UBC Master's Program Requirements

Years of Study required

at least four years of study

Overall Grade Required

B+ average in third and fourth year-level course work

Credentials or Degrees Required

Bachelor's Degree

UBC Doctoral Program Requirements

Overall Grade Required

overall average of B+ standing.

Credentials or Degrees Required

Master's degree

Notes on Eligibility

Eligibility for the Master's degree at UBC requires an Honours or Bachelor's degree requiring four years of study with a B+ average in third and fourth year-level course work. *From Quebec's French universities, a three-year Bachelor's degree is acceptable provided the Diplome d'Etudes Collegiales (DEC) has been previously awarded. Theological degrees (i.e., degrees in theology or degrees offered by a bible college, seminary or theological school) may not be acceptable as a basis for admission to graduate studies at the University of British Columbia. Applicants will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Profiles of Students from Canada

Belle Cheung

Master of Arts in Geography (MA)
Canadian arts and culture funding priorities and their relationship to articulations of race, diversity, and representation in theatre

Francois Lachapelle

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology (PhD)
Two Case-Studies in the Sociology of Global Scientific Field

Alice Palmer

Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry (PhD)
Pulp and Paper Industry Transformation in the 21st Century: Exploring Evidence of Change

Neila Miled

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (PhD)
Negotiating identity and belonging in the age of the "war on terror": Muslim youths’ lived experiences in British Columbian high schools

Siba Ghrear

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD)
Social Perspective taking

Erica Bennett

Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology (PhD)
Lesbian women's embodied experiences: Beauty work in later life