Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy

The Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy (EDCP) at UBC is committed to advancing research into learning and teaching in a variety of contexts and across the lifespan. In addition to addressing many of the curriculum areas represented in public education, we also focus on transdisciplinary areas of scholarly inquiry such as curriculum theory, design and evaluation, teacher education, digital media and learning technologies, curriculum and pedagogy in higher education, and learning and teaching in informal educational settings.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Anderson, David Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Science, technology and engineering curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Specialized studies in education; Cultural Institutions (Museums, Libraries, etc.); Informal Learning; Long-term Memory; Metacognition; Museum Education; Nostalgia; Science Education; Visitor Studies
Clark, Penney history education, Curriculum Studies Research, History Education and Historical Consciousness, History of Education, Pedagogy, Social Studies Education Research
Code, Jillianne Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Specialized studies in education; Educational Context; Educational Technologies; Formative assessment; Immersive learning; Learner agency; Learning and Memory; Learning design; Self-efficacy; Self-regulated Learning; Situated and embodied cognition; Virtual augmented and mixed reality for learning; Virtual learning environments
Cole, Peter Indigenous Education Research; Aboriginalizing/indigenizing research methodology; Orality; Narrativity; Environmental thought; Indigenous self-determination and self-governance; Traditional Aboriginal and Indigenous technologies
Forde, Shawn
Gerofsky, Susan Curriculum Studies Research, Mathematics, Media, Semiotics, Text Studies, Pedagogy, Research Design and Method, Technology; gesture; genre; mathematics and the arts; Performance Theory
Gibson, Lindsay assessment; Curriculum Studies Research; Democracy and Citizenship; History Education; Historical Consciousness; history of education; Pedagogy; Social Studies Education Research; Teacher Education Research; Teacher Research; Historical Thinking; Inquiry
Goble, J. Scott music and history; music education; conducting; choral music, Expressed an interest in chairing music exams, music education
Gouzouasis, Peter early childhood music education; computer literacy through fine arts and new media; music in mass media; especially jazz, guitar, Music education, Action Research, Artistic and Aesthetic Development, Arts Education, Assessment, Early Childhood Education, Educational Technologies, Literacy, Media, Semiotics, Text Studies, Music, Music Education Research, Non-Formal Learning, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Research Design and Method, Sociological Issues, Teacher Education Research, Teacher Research, Technology
Irwin, Rita arts in education with a particular emphasis on visual arts; implementation of arts education; working with inservice and preservice teachers; community oriented art projects; research creation; scholarship of teaching and learning; inquiry process; artography as a research methodology, Action Research, Art Education Research, Community Research, Curriculum Studies Research, Teacher Research
Keenan, Harper Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Gender, sexuality and education; Inter-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary learning and education; Colonialism; early childhood and elementary education; Educational Context; Gender; race; sexuality; teacher education; childhood; Transgender Studies; LGBT Studies; queer studies
Khan, Samia science education, teaching and learning, cognition, digital technology, learning space design, case study, higher education, Educational Technologies, Science Education, Teacher Education
Kindler, Anna art education; artistic and aesthetic development; teacher education
Leddy, Shannon
Loutzenheiser, Lisa Social sciences; anti-oppressive education; queer studies; curriculum theory; Youth Studies; curriculum policy; qualitative methodologies; ethnography; Gender Studies; social inequality; sexuality education; alternative education; marginalized youth; 2SLGBTQ; Race Studies in Education; Mentorship in higher education; Faculty Development
Milner-Bolotin, Marina Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Science, technology and engineering curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Specialized studies in education; Educational Technologies; educational innovation; Educational technology; physics education; STEM education; STEM teacher education; Science and Knowledge; teacher education; Teacher and Student Performance Evaluation; Teaching; Teaching and Learning Systems; Technological Innovations
Montgomerie, Johnna Home economics and the political economy of everyday life, Money, debt and household financial management, Financial literacy and public education about money, Research methods and methodologies, Pedagogy and Curriculum Studies
Munoz, Joaquin Children & Youth, Discourse Analysis, Indigenous Education Research, Literacy, Pedagogy, Teacher Education Research
Nashon, Samson Curriculum design; high school physics; primary science; teacher education; science teacher education; physics teacher education and classroom instructions, Action Research, Curriculum Studies, Metacognition and Learning, Pedagogy, Research Design and Method, Science Education, Teacher Education, Ways of Knowing
Nicol, Cynthia mathematics teacher education, culturally responsive pedagogy, Aboriginal education, care-based and problem-based learning, Math education
Noori, Sofia Refugee subjectivity, Refugee education, Mental Health & Education
O'Donoghue, Donal Art Education, Curriculum Studies, Gender, History of Education, Sociological Issues
Petherick, Leanne Curriculum Studies Research; Children & Youth; Feminist Studies; Pedagogy
Phelan, Anne Curriculum Studies, Feminist Studies, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Teacher Education
Pinar, William Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Education Systems; History
Renwick, Kerry Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Specialized studies in education; Critical Pedagogy; Educational Policy; Familial Contexts; Health Education; Home Economics; Human and Social Ecology; Public health; teacher education
Ross, E. Wayne Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Specialized studies in education; Critical Pedagogy; Curriculum Studies; Educational Approaches; Political Contexts; Social Contexts; Social Justice in Education; Social Studies Education; teacher education
Schnellert, Leyton Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Community Research; Teacher Education Research; Teacher Professional Development; Rural Education; Inclusive Education; Pedagogy; Self-regulated Learning; Middle Years Education; Literacy Education; Practitioner Inquiry
Sinner, Anita Artwork Scholarship; Creative Research Methodologies; a/r/tography; Artistic Research; Public Art and Pedagogy; Museum Education; International Art Education
Tan, Yuen Sze Michelle Science Education, Outdoor Education and learning, collaborative teacher inquiry, and teacher education; equipping teachers (both pre- and in-service teachers) with innovative pedagogical tools to support learning, both for science learners and beyond the domains of science; teachers


Carla Peck

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies (PhD)

Travis Fuchs

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies (PhD)

Ran Xiang

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies (PhD)

Megan Zeni

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies (PhD)

Belinda Chi

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies (PhD)

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