Graduate Council Members

Dean and Vice-Provost of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Chair (Dr Susan Porter)
Associate Dean, Academic (Dr Laura Sly)
Associate Dean, Faculty and Program Development (Dr Theresa Rogers)
Associate Dean, Funding (Dr Julian Dierkes)
Assistant Dean, Strategic Technologies and Business Initiatives (Mr Jens Locher)
Assistant Dean, Student Administration and Awards (Mr Brendan Morey)
Chair of Graduate New Programs and Curriculum Committee (Dr Norm Hutchinson)
Vice-President Research + Innovation (Dr Gail Murphy)
Vice-President Students (Dr Ainsley Carry)

Graduate Council members-at-large from Senate

Dr Julian Dierkes, Associate Dean, Funding
Vacant position

Elected by the Faculties

Applied Science (3)

Dr Steven Rogak, Graduate Advisor, Mechanical Engineering
Dr Maged Senbel, Associate Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning
Dr Matthias Militzer, Professor, Materials Engineering

Arts (3)

Dr Brett Eaton, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
Dr Dina Al-Kassim, Associate Professor, English
Dr Elizabeth Hirsh, Graduate Chair, Sociology

Dentistry (1)

Dr Jolanta Aleksejuniene, Associate Professor, Dentistry

Education (4)

Dr Teresa Dobson, Professor, Language and Literacy, Education
Dr Patricia Vertinsky, Professor, Kinesiology
Dr William Sheel, Professor, Kinesiology
Dr Marina Milner-Bolotin, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Education

Forestry (1)

Dr Yousry El-Kassaby, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program (1)

Dr Barbara Weber, Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program

Land and Food Systems (1)

Dr Carol McAusland, Professor, Food, Nutrition, and Health

Peter A. Allard School of Law (1)

Prof. Karin Mickelson, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Medicine (3)

Dr Karen Bartlett, Graduate Program Director, Occupational & Environmental Hygiene, School of Population and Public Health
Dr Stefka Marinova-Todd, Associate Professor, Audiology and Speech Sciences
Dr Calvin Roskelley, Graduate Program Director, Cell & Developmental Biology

Pharmaceutical Sciences (1)

Dr Shyh-Dar Li, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sauder School of Business (1)

Tsur Somerville, Associate Professor, Strategy & Business Economics Division, Director, Centre for Transportation Studies

Science (3)

Dr Harry Brumer, Professor, Chemistry
Dr Gary Hinshaw, Professor, Physics and Astronomy 
Dr Nelly Pante, Associate Professor, Zoology

Graduate Program Staff (2)

Ms Heather Muckart, Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine
Mr Ross Sheppard, Graduate Admissions and Student Support, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Applied Sciences

Graduate Student Representatives on Graduate Council (6)

Alice Zhou
Megha Kalia
Sarah Park
Yangfan Zhang
Erik Frieling
Alejandra Botia