Undergraduate Research

This list shows researcher who have indicated interest in working with undergraduate students on research projects.
Last namesort ascending First name Type Research Interests Department(s) Faculty
Draude Sabrina Postdoctoral Fellow Engineering and technology; Hydrology; Water Engineering; Flood prevention; Land use change; Sustainable Engineering Faculty of Applied Science
Donner Simon Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Atmospheric sciences; Oceanography; Other media and communication; Climate Science; climate change impacts; Climate policy; Coastal Ecosystems; Marine Environment; Climate modelling and prediction; Science communication; Net-zero emissions; Coral reefs Department of Geography, Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries Faculty of Arts
Dong Xuesen Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Cancer progression and metastasis; Gene and molecular therapy; Prostate Cancer; RNA splicing and Gene Regulation; Drug development; Hormone Dependent Cancers; Endocrine Regulation; Premature Labour Department of Urologic Sciences Faculty of Medicine
Doherty Jeff Postdoctoral Fellow Parasitology; Behavioural ecology; Animal behaviour; Insect biology; host-parasite interactions; multidisciplinary research; host manipulation; ethology; Disease Ecology Faculty of Science
Ding Jiarui Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Bioinformatics; Basic medicine and life sciences; Computational Biology; Machine Learning; Probabilistic Deep Learning; single-cell genomics; visualization; Cancer biology; Computational Immunology; Food Allergy; neuroscience Department of Computer Science Faculty of Science
Dijols Sarah Postdoctoral Fellow Mathematics and statistics; representations of reductive groups over p-adic fields; Number theory; Langlands Program Faculty of Science
Di Matteo Olivia Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Quantum information, computation and communication; Quantum computing: compilation, circuits and algorithms; Tomography and characterization; Open-source quantum software Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty of Applied Science
DeMarco Mari Faculty (non-G+PS member) Other medical sciences; Analytical chemistry, n.e.c.; Biochemistry; Biomarkers; Neurodegenerative diorders; Alzheimer's disease; Frontotemporal degeneration; Clinical mass spectrometry; Parkinson's disease; Lewy body dementia; ALS Faculty of Medicine
Delaidelli Alberto Postdoctoral Fellow Medical, health and life sciences; pediatric cancer; Brain tumors; Neurodegenerative diseases Faculty of Medicine
de Jongh Gonzalez Olivia Postdoctoral Fellow Psychosocial, sociocultural and behavioral determinants of health; Parenting practices and styles; Childhood obesity; Health behavior change; Intervention design, implementation, adherence, effectiveness; mHealth apps / interventions; Quantitative Methods; Statistical analyses Faculty of Medicine
Dao Duc Khanh Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Genomics; Mathematical biology; Neurocognitive patterns and neural networks; Agricultural spatial analysis and modelling; combine mathematical,computational and statistical tools to study fundamental biological processes; regulation and determinants of gene expression and translation; Machine Learning for Biological Imaging and Microscopy; Database development and management; Biological and Artificial Neural Networks for geometric representation Department of Mathematics Faculty of Science
Daniels Megan Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Classical religion; Archaeology of Greece and the broader eastern Mediterranean; Late Bronze Age to Hellenistic Period; Ancient religion, sanctuaries, votive objects; Cross-cultural interaction; Ancient economies and trade; Divine kingship; Digital/data science approaches to the ancient world, particularly ancient religion; Migration and mobility across Eurasia; Phoenician culture; Ceramic analysis Department of Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies Faculty of Arts
Dai Jiamin Postdoctoral Fellow Human computer interaction; human-computer interaction; Accessibility; Social computing; Aging and dementia Faculty of Science
Dadugblor Stephen Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) English language; Rhetoric; Digital media/social media; democratic deliberation; decoloniality; writing studies; African Studies School of Journalism, Writing, and Media Faculty of Arts
d'Arcy Mitch Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Earth and related environmental sciences; Geomorphology; Climate/palaeoclimate; Sedimentology; Geochronology; remote sensing Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences Faculty of Science
Cripton Peter Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Mechanical engineering; Medical and biomedical engineering; biomechanics; Cranio-Encephalic and Spinal Cord Trauma; hip fracture; injury prevention; Mechanical Systems; neurotrauma; Spinal cord injury; spine biomechanics; Trauma / Injuries; Traumatic Brain Injury; Sex Differences in Seat Belt Performance School of Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Medicine
Cretu Edmond Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Nano-technology; Electronics; Medical and biomedical engineering; microsystems and nanotechnology; sensor clusters and networks; Signal processing and control; Ultrasound Imaging; Microinstrumentation; Inertial measurement units; wearable systems Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty of Applied Science
Cragg Jacquelyn Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Epidemiology (except nutritional and veterinary epidemiology); data science; open science; Causal inference; Drug Effectiveness; Drug Safety; Epidemiology; neuro-epidemiology; Neurological diseases; Spinal cord injury; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS); multiple sclerosis; Parkinson’s disease Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Correia Miguel Faculty (non-G+PS member) Marine ecology (including marine ichthyology); marine conservation; Syngnathid biology; marine ecology Faculty of Science
Cornelis Jean Thomas Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Earth and related environmental sciences; Pedology; Biogeochemistry; Soil-Plant Interactions Applied Biology Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Coombs Daniel Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Mathematical biology; Cellular immunology; Complex physical systems; Epidemiology (except nutritional and veterinary epidemiology); Cell Signaling and Infectious and Immune Diseases; Cell biophysics; Disease models; Epidemiology; Immune cell signalling; Mathematics Department of Mathematics Faculty of Science
Cookson Tara Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Public policy; Development; Social protection; Care work; Gender equality School of Public Policy and Global Affairs Faculty of Arts
Conway Edward Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Basic medicine and life sciences; coagulation; Innate immunity; Inflammation; vascular biologh Division of Hematology Faculty of Medicine
Collet Jean-Paul Faculty (non-G+PS member) Clinical sciences, n.e.c.; Stress measurement - stress management -; Child development - children with neurodevelopment disability Faculty of Medicine
Code Jillianne Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Specialized studies in education; Educational Context; Educational Technologies; Formative assessment; Immersive learning; Learner agency; Learning and Memory; Learning design; Self-efficacy; Self-regulated Learning; Situated and embodied cognition; Virtual augmented and mixed reality for learning; Virtual learning environments Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy Faculty of Education
Ciocca Valter Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Auditory System; Perception and Representation; Recognition of Speech; Speech and Language Development Disorders; Auditory grouping of speech and non-speech sounds, also known as "auditory scene analysis"; perception and production of normal and disordered speech School of Audiology and Speech Sciences Faculty of Medicine
Chuluunbaatar Enkhzaya Postdoctoral Fellow Other clinical medicine; myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome; multiple sclerosis; epidemiology of neurological diseases Faculty of Medicine
Christenson James Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Other clinical medicine; sudden cardiac death; chain of survival; out of hospital cardiac arrest; emergency medical services; resuscitation science Department of Emergency Medicine Faculty of Medicine
Christensen Carly Faculty (non-G+PS member) Special education and disability; Inclusive education, special education, culturally-responsive special education, transition planning Faculty of Education
Cheung Wai Lung Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Global change biology; Ecological impacts of climate change; climate change; Marine Ecosystems; sustainability; biodiversity; Interdisciplinary Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries Faculty of Science
Cheong Amanda Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Sociology; migration; Citizenship and Legal Status; Statelessness Department of Sociology Faculty of Arts
Chen Frances Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Health psychology; social connection; social support; stress; coping; conflict and negotiation; hormones; Neuroendocrinology Department of Psychology Faculty of Arts
Chen Sing-Young Postdoctoral Fellow Basic medicine and life sciences; Beta-cell biology; Protein synthesis; Metabolism Faculty of Medicine
Chen Yu Christine Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Engineering and technology; energy systems; Electric power system modelling, control, and operation; Renewable energy sources; electricity markets Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty of Applied Science
Chen Jiahua Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Statistical theory and modeling; empirical likelihood; finite mixture model; sample survey; asymptotic theory; imputation Department of Statistics Faculty of Science
Cembrowski Mark Steven Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Molecular neuroscience; Mathematical modelling and simulation; Mechanisms of memory in the brain; Anxiety; Big Data; Bioinformatics; Cell types; Computation; CRISPR-Cas9; Fear; Genetics; modeling; Neural circuits; neuroscience; Neuroscience of memory; PTSD; RNAseq Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences Faculty of Medicine
Casas Aguilar Anna Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Contemporary literatures; Spanish Cultural Studies; Catalan Literature and Culture; Gender Studies; Masculinities; Feminisms; Self-writing; Hispanic Cinemas Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies Faculty of Arts
Carvalho Rick Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Other health sciences, n.e.c.; Biomaterials; materials interfaces; bonding to hard tissues; materials development Department of Oral Biological & Medical Sciences Faculty of Dentistry
Caragata Lea Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Social oppression and marginalization; Counselling, welfare and community services; Social policy; welfare systems; Poverty; labour markets; lone mothers; social policy; youth provisioning School of Social Work Faculty of Arts
Cao Yankai Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chemical engineering; optimization; Artificial Intelligence; Renewable energy systems; Process Control Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering Faculty of Applied Science
Byrne Fionn Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Landscape architecture; Design innovation; Landscape studies (except architecture); Landscape design; Landscape ethics School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture Faculty of Applied Science
Budzynski Marek Postdoctoral Fellow Cell biology; Other basic medicine and life sciences; Transcription; Stem Cells; transcription factors; Cell division; Stress responses Faculty of Medicine
Bryman Douglas Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Particle physics, experimental; Experimental Particle Physics; Applied physics; physics Department of Physics & Astronomy Faculty of Science
Brunham Liam Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Medical, health and life sciences; Lipids; Genetics; Pharmacogenomics; Cardiovascular diseases Division of General Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine
Brotto Lori Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Human reproduction and development sciences; Neurosciences, biological and chemical aspects; Neurosciences, medical and physiological and health aspects; Clinical psychology; mindfulness; Sexual Dysfunctions; sexual desire; treatment of sexual concerns; women's sexual health; asexuality; digital health interventions Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Department of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine
Britton Ben Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Metals and alloy materials engineering; Manufacturing engineering; Materials characterisation & microstructure; Metallurgy; Electron diffraction & microscopy; Deformation; Microstructure/property models; Manufacturing Department of Materials Engineering Faculty of Applied Science
Bradbury Hal Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Chemical oceanography; Ocean biogeochemistry; Marine geology; Isotope geochemistry; Biogeochemistry; Paleoceanography; Chemical Oceanography; Reactive Transport Modelling; Carbon cycle; Marine Sedimentary Environments; Early Diagenesis; Biogeochemical Cycles Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences Faculty of Science
Bowman William Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Computer and information sciences; Programming languages and software engineering; Programming languages; Compilers; programming languages Department of Computer Science Faculty of Science
Bouchard Marie-Eve Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Humanities and the arts; Sociolinguistics; Linguistic Anthropology; ethnography; language ideologies; Language and identity; migration; Language variation and change; Language contact; Creole languages Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies Faculty of Arts
Bouchard Katrina Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Clinical sexology; Mental health and wellbeing; Sexual identy, sexual attraction and sexual behaviour; Sexual health; sexual response; sexual well-being; women's health; couples Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Faculty of Medicine