Academic Policy Committee


To act in an advisory capacity to the Dean & Vice-Provost and to report to and make recommendations to the Dean and/or to the Council as appropriate.

To consider matters of policy referred to it by the Graduate Council or by committee members.

Membership 2020 - 2021

Contact Info
Applied Science
Dr Bhushan Gopaluni
Associate Dean, Education and Professional Development
Dr Brett Eaton
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Dr Jolanta Aleksejuniene
Assistant Professor, Dentistry
Ph: 2-7800
Dr Teresa Dobson
Professor, Language and Literacy Education
Dr Yousry El-Kassaby
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Graduate Student
Erik Frieling
Graduate Student Representative
Graduate Student
Graduate Student Representative
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Dr Susan Porter
(ex officio)
Dean & Vice-Provost of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Ph: 7-5547
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Dr. Laura Sly
(ex officio & Chair)
Associate Dean, Academic
Ph: 2-6293
Land and Food Systems
Dr Sean Smukler 
Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Ph: 2-2795 
Medicine Dr Michael Hunt
Assistant Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Education
Ph: 604-827-4721
Peter A. Allard School of Law Prof. Karin Mickelson
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
Ph: 2-6165
Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr Thomas Chang
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Ph: 2-7795
Sauder School of Business Dr John Ries
Senior Associate Dean, Research
Ph: 2-8493
Science Dr Mark MacLachlan
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Ph: 2-9652