Anita Cote

Trinity Western University
Assistant Professor
Guelph, Canada
Whistler, Canada
Cardiovascular function with strenuous exercise

What are your main responsibilities or activities in your current position?

Research, teaching and academic service.

How does your current work relate to your graduate degree?

I hold an academic position. My graduate training prepared me for this role providing me with skills in scholarly publishing, grant writing, and teaching.

What do you like and what do you find challenging about your current position?

I am very excited to be finally able to establish my own research program.

What motivated you to pursue graduate work at UBC?

UBC had a great reputation.

What did you enjoy the most about your time as a graduate student at UBC?

I love the campus and the people. To this day I still visit the campus regularly and love to walk around.

What key things did you do, or what attitudes or approaches did you have, that contributed to your success?

I had a can-do attitude and was extremely driven to publish. I sought out opportunities in various labs/institutions to prepare me for my career goal.

What is your best piece of advice for current graduate students preparing for their future careers?

Work hard and network.

Did you have any breaks in your education?

Yes, I had a break between my Masters and Ph.D. education. During this time I taught at a degree-granting, teaching-focused institution and worked as an applied physiologist for the Canadian Sport Institute. I was not sure I wanted a career in academia when I finished my Master's degree. After a few years, I went back to complete my Ph.D. in pursuit of a career in research.

What challenges did you face in your graduate degree, or in launching your career?

With few academic positions available over the last few years, I continued as a postdoc longer than I had originally intended. I have learned that perseverance and hard work will eventually pay off.


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