Department of Psychiatry

Vision: to transform care for people with mental disorders and addictions through innovations in research, education and partnerships.

Mission: the department is committed to realizing its vision by investing in the people and the infrastructure that will drive cutting-edge research programs and knowledge creation, which will translate into life-changing clinical care for ever-growing populations suffering from mental illnesses and addictions in BC and across Canada.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Austin, Jehannine Clinical genetics (except cancer genetics); genetic counseling; genetics services; mental health
Beasley, Clare Louise identify changes in the brains of individuals with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder that may elucidate the etiology of these disorders and provide clues to novel treatments; white matter pathology and inflammation; effects of antipsychotic medications on the brain
Brotto, Lori Human reproduction and development sciences; Neurosciences, biological and chemical aspects; Neurosciences, medical and physiological and health aspects; Clinical psychology; mindfulness; Sexual Dysfunctions; sexual desire; treatment of sexual concerns; women's sexual health; asexuality; digital health interventions
Chakrabarty, Trisha Cognitive dsyfunction; Virtual reality cognitive retraining; Bipolarity; Psychotherapy approaches for mood disorders
Craig, Ann Marie Excitatory and inhibitory synapses, Synapse development and plasticity, Synapse organizing proteins, Neurotransmitter receptors, Autism and schizophrenia
Diamond, Adele executive functions; prefrontal cortex; dopamine; working memory; self-control; self-regulation; cognition; COMT gene; Sex differences; stress; ACEs (adverse childhood experiences); ELS (early life stress); resilience; social determinants of health; ADHD; depression; PTSD; Physical Activity; the arts; mindfulness
Frangou, Sophia the study of the human brain in health and disease
Geller, Josie Eating Disorders
Holt, Robert Immunogenetics, Metagenomics - Infectious agents in Cancer, Cancer Genomes, Neurobiology, DNA Sequencing
Honer, William Brain disorders, risk factors for disease
Jang, Kerry addiction and substance use, and public health research on vulnerable urban populations, specifically the causes of homeless and the health status of individuals suffering from concurrently occurring psychiatric disorder and polysubstance abuse and addiction.
Kealy, David Consciousness, Subjectivity and Personal Identity; Mental Health and Society; Affective and Emotional Development; Psychotherapy; mental health; Personality; Emotional functioning
Keramatian, Kamyar early intervention in bipolar disorder, Mental Health & Addictions
Krausz, Reinhard addiction, complex concurrent disorders, E -Mental Health, Internet based healthcare, vulnerable urban populaton, Psychosis, opiate addiction, e-mental health, internet based healthcare, vulnerbale urban population, trauma, homelessness and mental health
Lam, Raymond Psychiatry (including psychotherapy); depression; Biomarkers; light therapy; cognition; digital technologies; bipolar disorder; antidepressants; global mental health
MacVicar, Brian Brain Research, epilepsy, astrocyte, glia, dendrites, synapse, imaging, two photon laser scanning microscopy, neurophysiology, Role of calcium, regulation of neurons, cell death
Michalak, Erin bipolar disorder; quality of life; stigma, community based research; depression; mental health; ehealth; self-management, Bipolar disorder, quality of life, stigma, community based research, depression, mental health, ehealth, self-management
Murphy, Timothy Neurosciences, biological and chemical aspects; Neurosciences, medical and physiological and health aspects; Autism; brain imaging; depression; Neuronal Systems; stroke
Ngan, Elton Mood & Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia
Ogrodniczuk, John Mental Health and Society; Psychodynamic Psychotherapy; Personality Disorders; Group Psychotherapy; Men’s Mental Health; Alexithymia; Athletes
Panenka, William Brain, Behaviour & Development
Pavlidis, Paul Neurosciences, medical and physiological and health aspects; Engineering and technology; genomics; Bioinformatics; cellular and molecular neuroscience; Genetics; disorders of the nervous system; single-cell genomics; Computational Biology; Gene regulation
Phillips, Anthony Addictions Psychiatry, Basic Neurosciences
Raymond, Lynn Huntington's Disease
Schuetz, Christian Neurosciences, biological and chemical aspects; Neurosciences, medical and physiological and health aspects
Seamans, Jeremy Schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder and addiction
Snutch, Terrance Preston Medical, health and life sciences; Brain Disorders; Animal models; genomics; Drug discovery & development
Song, Weihong Medical, health and life sciences; Alzheimer's disease; Down Syndrome; mental health
Stewart, Evelyn Genetic, phenotypic, and developmental aspects of childhood neuropsychiatric disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder
Taylor, Steven Anxiety disorders, stress, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, health anxiety, hypochondriasis, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, mental disorders, psychiatric diagnosis
Vanderwal, Tamara Functional Neuroimaging; child psychiatric disorders; depression in youth
Vigo, Daniel Burden of disease estimation; Service improvement; Health systems assessment; global mental health; Psychiatric epidemiology; Psychopharmacology; Psychotherapy; E-mental health
Vila-Rodriguez, Fidel Brain stimulation Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) Theta-bust stimulation (TBS) Magnetic Seizure Therapy (MST) Depression Psychosis Schizophrenia
Woodward, Todd Cognitive neuropsychiatry and functional neuroimaging
Yatham, Lakshmi Mood & Anxiety Disorders

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