Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology, and Special Education

The Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education (ECPS) within the UBC Faculty of Education is a community of scholars committed to the use and application of psychological foundations and research to understanding and solving human problems across the lifespan and in diverse contexts including families, communities, schools, and workplaces.

Our faculty forgo the traditional research-practice dichotomy by focusing on the integration of practice and research, working closely with schools, community agencies, and policy makers. They serve as advisors at the provincial, national and international levels.

Students enjoy extensive interaction with professors and have the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities to their highest potential through programs tailored to meet individual needs. We strive to provide opportunities for in-depth collaborations and engagement among students and between students and faculty and staff. Our student body is a rich, inclusive, and multicultural mix from across Canada and around the world.

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Bedi, Robinder Educational Counselling; The Contextual Model of Counselling/Psychotherapy / Viewing Psychotherapy as a Cultural Practice; Counselling/psychotherapy in India; Counselling/psychotherapy/mental health with Punjabi/Sikh individuals; Counselling psychology disciplinary and professional issues
Borgen, William Career Counselling, Career/life transitions, Developmental approaches to counselling, Group counselling
Buchanan, Marla Counsellor Stress, Narrative Inquiry, School Counselling, Traumatic Stress
Butler, Deborah special education, learning disabilities, inclusive educational practices, intervention research for students with learning disabilities, Collaboration and co-regulation in teachers' professional learning, collaborative professional development models, learning disabilities in adolescence and adulhood, mathematics, metagocnition and self-regulated learning, research methods in educaiton, strategic performanc ein reading, writing
Cannon, Joanna Special Education and Social Adaptation; Teacher Education; Educational Approaches; Speech and Language Development Disorders; Language Acquisition and Development; Cognition and Language; Literacy Training; Education of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing; Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing with complex language or cognitive needs
Cloth, Allison Adolescence, Adolescent development, Child and Family Counseling in School Settings, Interventions, Mentoring, Program Evaluation, Social Justice, Young People Placed
Cox, Daniel Motivations and Emotions; Anxiety; Depression; Mental Health and Society; Stress; Suicide
Ervin, Ruth Systems Change, Prevention and Intervention Strategies in Special Education
Ford, Laurie Early Childhood Assessment, Youth and Families
Haverkamp, Beth Counselling Process Research, Ethics and Professional Issues, Research Design
Holbrook, Cay special education, Special education, education of students with visual impairments, instruction in Braille reading and writing
Hubley, Anita Depression; Drug Abuse; Social Determinants of Health; Homelessness and Homeless People; Mental Health and Society; Quality of Life and Aging; Cognitive Neuropsychology of Aging; Social Aspects of Aging; Executive Functions; Dementia; Aging Process; Identity Building; Learning and Memory; Psychological and health measurement; Test development and validation; Adult neuropsychological, personality, and mental health topics and assessment; Research with general community and vulnerable populations (e.g. elderly, homeless, drug addicted)
Hymel, Shelley Social Contexts; Social Determinants of Child and Youth Development; Socialization; Violence; Social Networks; Educational Approaches; Learning and Development Approaches; social development; peer relations in children and youth; school violence; bullying and victimization; Social Emotional Learning; mental health and wellbeing; interpersonal relations among children and youth
Ishiyama, Ishu Multicultural/Cross-cultural Counselling and Psychotherapy, Multicultural Counselling Competency Development, Anti-discrimination and Prejudice Reduction, Japanese Morita Therapy and Asian Perspectives on Helping and Healing, Social-Cultural Competency Training, Self-Validation Issues in Personal and Cross-cultural Transition and Adjustment, Social Anxiety and Interpersonal Skills Training, Spiritual Issues in Counselling, Help-Seeking and Help-Avoiding, Use of Metaphors in Counselling and Supervision, Clinical Racism Issues in counselling Training and Practice
James, Susan Cultural Psychology & Psychotherapy, Immigrant Mental Health & Culture Specific Syndromes, Philosophical Psychology, Spirituality & Psychotherapy
Jamieson, Janet Ruth Education of deaf and hard of hearing students
Kassan, Anusha Social sciences; Child and youth mental health; Social justice; Multiculturalism and diversity; Feminist-multicultural pedagogy; immigration; Cultural and social justice responsiveness; Anti-oppressive therapy
Katz, Jennifer Inclusive Education; The Three-Block Model of UDL; Universal design for learning (UDL)
Knight, Vicki Floyd Applied Behaviour Analysis; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Developmental Disabilities; Single-Case Research; Academic Interventions; Instructional Strategies
Kroc, Edward measurement; applied and theoretical research methodology and best practice; spatio-temporal modelling; Causal inference; urban ecology; life cycle of gulls
Liu, Yan Fundamental measurement issues (e.g. measurement invariance and outliers); development and application of new statistical methods in education, psychology, health, and social/behavioral sciences; assessing learning outcomes; developing new assessment methods
Lo, Owen Gifted Education, High Ability, Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning, Multiculturalism, Problem Solving, Qualitative Research, Research Methodologies, Sociocultural Approaches to Learning and Teaching
Lucyshyn, Joseph Applied Behaviour Analysis, Behaviour Disorders, Behavioural Family Intervention, Positive Behaviour Support, Single-Subject Research
Mathison, Sandra Evaluation theory and practice; student assessment; standardized testing; school and program evaluation; critical theory; interpretive and critical research methodologies, qualitative research methods; sociology of assessment
McKee, William Behavioral Disorders in Children and Adolescents; Behavioral Problems; Learning Disorders in Children; Teaching and Learning Systems; Educational Counselling; Program Management (Education); Autism; Mental Health and Psychopathology in Children and Youth; School-Based Mental Health; Children and Youth with Special Needs
Mercer, Sterett Special education and disability; Educational psychology; curriculum-based measurement; academic intervention; written expression
Mirenda, Pat autism; developmental disability (mental retardation, etc.); positive behaviour support; augmentative communication (communication technology for people who are unable to speak), Autism, communication and behaviour challenges, developmental disabilities, augmentative and alternative communicaiton, positive behaviour support, inclusive education, literacy development
Perry, Nancy motivation and self-regulated learning in young children; social perspectives on teaching and learning, reading and writing; accommodating individual difference in general education classrooms; learning disabilities; special education, Metacognition, motivation, and self-regulated learning in elementary school children Social perspectives on teaching and learning, including social cognitive and sociocultural theories, Teacher development, Individual differences, Learning disabilities
Schonert-Reichl, Kimberly Children’s social and emotional development, empathy, moral development, bullying, risk and resiliency, adolescent stress and coping, transition to school, transition to adulthood (emerging adulthood), social and emotional learning in school, Social, emotional, and moral development of children and adolescents with an emphasis on identifying the processes and mechanisms that promote positive development
Shapka, Jennifer Affective and Emotional Development; Cognitive Development; New Technology and Social Impacts; Technology, Media, Social Media, Adolescents, Cyberbullying, Self-regulation, Online Privacy
Vadeboncoeur, Jennifer cultural-historical psychology, child/parent relationships, student/ teacher relationships, play and performance based learning, bridging school and out of school contexts for learning, Alternative schooling and pedagogies, Critical theory, Discourse and critical discourse analysis, ethnography, Qualitative research, Socially constructing knowledge and identity, Sociocultural approaches to learning and teaching, Young people placed
Weber, Barbara Embodiment and Public Space; ethics; Multiculturalism; Multiculturalism and Recognition; Phenomenology and Hermeneutics; Philosophy for Children; Social justice
Wu, Amery Development of new psychometric methods (e.g. reliability of complex assessment designs, validation methods using structural equation modeling or item response theory); methodology for group comparison in item responses (e.g. detection of differential option functioning in multiple choice tests); understanding response processes; large-scale educational assessment and English Language assessment
Young, Richard parent-adolescent interaction (conversations); career development, particularly as a function of family influence, Vocational Psychology
Zebehazy, Kim Assessment, Instructional Strategies, Problem Solving, Visual Impairment
Zumbo, Bruno Statistics and Probabilities; Mathematics; Epistemology and Methodology; Psychometrics; Multivariate Analysis; Latent variable models; Test Theory; Item Response Theory; Validity Theory and Validation; Statistical Methods for Program Evaluation


Leah Baugh

Doctor of Philosophy in Counselling Psychology (PhD)

Christine Yu

Doctor of Philosophy in Counselling Psychology (PhD)

Sokyee Angela Low

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development, Learning, and Culture (PhD)
UBC graduate student Ben Dantzer

Ben Dantzer

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development, Learning, and Culture (PhD)

Natasha Parent

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development, Learning, and Culture (PhD)

Sophie Ma Zhu

Doctor of Philosophy in Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology (PhD)