Conditional Admission Program

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The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies may extend a conditional offer of admission to a highly-qualified graduate applicant who does not quite meet the minimum English language proficiency requirement set by the graduate program to which the student has applied. A conditional admission allows a student to obtain a study permit (if necessary) and begin their studies in the UBC English Language Institute (ELI) or an equivalent institution approved by the Provost. Upon successful completion of the prescribed terms of study in the ELI English for Academic Purposes Program (or pre-approved, equivalent alternative), the student will proceed directly into the graduate degree program. 

Normally, a student must achieve a 75% overall assessment at the 600 level of the UBC ELI English for Academic Purposes Program (or equivalent assessment level in another approved program) to meet the terms of the Conditional Admission Program. A student who completes an approved English Language training program, but does not achieve the required assessment level has the option of taking an approved English Language Proficiency examination (e.g. TOEFL). If the student achieves the minimum score required by the admitting graduate program, they may proceed directly into the graduate program.

To be eligible for the Conditional Admission Program, the applicant must:

  • Possess a “first-class average” (or established equivalent) in a degree deemed as an eligible basis for admission, OR have academic qualifications that would have ranked them in the top 33% of students admitted to the graduate program to which they are applying, for the year prior to the date of their application.
  • Have English language proficiency, demonstrated via an accepted test, that can reasonably be expected to be brought up to the standard required by the graduate program to which the student has applied by completing ELI (or accepted equivalent) training in no more than one year.
  • Be recommended for the Conditional Admission Program by a UBC graduate program.

In recommending conditional admission, graduate programs guarantee a student admission at the date specified in the admission letter, assuming the student’s successful completion of the terms of the ELI program (or approved equivalent). Students admitted via the Conditional Admission Program are not allowed to make academic progress toward their graduate degrees before they successfully complete the English language training program and are admitted without condition to the graduate program.

Note to graduate programs: Students cannot be admitted to the Conditional Admission Program through eVision. They must be admitted through the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies via a manual letter. Please contact G+PS for information.