Educational Leadership and Policy

Educational Leadership and Policy provides advanced preparation for education practitioners with leadership and policy responsibilities in both formal and nonformal settings. These settings include, among many others, the post-secondary sector, business and health organizations, unions, and community groups, as well as the K-12 school system.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Abdi, Ali Citizenship and human rights education, International Development Education, Multi-centric Philosophies and Methodologies of Education, postcolonial studies in education, Social and Cultural Foundations of Education
Ahenakew, Cash Cultural studies, Higher Education, Indigenous Studies, Leadership and Organizations, Post-colonial studies, Race/ethnicity, Research methodologies, Social justice, Sociology of Education
Andres, Lesley Equity, Higher education, International and Comparative Education, International comparative higher education, Life Course research, Lifelong learning, Policy, Research methodologies, Social justice, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Higher Education
Chan, Jennifer transnational social movements, international and comparative education, Japanese civil society, Islam in multicultural societies, Adult education, Citizenship and democracy, Gender studies, International and Comparative Education, Multiculturalism, Post-colonial studies
De Oliveira Andreotti, Vanessa Education for/about international development, Social accountability in local and global engagements, Global Citizenship Education
Ellis, Jason history of education; Education policy; Politics of education
Fallon, Gerald Indigenous Studies, International and Comparative Education, Leadership and Organizations, Policy, Research methodologies
Gill, Hartej Cultural studies, Leadership and Organizations, Post-colonial studies, Teaching and Practice
Gleason, Mona History, archaeology and related studies; history of education; history of children and youth; critical youth studies; gender and sexuality
Kelly, Deirdre Children and youth, Gender studies, Media and democracy, Social justice, Sociology of Education
Kovach, Margaret
Marker, Michael First Nations’ education, First nations education
Mazawi, Andre Citizenship and democracy, Higher education, International and Comparative Education, Leadership and organizations, Research methodologies, Sociology of Education
Metcalfe, Amy Science and Knowledge; Power and Organization; Imagery; Higher Education; Faculty; Internationalization; Campus Environments
Parent, Amy
Poole, Wendy Educational leadership and administration; Organizational change in education (reform of schooling); Teachers’ work; Teacher unions and teacher unionism; role of teacher unions in education, Leadership and organizations, Social justice, Teaching and Practice
Rocha Perkerwicz, Samuel Philosophical Traditions in Education; philosophy of education
Roman, Leslie Ethnography, Cultural studies, Disability studies, Sociology of Education
Ruitenberg, Claudia Philosophical Traditions in Education; Educational Approaches; Social Impact of Artistic Education; Professional Ethics; Political Contexts; Political education; discourse and translation; Environmental philosophy and education
Shan, Hongxia Other education, n.e.c.; Immigration and adult education and learning; Lifelong learning; Gender and work; Prof. learning
Sork, Tom Adult education, Lifelong learning, Teaching and Practice
Stack, Michelle Adult Education and Continuing Education; Media and Society; Educational Context; university rankings; media education; Knowledge translation; student engagement; social justice and equity
Stein, Sharon Rebekah Higher Education; Indigenous studies; International and comparative education; Political economy of Higher Education; Post-colonial studies; Race/ethnicity; Social and Cultural Foundations of Education; Social justice; sustainability; Pedagogy and education; Educational theory; International education; Global education
Taylor, Alison Social Contexts; Political Contexts; Educational Context; Social Policies; Education, Knowledge and Skills
Tom, Allison
Vanwynsberghe, Robert Citizenship and democracy, Social justice, Sustainability; Sustainability; Environmental Education; Theory and Method
Walker, Judith Adult and continuing education, and community education; Sociology of education; Educational policy; Adult education; Higher Education; policy studies; Health Professions Education
Walter, Pierre environmental education, literacy, comparative education, gender and development, Southeast Asian studies., Adult education, International and Comparative Education, Sustainability
Wang, Fei Education and Training Management; Leadership; Social Contract and Social Justice; Ideology and Social Policy; Educational administration and leadership; social justice and diversity; comparative policy studies; the role of the school principals
Webb, P. Taylor Education systems; Philosophy; Education governance and education politics; Michel Foucault; Gilles Deleuze; Neoliberalism; Governmentality; Micropolitics; Biopolitics; Subjectivity
Wright, Handel Transcultural Studies; Educational Approaches; (post)multiculturalism and multicultural education; Cultural Studies; Youth Studies; Critical Race Theory; identity, citizenship and belonging; Africana studies; postcolonialism and decolonization