Scholarships Committee

Graduate Scholarships Committee


The Awards and Scholarships Committee responsibilities include:

  • to develop and to periodically review policies, procedures and guidelines regarding the effective administration of UBC merit based Graduate Awards and Scholarships,
  • recommend new, or changes to, existing policies, procedures and guidelines to Graduate Council,
  • evaluate the impact of new scholarship initiatives and policies on the UBC graduate community,
  • to provide recommendations to Graduate Council regarding conditions and eligibility requirements for awards and scholarships,
  • review and endorse new scholarships and when required, forward them to the Senate Committee on Student Awards for subsequent approval,
  • develop and recommend distribution formulas for various funding allocations and scholarship application allocations,
  • are expected to consult widely across disciplinary boundaries to ensure issues are reviewed and understood from the broadest perspective,
  • solicit input from Faculties, Departments and Graduate Programs to help formulate possible solutions to problems,
  • proactively explore means by which scholarship support for graduate students can be increased,
  • act as an advisory forum to enhance graduate scholarships and their effective administration at UBC.
  • Membership

Voting members

Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (ex-officio)

Associate Dean, Funding, G+PS (ex-officio)

Representative of the Graduate Student Society (ex-officio)

Seven faculty members *

In attendance – non-voting

Assistant Dean, Student Administration and Awards, G+PS (ex-officio)

*Seven faculty members will be recommended for appointment to the committee by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and approved by Graduate Council. Associate Deans responsible for the graduate studies portfolio within their disciplinary Faculty/College, or a faculty member designated by their Associate Dean, will serve as members of the committee. In order to ensure breadth, committee membership must always include members from the three broad discipline fields represented by the National Tri-Agencies (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR). Over time faculty members should be drawn from all eligible Faculties/College to ensure broad and fair representation. Replacement of members should occur on a rolling basis (e.g., members from smaller Faculties rotate on and off committee every three years) to ensure continuity within the Committee and continuing breadth of membership.

Members of the Committee are requested to deliberate and act on behalf of the University as a whole and not as representatives of their discipline. However, it is important that they bring to the Committee’s deliberations a broad range of experience.

Faculty Name Email
Applied Science Dr. Wendy Hall
Arts Dr Matthew Evenden
Education Dr Mark Beauchamp
Forestry Dr Yousry El-kassaby
Graduate Student Society Mr. Yangfan Zhang
Medicine Dr Wendy Robinson
Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr Thomas Chang
Science Dr Mark MacLachlan
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Dr Julian Dierkes
Associate Dean, Funding
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Dr Susan Porter,
Dean and Vice-Provost
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Brendan Morey,
Assistant Dean, Student Administration and Awards
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Ms Anne Broženský,
Killam, Development and Associate Deans’ Assistant