Graduate Council

The central goal of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is to maintain and enhance the quality of graduate scholarship at UBC. This will be accomplished by encouraging a spirit of enquiry appropriate to each academic discipline, and by monitoring and improving the educational process which leads to a graduate degree. The diversity of graduate education at UBC requires considerable flexibility of bureaucratic attitudes and procedures. The present stature of graduate education at UBC is, in large measure, attributable to the ability of graduate programs to set their own priorities and develop accordingly. No plan to enhance the quality of graduate education would be effective if it tried to diminish this essential freedom. At the same time, a representative, coherent, participative and efficient framework for graduate studies is essential to avoid fragmentation and insularity.

The legislative and administrative authority of the Faculty regarding graduate programs of study is vested in the Graduate Council. In all matters concerning admission, scholarships, programs and examinations, the Dean & Vice-Provost and Associate Deans act, with the Registrar, as administrative officers for the Graduate Council.