UBC Master's Program Requirements

Years of Study required

the Bachelor's degree of at least four years of study

Overall Grade Required

overall average of B+ standing.

Credentials or Degrees Required

Bachelor's Degree

UBC Doctoral Program Requirements

Overall Grade Required

overall average of B+ standing.

Credentials or Degrees Required

Master's Degree

Notes on Eligibility

Eligibility for the Master's degree at UBC requires a four-year Bachelor's degree with an overall B+ average (usually corresponds to an 85% on most PRC university grading systems). If applicant is from a 211 UNIVERSITY, the minimum grade requirement is B (=80% on PRC grading scale) or higher.

Financial Awards

This is a list of selected awards that you may be able to apply for if you meet the eligibility criteria. Please review the database of financial awards for other award opportunities.

Profiles of Students from China

Luyao Ma

Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science (PhD)
Investigation and detection of antimicrobial resistance in foodborne bacteria using advanced technologies

Jennifer Ji

Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy (MDPhD)
The proteomic and metabolomic characterization of clear cell ovarian carcinoma: towards better management strategies

Fei Wang

Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Engineering (PhD)
CO2 Sequestration by Mineral Carbonation with Valuable Metals Recovery Enhancement

Yaxi Hu

Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science (PhD)
Development of innovative techniques for food authentication: the last barrier to prevent food fraud

Bei Jiang

Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies (PhD)
Generating innovation in urban planning: Applying the Ecosystem Service assessment to planning projects

Xining (Linda) Yang

Doctor of Philosophy in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PhD)
Enhancing the pro-inflammatory anti-cancer immune response via a novel, acellular, bioreactor miRNA immunotherapeutic