School of Kinesiology

The School of Kinesiology continues to attract top students to its highly regarded graduate program where we offer studies at both the masters and doctoral level. The School has excellent research facilities and graduate students are mentored by some of the top professors and researchers in the field of Kinesiology. We offer graduate students original investigations (MA, MSc, PhD) and advanced study (MKin) in biological, behavioural, and socio-cultural research in Kinesiology.

We are proud to be part of a leading global university that is committed to providing an exceptional learning environment and to fostering global citizenship, a civil and sustainable society, and outstanding research.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Beauchamp, Mark Social Determinants of Health, Health Promotion, Quality of Life and Aging, Mental Health and Society, Physical Activity, Health Psychology, Exercise Psychology, Sport Psychology, Group Processes, Leadership, Intervention, Social Cognition, Older Adults, Children
Blouin, Jean-Sebastien Sensorimotor Integration, Motor System, Robotics and Automation, Trauma / Injuries, Physiology, Sensorimotor physiology, Standing balance, Balance robot, Sensory virtualisation, Computational approaches, Head and neck, Whiplash injuries
Boushel, Robert [field_researcher_interest]
Bredin, Shannon [field_researcher_interest]
Bundon, Andrea Social Contexts, disability, sport, Paralympics, sociology, critical disability studies, social media
Carpenter, Mark [field_researcher_interest]
Chua, Romeo [field_researcher_interest]
Crocker, Peter [field_researcher_interest]
Faulkner, Guy Community Health / Public Health, physical activity and public health, mental health, physical activity interventions, Exercise Psychology, behavioral medicine
Hodges, Nicola Psychology - Biological Aspects, action anticipation and observation, coaching, skill acquisition, Motor learning
Hurd, Laura Social Aspects of Aging, Social Determinants of Health, Loss of Independence, Identity Building, Participatory research, Quality of Life and Aging, Sexuality, Stereotypes, Aging Process, Aging, health, Gender, body image, embodiment or embodied experience, disability, chronic illness or chronic conditions, Assistive technology, gender identity, sexual orientation, Physical Activity, qualitative methods, LGBTQ older adults, media representation, ageism, heterosexism, ableism, sociology of aging, social gerontology
Inglis, J Timothy [field_researcher_interest]
Koehle, Michael Physiology, Environmental Health, Health Promotion, Environment and Respiratory Diseases, Respiratory System, Exercise physiology, environmental physiology, sport and exercise medicine, air pollution, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Environmental Physiology, Altitude
Kramer, John [field_researcher_interest]
Lam, Tania Rehabilitation, Cranio-Encephalic and Spinal Cord Trauma, gait rehabilitation, exercise, neurorecovery
Miran-Khan, Karim Exercise is Medicine, Health promotion via Exercise, Type 2 DM prevention
Mitchell, Cameron [field_researcher_interest]
Norman, Moss [field_researcher_interest]
Puterman, Eli Health Psychology, Stress physiology, Acute exercise, Exercise interventions, Physical Activity, Physical literacy, cellular aging, telomeres, chronic stress
Sheel, William [field_researcher_interest]
Vertinsky, Patricia [field_researcher_interest]
Warburton, Darren [field_researcher_interest]
Wilson, Brian [field_researcher_interest]


Jason Fice

Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology (PhD)

Anita Cote

Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology (PhD)