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Dr. Lo is a #GreatSupervisor!   He is an active, kind and engaged mentor who provides truly constructive feedback, interesting learning and sharing opportunities, as well as academic, professional and moral support.  He is responsive to email and great about meeting in person.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to work together! 

Megan Chrostowski (2019)


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Theses completed in 2010 or later are listed below. Please note that there is a 6-12 month delay to add the latest theses.

After Transition: life outcomes after radical acceleration (2022)

Radical acceleration is a unique educational tool that has been used for profoundly gifted students. Insights into formalized radical acceleration high school programs that result in early entry to university are limited in the extant literature because these programs are also limited in implementation. Partnered with the University of British Columbia, the University Transition Program (UTP) is a radical acceleration program that supports profoundly gifted students to complete a traditional five-year high school program in two years. These radical accelerands matriculate into university as young as 14-15 years old. Through surveying the UTP alumni, this study aimed to investigate the research questions: What are radical accelerands’ experiences of and retrospective reflections on radical acceleration? How has radical acceleration impacted these accelerands’ life outcomes? Results from a retrospective survey questionnaire revealed that alumni had diverse opinions surrounding their academic, socioemotional, and vocational preparedness and satisfaction as accelerands and early entrants to university. There were also indications that these experiences may differ based on prior educational history and biological sex. The findings from this study explore the holistic needs and desires of accelerands and early entrance, which serves to inform future implementation of radical acceleration in the most optimal way for students to thrive in their postsecondary years and beyond.

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Understanding academia's and educators' perception of arts-based research: using Superkids 2 documentary film as an example (2021)

Arts-based research (ABR) has started to become more mainstream in recent years, leading to theincreased adoption of documentaries by academics as a form of media-based research. Whiledocumentaries have intriguing potential to be utilized in research, there has been little research onhow documentaries can also be a powerful tool for disseminating research. This projectinvestigates the effectiveness, benefits, and challenges of constructing and disseminatingknowledge through a research-based documentary. Using the documentary film Superkids 2 as anexample, this study aims to explore academia’s and educators’ perception of arts-based researchand investigate any changes of perceptions of gifted education. Employing an experimentaldesign (i.e., one-shot case study), this study treated the screening of the Superkids 2 as anintervention. This study developed a survey to measure and develop a foundation forunderstanding academia’s perspective of arts-based research and examining the intervention’seffect after its implementation. Research participants included K-12 teachers, graduate students,and university researchers/lecturers/faculty members who participated in two major internationalconferences in gifted education. This study notes participants’ appreciation and desire to learnmore about arts-based research along with concerns in conducting arts-based research. Fundingand time are the main concerns about conducting arts-based research. The results contribute to theemployability of arts-based research and research-based documentaries, which can lead to moreprominent recognition of documentaries by the public. Findings also explore the changes inparticipants’ perception of gifted education.

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