Apply Online

If you have done the following:

Then please feel free to proceed.

Important Information

  • To apply to UBC, you must have a Campus-Wide Login (CWL). You'll need your CWL username and password to check the status of your application and access all of the University’s online systems throughout your time at UBC.
    • Applicants who already have a UBC CWL account, should not create a new CWL account when applying to a UBC graduate program. If you have forgotten your CWL username or password, you should contact UBCIT for assistance in retrieving your information.
  • Applicants will not be allowed to create more than one application for a specific program session. This means that you will be unable to delete your application to start a new one. Applicants should, therefore, be mindful that the information they enter onto the application form is accurate and complete.
  • Generally speaking if your application components are prepared please allow 2 hours to complete the online form.

Application Form

The form will ask for information in the following sections:

  • Use of information
  • Personal & contact details
  • Academic history
  • Test Scores
  • Funding
  • Experience and interests
  • Additional questions
  • References

Applicants will have the ability to page through the various sections of the application. It is a good idea to review the full application before you begin in order to get a sense of what information is required from you. When navigating between sections your information will be saved. Please ensure to draft answers to long-form questions outside of the system. The application might log you out after a certain time and you should ensure to save all data prior to proceeding between each section in order to avoid data loss.

Applicants should make sure they review their entire application before they proceed past the Application Summary page. After applicants proceed past this point, no further edits can be made to their application. 

Technical Requirements

The online application requires that your web browser has cookies and JavaScript enabled. We recommend the use of the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari are not recommended.




Apply for on-campus, in-residence housing


If you want to live in a UBC residence you must apply through UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services. The application process is separate from the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies admissions process. The number of applicants for all housing properties exceeds the number of vacancies available for new applicants so it is important to apply as early as possible if you wish to live on campus. For the best chance to get a space, we recommend you apply immediately after you have applied to a degree program. For family housing you should consider applying even before you submit the program application. You can apply for housing at any time regardless of whether you have applied or been offered admission to a program.

A limited number of rooms in winter session residence will be set aside for newly-admitted graduate students from outside the city who are also new to UBC. In order to have the best chance of securing on-campus housing, students who meet these eligibility criteria should select BOTH Winter Session and Year-Round Housing on their housing application. You will pay only one application fee ($50) if you select both at the same time.