Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy (EdD)


The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy provides advanced preparation for education practitioners with leadership and policy responsibilities in both formal and nonformal settings. These settings include, among many others, the post-secondary sector, business and health organizations, unions, and community groups, as well as the K-12 school system.

The program is grounded in the belief that it is important for participants to engage in scholarly discourse about understanding, critiquing, and improving practice in educational settings. It consists of six required seminars, two elective courses, a comprehensive examination, and a thesis. While the program addresses Canadian educational issues and perspectives in a global context, it is the particular settings and leadership or policy responsibilities of the participants that are the starting points of seminars. The expertise of qualified adjunct faculty from related professional fields supplements that of the regular faculty members.

Students are admitted to the Ed.D. in cohorts of 10 to 15 and proceed through the program as a group. It is possible to complete program requirements in three years but most students take somewhat longer. Each cohort attends classes on campus for two consecutive Summer Sessions (July to mid-August) and two consecutive Winter Sessions (on weekends from September to early April).

Quick Facts

Doctor of Education
Mode of delivery
On campus
Educational Leadership and Policy
Program Components
Coursework + Thesis required
Faculty of Education


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Statistical Data

Enrolment Data

Applications 2928 26
Offers 1612 13
New registrations 1210 8
Total enrolment4453474554

Completion Rates & Times

This program has a graduation rate of 55.26% based on 38 students admitted between 2004 - 2007. Based on 21 graduations between 2013 - 2016 the minimum time to completion is 3.83 years and the maximum time is 8.83 years with an average of 6.97 years of study. All calculations exclude leave times.
Admissions data refer to all UBC Vancouver applications, offers, new registrants for each year, May to April [data updated: 12 July 2017]. Enrolment data are based on March 1 snapshots. Program completion data are only provided for datasets comprised of more than 4 individuals. Rates and times of completion depend on a number of variables (e.g. curriculum requirements, student funding), some of which may have changed in recent years for some programs [data updated: 29 September 2017].

Upcoming Doctoral Exams

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 - 12:30pm - Room 1306A, Ponderosa Commons (Oak House), 6445 University Blvd

Balsam Alrasheed
Composing Journeys: Understanding the Lived Experiences of Saudi Arabia's Female Early Childhood Educators

Research Supervisors

This list shows faculty members with full supervisory privileges who are affiliated with this program. It is not a comprehensive list of all potential supervisors as faculty from other programs or faculty members without full supervisory privileges can request approvals to supervise graduate students in this program.

  • Abdi, Ali (Citizenship and human rights education, International Development Education, Multi-centric Philosophies and Methodologies of Education, postcolonial studies in education, Social and Cultural Foundations of Education)
  • Ahenakew, Cash (Cultural studies, Higher Education, Indigenous Studies, Leadership and Organizations, Post-colonial studies, Race/ethnicity, Research methodologies, Social justice, Sociology of Education)
  • Andres, Lesley (Equity, Higher education, International and Comparative Education, International comparative higher education, Life Course research, Lifelong learning, Policy, Research methodologies, Social justice, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Higher Education)
  • Chan, Jennifer (transnational social movements, international and comparative education, Japanese civil society, Islam in multicultural societies, Adult education, Citizenship and democracy, Gender studies, International and Comparative Education, Multiculturalism, Post-colonial studies)
  • De Oliveira Andreotti, Vanessa (Education for/about international development, Social accountability in local and global engagements, Global Citizenship Education)
  • Ellis, Jason (History of education, Education policy, Politics of education, Special education, Disability, History of childhood and youth, Urban and suburban history, Canadian history, American history, Educational administration)
  • Fallon, Gerald (Indigenous Studies, International and Comparative Education, Leadership and Organizations, Policy, Research methodologies)
  • Gill, Hartej (Cultural studies, Leadership and Organizations, Post-colonial studies, Teaching and Practice)
  • Gleason, Mona (history of education, history of children and youth, critical youth studies, gender and sexuality)
  • Kelly, Deirdre (Children and youth, Gender studies, Media and democracy, Social justice, Sociology of Education)
  • Marker, Michael (First Nations’ education, First nations education)
  • Mazawi, Andre (Citizenship and democracy, Higher education, International and Comparative Education, Leadership and organizations, Research methodologies, Sociology of Education)
  • Metcalfe, Amy (Higher Education, Faculty, Internationalization, Campus Environments)
  • Poole, Wendy (Educational leadership and administration; Organizational change in education (reform of schooling); Teachers’ work; Teacher unions and teacher unionism; role of teacher unions in education, Leadership and organizations, Social justice, Teaching and Practice)
  • Rocha Perkerwicz, Samuel (Philosophy of education, Race/ethnicity, Research methodologies, Social and Cultural Foundations of Education, Teaching and Practice)
  • Roman, Leslie (Ethnography, Cultural studies, Disability studies, Sociology of Education)
  • Ruitenberg, Claudia (International education; political education; discourse and translation)
  • Shan, Hongxia (Adult education, Equity, Gender Studies, International and Comparative Education, Lifelong Learning, Policy, Research methodologies, Social justice, Teaching and Practice, Workplace learning)
  • Sork, Thomas (Adult education, Lifelong learning, Teaching and Practice)
  • Stack, Michelle (university rankings , media education, knowledge mobilization, student engagement, social justice and equity)
  • Taylor, Alison (Political Economy in Education)
  • Vanwynsberghe, Robert (Citizenship and democracy, Social justice, Sustainability; Sustainability; Environmental Education; Theory and Method)
  • Walker, Judith (Adult education, Higher Education, International and Comparative Education, International Comparative Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, Medical Education, Policy, Workplace learning)
  • Walter, Pierre (environmental education, literacy, comparative education, gender and development, Southeast Asian studies., Adult education, International and Comparative Education, Sustainability)


Recent Doctoral Citations

  • Dr. Virginia Marie Rego
    "As educators we are asked to know ourselves in order to teach. Dr. Rego used a narrative approach to write her story of being a student and a teacher with mental illness. Her research is an invitation and a pedagogical tool for new teachers to look at their own stories and histories as they develop their educational practice." (November 2017)
  • Dr. Rhonda Elaine Elser
    "Dr. Elser examined Aboriginal parental engagement in the Calgary Catholic School District from a multiple of perspectives. Her findings revealed parental engagement as a process of reciprocal relationship building that considers Aboriginal social context as well as culture, language and values. These results will be useful for K-12 education." (November 2016)
  • Dr. Sharon Marie Hobenshield
    "Dr. Hobenshield explored the Indigenous practice of gift giving. Her research identified specific Indigenous principles embedded within this tradition that inform a particular way of knowing. This information can be used to support the work of Indigenization in post-secondary education." (November 2016)
  • Dr. Marian Ida Riedel
    "Dr. Riedel explored how international practicums in Teacher Education impacted the understanding of good teaching practices for beginning teachers. She found these settings challenged assumptions in ways that rarely happen in home-country settings. Her findings emphasize the value of internationalizing Teacher Education in substantive ways." (November 2016)
  • Dr. Peter Gordon Skipper
    "Dr. Skipper studied how teachers develop insights and knowledge about their practice. He examined personal, professional and social influences that contribute to individual understandings of teaching. His research addresses the complex considerations that drive teacher professional identities." (May 2016)

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