Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology (GCET)


Networked multimedia technologies impact both conventional classroom-based teaching and distance education. Technology-based teaching is being used more and more for distributed learning which makes flexible access possible for both on-campus and off-campus students. The Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology is designed for professionals and educators responsible for managing, designing, or instructing technology-based courses for post-secondary or adult learners.

Our graduates follow a broad range of career paths in education and digital learning technologies. The skills and knowledge you acquire in our program prepare you for positions in which you will be actively employing digital technologies in teaching and learning, for leadership roles in which you will be managing or implementing digital learning solutions, or for design and development of new digital media and learning tools.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Teaching with technology as informed by contemporary learning theory, with emphasis on presentation, interaction and assessment.
  • Design and development of pedagogically effective learning materials for face-to-face, online or blended delivery.
  • Issues affecting successful planning, development and delivery of eLearning.
  • Leadership capacities for planning and managing learning technologies and managing organizational change.
  • Administrative, technological and cultural implications of learning technologies, with specific attention to strategic planning, organizational models, budgeting, development approaches and organizational culture.
  • Analysis of learning contexts to identify technology-related design challenges.
  • Exploration of research literature on design issues that impacts teaching and learning using technology.
  • Practical experience using new technologies to develop instructional materials.

Program Structure

In order to complete a certificate, students must complete ETEC 500 and at least one other MET core course (either ETEC 510, ETEC 511, or ETEC 512), plus three elective courses.


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Program Enquiries

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Tuition and Fees

FeesCanadian Citizen / Permanent Resident / Refugee / DiplomatInternational
Application Fee$49.25$49.25
Tuition *
Tuition per credit$606.97$996.27
Other Fees and Costs
Student FeesVary
* Regular, full-time tuition. For on-leave, extension, continuing or part time (if applicable) fees see UBC Calendar.
All fees for the year are subject to adjustment and UBC reserves the right to change any fees without notice at any time, including tuition and student fees. Tuition fees are reviewed annually by the UBC Board of Governors. In recent years, tuition increases have been 2% for continuing domestic students and between 2% and 5% for continuing international students. New students may see higher increases in tuition. Admitted students who defer their admission are subject to the potentially higher tuition fees for incoming students effective at the later program start date. In case of a discrepancy between this webpage and the UBC Calendar, the UBC Calendar entry will be held to be correct.

Further Information


Educational Technology educates professionals in the use and impact of digital learning technologies and provides a unique opportunity to study and engage in: technology-supported instruction, planning and management of learning technologies and eLearning, design and development of digital learning technologies and environments, digital literacy and digital culture in formal and informal learning contexts.

Faculty work on the leading edge of curriculum design and technology integration, digital culture, youth culture, digital literacy, gaming, and interface design. Our courses examine digital learning and culture from a wide range of perspectives, including environmental and sustainability education, Indigenous learning frameworks, and inclusive education.

Faculty Overview


Program Enquiries
If you have reviewed the information on this program page and understand the requirements for this program, you may send an enquiry

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