsor-Liscombe

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy (EdD) [2014]
Job Title
Retired Educator from the Burnaby School District

Ashwani Kumar

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies (PhD) [2011]
Job Title
Associate Professor
Mount Saint Vincent University

Ryan van den Berg

Master of Arts in Educational Studies (MA) [2016]
Job Title
Research Assistant
Library of Parliament

Randy Wollf

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (PhD) [2008]
Job Title
PaperLift Document Editing

Kenneth Tupper

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (PhD) [2011]
Job Title
Director of Implementation & Partnerships
BC Centre on Substance Use

Lucía Terra

Doctor of Philosophy in Language and Literacy Education (PhD) [2009]
Job Title
Terra Solutions: Language and Communication Services

Kaela Jubas

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (PhD) [2009]
Job Title
Associate Professor
University of Calgary

Recent Thesis Submissions