Notes on Eligibility

*The educational system of Slovakia has changed following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1990. Under the pre-1990 system, most graduates of the first level of higher education was called Absolvent Vysoke Skoly (graduates of higher education), but had no title unless they graduated from a professional program. To obtain a title, an additional examination could be taken at any time following graduation, and successful completion of the examination would entitle the student to use the title Doktor. This title did not, however, imply the completion of a graduate program. Following the breakup of the Czechoslovakian state in 1990, Slovakia introduced educational reforms resulting in the award of a professional title or Magister degree following the completion of the first level of higher education. The title of Doktor became reserved for students who completed the second (graduate) level of education. Hence the use of the Doktor has different meanings of level of education depending on the date of the award of the degree. The exception to this is the qualification of Doktor Mediciny which was and remains a first degree.

ECTS Credit System

3-year bachelor degrees for master's degree admission and 5-year master's degrees for doctoral degree admission are accepted at UBC. Please note that some countries may have both the old academic degrees and the new ECTS degrees.

UBC Master's Program Requirements

Years of Study required

at least four years of study

Overall Grade Required

Velmi Dobry (or 2 on a reverse 5-point scale)

Credentials or Degrees Required

Absolvent Vysoke Skoly with or without title of Doktor, Doktor Mediciny, Inzinier (does not necessarily imply an Engineering degree), Magister, Professional Title

UBC Doctoral Program Requirements

Overall Grade Required

Velmi Dobry (very good) or 4 on a 5-point scale

Credentials or Degrees Required

Candidatus Scientiarum or Kandidat Vied, Doktor or Kandidat Vied

English Language Test

Applicants from a university in Slovakia are usually required to provide results of an English language proficiency examination as part of their application. This applies to all applicants whose basis of admission will be a degree from a university in which English is not the primary language of instruction. Please note that graduate programs have the right to request a language test when deemed necessary, even if the language of instruction has been English. Read more

Financial Awards

This is a list of selected awards that you may be able to apply / be considered for if you meet the eligibility criteria. Please review the database of financial awards for other award opportunities.


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