UBC Master's Program Requirements

Years of Study required

at least four years of study

Overall Grade Required

2.5 on a reverse-scale of 4 (or equivalent)

Credentials or Degrees Required

Candidatus agriculturae (agriculture), Candidatus arkitekt (architect), Candidatus juris (law), Candidatus Magisterii (Cand.Mag.), Candidatus medicinae (medicine), Candidatus medicinae veterinarie (veterinary medicine), Candidatus odontologie (dentistry), Candidatus pharmaciae (pharmacy), Examen oeconomiae (economics), Handelsokonom (commerce and business), Sivilingenior (civil engineering), Sivilokonom (civil economist)

UBC Doctoral Program Requirements

Overall Grade Required


Credentials or Degrees Required

Candidatus oeconomiae (economics), Candidatus paedagogia (education), Candidatus philologiae (philosophy), Candidatus politicarium, Candidatus psychologiae (psychology), Candidatus realium (science), Candidatus scientarium (science), Candidatus sociologiae (sociology), Licenciatus (lic.), Magister artium/Magister scientarium

Profiles of Students from Norway

Espen Stranger-Johannessen

Doctor of Philosophy in Language and Literacy Education (PhD)
Digital Storytelling and Early Literacy in Uganda