Notes on Eligibility

Kandidat Nauk (Candidate of Sciences) duration is minimum. Studies may frequently take longer than the minimum.

ECTS Credit System

3-year bachelor degrees for master's degree admission and 5-year master's degrees for doctoral degree admission are accepted at UBC. Please note that some countries may have both the old academic degrees and the new ECTS degrees.

UBC Master's Program Requirements

Years of Study required

at least five years of study

Overall Grade Required

4.5 (Very Good) on a 5-point scale

Credentials or Degrees Required

Bakalavr, Diplom ob Okanchanii Vysshego Uchebnogo Zaredeniia (Specialist Diploma)

UBC Doctoral Program Requirements

Overall Grade Required


Credentials or Degrees Required

Diplom ob Okanchanii Vysshego Uchebnogo Zaredeniia (Specialist Diploma), Magistr